If Rarity saved half her meals to feed to the fairies so she could stay pretty, Sweetie Belle wasn't going to argue. Rarity was always right, after all.

CW: Eating disorders, anorexia specifically. Hopeful/happy ending, I promise.

Thank you to Snow Quill for prereading!

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Howdy. hi~!

I really liked this. The perspective and insidious skewed angle looking in on Rarity's unfortunate condition was very well framed and the concept of hiding it behind the idea of fairy offerings was brilliant. It was a fantastic tense piece that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for the read~!

The fairy idea was really good. I thought of writing a fic about anorexia at some point, but never got around to it, mostly because I hated the draft I made for it.

I must say that this is beautifully written, and although shorter then what I would've liked you did a good job painting a good picture with 2000 words.

I wish the best for you when it comes to your own personal struggles with eating disorders, which you mentioned in the authors note, and I hope you have a lovely day.

This was very good. In a lot of ways, our own brains are the scariest monsters we could ever dream up, and I think you captured that here perfectly.

I just really love the story we get through implication, that is never stated--that Rarity wants to be thin, because thin is beautiful, but (young as she is) she knows she isn't okay, and she doesn't want Sweetie to emulate her in this. Creating a fantasy to cover an ED & having that fantasy be faeries is just the right amount of cruel, I think. Which I mean in the best possible way. 😂

I've struggled with disordered eating myself and I think you captured Sweetie's perception and the true subtext very well.

I really like the perspective. Sweetie sees everything that's going on even if she doesn't understand what she's seeing. The way Cheerilee handles it, actually listens, and gently explains it so Sweetie can understand. Perfect!

Thank you for writing this. :heart:

Going to play it safe with the site rules and not link this directly, but for thematically related content see "series:anorexic sunny" on Ponybooru or Derpibooru.
For the purposes of my own conscience: Has a morally flawed sub-plot by my standards, but most of y'all won't care...

This is so sad and sweet. You nailed the child-rationalisation of a serious illness. Another banger of a fic from you, Silent.

It's good, even if I think it could be good to see how Rarity recover from the anorexia


great stuff, the childhood innocence coupled with the darkness of the situation play off each other beautifully. I love Cheerilee's role in this as well as she starts to piece together what happens and figures out how to approach it

This was... surprisingly poignant. Very well done. Very sadly pretty.

Cute, but sad. I used to know someone with anorexia. She was severely underweight, which ironically, made her look unattractive. Yet she thought she needed to lose even more weight to be attractive. She was otherwise a bright young woman, wise beyond her years, and had a big heart! I hope she's doing okay.

The Fey in lore are actually quite evil so I'd say this story is fitting. Well done.

The type of fey people left food for were usually more benign or neutral, even in older lore.


Usually, but not always. Giving them food is one thing, never accept a gift in return, for sure.

That was some really stellar writing of a child perspective of a serious topic. Can tell it came from the heart. Wonderful work!

It has such a childlike innocence to it, and the diction used really helped the atmosphere. Bravo, bravissimo.

Heartwarming story! Could almost see this as being canon

Ah, the obligatory author’s note for these sort of fics. I’ve done the same for fics where I write abt EDs when the author (me) themselves has/had one. Oh man. This story hits hard. Glad it didn’t trigger me and that I was in a good mindset when I read it (if I read it earlier just today in fact, it would’ve been a bad time). Had an ED-like thing for a while. Idk if I’ve fully gotten over it. It’s screwed my meal-times and toleration for how long I can go without food. Not fun. But thankfully I’m getting better. Hopefully it stay that way. Hopefully whoever struggles with anything like this is able to heal as well. Keeping everyone in my well-wishes. No one deserves to go through what these things do to you and your loved ones. Sorry if this sounds overly corny, but it’s something I need to hear myself, so hopefully it helps someone: There are people out there who care. :heart:

You have no idea how much I love the idea of the fairies, and how utterly heartbreaking it is. How dare you write such perfection /j.

I’m glad I read the content warnings because it helped me understand the metaphor and what the fairies represented. I don’t think I wouldn’t gotten it otherwise (maybe I’m just too tired, it’s late and I’m burnt out from work). Thanks for writing this. I strangely felt like this was necessary for me to read. My situation wasn’t related to my looks, but it’s scary to think about that there was a time I was Rarity here, if with a less extreme ending. I’m still dealing with the effects to this day.

Can't really say anything that wasn't already mentioned by others, so I'll only say well done, I enjoyed it. Although I could tell even from the short desc what this will be about, that's not a bad thing, the way it was presented was really delightful (in a sad sorta way).

And I'm imagining them being unhappy with the Rarity of this story invoking them so frivolously. You don't want the fae unhappy with you. :raritydespair:

Got it. It varied a lot.

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