This story is a sequel to Futile Devices

Fluttershy had a plan to tell Rainbow Dash her true feelings, and this time she wouldn't back down. Everything would be perfect. It had to be. Rainbow deserved the best, after all.

Edited/proofread by: The Legendary Bill Cipher, Zontan, Lofty, Red Parade, Moonshot, Stynger Skies, themoontonite, Regidar, Wishcometrue, Drider, Schattendrache, The Hat Man, Seer, Flashgen, ZeroMonkey, Skye Jr, Nailah, and Dreamer Deceiver. Thank you so much for all your help!

Written for the Expanding Universes contest for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group. The prompt was for each of us to submit a story, and then someone else would write a prequel or a sequel. I was so excited to get themoontonite's brilliant Futile Devices as my prompt. You can find us on Discord here! We're pretty fun, in my opinion, and sometimes we even write things!

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Comment posted by FallxDream deleted June 24th

I'm lazy so I'm just going to copy what I said already:

Really adorable fic. Thank you for this.

Your Fluttershy is literally perfect and I will protect her with my life. Your Dash is really good too. All of the emotional beats connected with me. Well done.

It wasn’t what she had planned at all.

It was perfect.

Two lines and it showed the tone of the story better than most authors with twice your follower count and thrice your wordcount.

Thank you for the fantastic FIMFic.

I'm touched that you think so! I really liked these lines too. Thank you!

I'd protect you with my life wish

And now I have the song from the muppets stuck in my head.

I love this song! Fun fact: I proposed to my wife by singing this song to her while dancing in our kitchen. I love Garfunkel and Oates.

Aaaaaa I'm gonna cry!!!

A delightfully fluffy piece about perfect not always meaning everything going according to plan. Nice job, Whisper. :twilightsmile:
Also, wasps are proven, yet again, to be the bane of existence.

This came across beautifully. Both Fluttershy and RD felt true and pretty much perfect.

Thank you for posting this.

i cannot BELIEVE i forgot to comment on this. this was so much more than i ever couldve hoped for and indeed a better sequel than i ever couldve written myself. you NAILED not just fluttershy and rainbow dash in their characterization but indeed the very specific little romantic puzzle i had built with them. your interpretation and extrapolation of the source material was fantastic. the winding, anxious path fluttershy spirals down as everything falls apart around her only to be brought up above the water (or the cloud line, heh) by rainbow is just... its wonderful. youre wonderful. this STORY is wonderful.

thank you so much, again, from the bottom of my heart

so basically as you can tell, i ship flutterdash a little too much and there aren’t much flutterdash stories anymore since appledash and fluttercord were confirmed, but i absolutely LOVED this story! wish to see more!

This was an amazing story.

This was really sweet! It was great seeing Fluttershy's emotional journey as she planned her picnic, had her plans fall apart (with some dressing down of wasps in there), and got something better than she could have expected. It also worked really well as a followup to the original story.

This was swet.

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