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Twilight and Rarity had been going steady for a while. She loved her! That much was fact, a scientifically verified claim that Twilight could fly proudly. Their love wasn't exclusive. They had talked about that. Rarity loving another didn't lessen the love she felt for Twilight and vice versa. So Twilight felt no guilt when she fell for Fluttershy.

She just didn't know what to do about it.

Written for a Quills and Sofa's speedwrite, where it took first place. Posted here with editing done by the delightfully bisexual wishcometrue herself.

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Oh gosh this was beautiful. Just, such a wonderfully pleasant story that's so full romance that my heart aches for it. A lovely piece, and the poem was beautiful as well.

thank you! i respect your opinion as a romance writer a ton so im glad to hear it hit the mark :)

Aw, that was adorable. Great characterization and plenty of romantic fluff. I don't remember reading this before, but I'm glad I read it now. Nice job.

Shouldn't a haiku be shorter than this?

Adorable. I love how gently and lovingly the topic of polyamory is discussed. I feel like I don’t see a lot of Twishy, and I’m interested in seeing more.

Nice work!

I love this story. It's tender and sweet, and your characterizations are on point. As always your prose is lush and poetic, yet it's short and snappy when it needs to be; finding that balance is hard, but I think you've nailed it here. Most of all, though, this story is emotionally honest.

There is a lot here that I could learn from, both as a writer and as a person. Really well done.

This is the fourth of your stories I've read today. Wicked Game made me cry, Thank You was uplifting and harrowing both, and What Is the Light? was wonderful and romantic and relatable by turns.

This is quiet and intimate and intense, and I love it. Your prose paints images vivid enough that I can watch them unfold, and feel what the characters are feeling. Thank you.

hhhh AAAAA thank you SO MUCh for the kind words ... you have no idea how much your comment means to me!!! im sosososo glad you enjoyed my writing and i hope to write more stuff for you to enjoy in the future!

WISH YOU BEAUTIFUL SOUL you are too kind to me. thnk you for being such a wonderful friend. i wouldnt be the author i am today without you 💛

Damn. I really liked this.

cyne! T.T

(no but seriously thanks a ton!)

What language is the tittle?

its english! jsut spaced funny. tho haiku is a japanese word for a particular poetic structure. so haiku+esque means something that is like a haiku!

This was a really cute story with beautiful moments. The piano sequence and that inspiring Twilight's haiku was sweet, and I loved how Rarity was handled here. Also, RariTwiShy is always good.

lovers carvings > haikuesque dont @ me

I found this absolutely gorgeous, thank you for sharing this story with us :) stay safe -b

aaa mmmmmmmmm fuck youre right ... now consider: fire ant. or! dwrcan (really just that whole album is superb)

Oh my god

is that uh, is that good?

Lovely story.

Useful, too - that also seems like a pretty good way to ask someone out.


Wa-ra-i go-e
Ro-u-ka no pi-a-no
Shi-zu-ka ni na-ru

A rough Japanese translation of the haiku, constrained by the 5-7-5 format. It actually became a 5-7-6, but I deemed it acceptable for the feel of shizukani, and it happens in proper ancient haikus, too. Anyway, this means, directly translated:

The piano in [of] the hall
Quietly resounds


Hmmm. I'm not sure if this was gay enough.

More, please?

ah sorry im straight now :( next up: fluttermac! choo chooooooooooo

FlutterMac is actually a huge weakness of mine omg.

ach fuck i was kidding im sorry :( speaking as a professional fluttershy and semi-professional lesbian im afraid shes one of those wlws 😔wait ,,, consider: trans woman big mac and fluttershy 🤔

Hrm, I could still get behind that. Orchard Blossom headcanons are good. It's the same ship just gayer.

orchard blossom ?? thats suuuuper fuckin cute .... hmmm ...................................................

I mean, that was Big Mac's name in the episode. I've seen it used for mtf Big Mac before.

ysee i skipped that episode cus my friend told me to lmao

Oh, it was a pretty cute episode. It's where all the mtf Big Mac headcanons came from, after all.

hmmmmm im gonna tell her she has bad taste then

Yeah, I don't remember seeing any of them around before. Here's one of my favorite stories to come from the episode:

EGirl Talk
Applejack knows Big Mac crossdressing doesn't mean he has gender issues, but something else happened at the Sisterhooves Social that she can't ignore.
Trick Question · 985 words  ·  406  41 · 7.6k views

Only thing I didn’t like was how quickly it was over.
This is great! Moar please!

I’m in shock. So inspiring. The cover art is gorgeous, the writing is brilliant. A huge well done to you. You’ve earned 10 Flutter yays for this one :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

She thought of Rarity, then Fluttershy, then kissing, then wing hugs, then back to Rarity, then hugging Rarity and Fluttershy together.


I thought it was very well written though I am one of the odd few TwiShy shippers. Nothing wrong with poly (though the writer does not make clear whether Twi and Raritys relationship is "open to polyamorous" or just an "open" relationship, though I have assumed open to poly) at all, just can't see it with 'Shy. Many times a 3rd party is only in love with one of the other members, but is okay with them loving the other poly member for whatever reasons but they remain only in love with the one person, or pony. LOL

Author Interviewer

I just wanna poke Twilight in the ribs a bunch while snickering. :3

bruh o.o

Adorable :twilightsmile:

This story is absolutely lovely! :twilightsmile:
Would you mind if I did an audio adaptation for Pride Month this year?

thank you! and yes, i would absolutely love that. i really appreciate it 💛

Cute story. TwiShy is one of my favorite pairings and barely anyone actually writes it outside of smut. :ajsmug:

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