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When I look into the future, I see failure.


Ever since Rainbow Dash moved to Ponyville, Fluttershy's cabin was a place of safety for her. A refuge from the hurt and confusion of the world. So why did her heart sting when she looked in Fluttershy's eyes?

Please do check out the sequel by Silent Whisper. One of the more enchanting pieces I've read and a better sequel than I ever could've written. Delightful stuff.

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I knew I had a sweet tooth, but this is so nice. I really like the way you wrote her perspective on this, too!

This story is so sweet, I love it! By the way crochet only has one hook, I think you were thinking of knitting. Great story:pinkiehappy:

ah, thank you! lemme just ... sneak in a tweak that real quick. im glad you liked it!

thank you! this was a rewrite too and im really happy with how the second version came out

This was really sweet! I'm kind of surprised the first comments are from two weeks ago. Was this published then but not submitted until recently?

i think i got a lot of traffic from the sequel fic written by the lovely Silent Whisper (link in the description) !

Short but sweet.

I read this, read the sequel and then immediately had to come back and read this one once more.

This is just... Beautiful. And such a refreshingly different way of storytelling compared to the norm with the whole lack of traditional dialogue! So much is told with but few words in such a brilliant and elegant manner.

My only regret after reading this is that I can only favorite and upvote it once.

If i recall correctly, the first mane six ship I was properly into was Flutterdash; love me my feather disasters. this was some obscenely sapphic feather disaster love. Loved it to bits~ That feeling when you’re struck by being in the presence of one you love that makes everything they do seem miraculous is one I know all too well

Your wingtips dance across the coiled metal. Beautiful music hangs in the air like the towels out on the line and for a wonderful couple of minutes my tinnitus subsides.

🥺🥺🥺 stop making me feel pls

For real, this is poetry. Thank you for sharing.

It's taken nearly 6 years, but i feel honoured to give this story its 100th like. Very well done and even with the melancholy it represents its still really sweet. :yay:

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