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The war between Equestria and the Crystal Empire has ended after nearly a decade. Thousands of lives have been lost on both sides. Although a provisional peace treaty has already been agreed upon to end the war, further negotiation is required. Thus, King Sombra will attend a formal dinner in Canterlot, where the final details will be hammered out. Twilight Sparkle is chosen to give him a tour of the city to keep him busy until then.

Written for the Imposing Sovereigns II contest for King Sombra and Peace.

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It should have been simple. Twilight Sparkle and her team would pull off one last heist and use the profit to live comfortably outside of Equestria for the rest of their lives. It went wrong. Of course it went wrong. Twilight should have done more research into the artifacts. She should have known.

The job went wrong. Her team scattered across the world and went into hiding... with the artifacts.

Now Twilight has to track down her team and recover the stolen goods before the world ends, all with an annoying royal guard breathing down her neck.

Cover art by Mr Tech

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