Luster Dawn makes some assumptions about Lil' Cheese, and puts her hoof in her mouth repeatedly. Cheese Sandwich and Discord have a conversation.

my favorite part

Pinkie grumbled, “You know, I swear, that’s like, the fifth pony in a row that thought that Cheese Sandwich was Lil’ Cheese’s father!”

“Don’t you mean fiftieth?” Fluttershy said, not taking her eyes off of the back of her biological son’s head, with whom she shared 50% of his DNA, the other half coming from Pinkie Pie.


originally written for the + Contest in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group!

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Talk about spouse exchange to the extreme.

”But that doesn’t mean Cheese Sandwich is his father! In fact, it would be kinda weird if he were! Who even names their own kid after themselves like that?”

Somewhere far away, a chill inexplicably runs down Twilight Velvet’s spine.

RDT #3 · July 23rd · · 4 ·

Nice story, and a very fluffy extension of your usual themes of bittersweet change.

ok but actually this was really sweet and such a good take on the canon ending!!! i always wondered why they had lil cheese have fluttershys exact colour scheme like… its not like its a very common colour scheme within background ponies or anything lol?? like they colour picked right from her. a story like this is exactly what i need. plus, cheesecord (CHEESE CURD) is so freakin amazing haha! i love the way you wrote discord here!!!

This was super cute! Loved Luster just awkwardly taking the L there, and there's some really cool ideas here about the nature of Discord hinted at. Also I am choosing to believe Fluttershy is trans like I do given even a hint of an opportunity to, and I love her.

Cheese Sandwich smiled, and planted a tender kiss on the lips of Pinkie Pie, transitioning to a warm nuzzle as their noses touched for a few lingering moments. Then, slowly, he pulled away from her. His smile gave way to a look of determination, and his eyes grew steely.

Gets dreamy eyes and swoons.

Actually I'm thinking of inventing kissfic as a genre. Like. It's paced like erotica, but they just kiss and hold hands/hooves/paws and nothing else. :duck:


Loved that! I was in a maze of twisty little loving and supportive relationships, all different.

You may have a misconception about Twilight's parentage :trollestia:

That I would be cursed to watch you decay into decrepitude, watch your whole world shrink to a house, then a room, then a bed. Who knew that I would get there first?

L'oof, little bit too real there. CheeseCord is such a cursed ship, of course you had to make it hurt :raritydespair:

Cheese Sandwich smiled, and planted a tender kiss on the lips of Pinkie Pie, transitioning to a warm nuzzle as their noses touched for a few lingering moments.

Based Pinkie Pie, super duper ultra special best platonic friends forever deserve all the tender kisses in the world.

Cute story, and while I'm not accepting it into my headcanon it is an interesting take. Though how were they able to reproduce? Magic?

I'm going to assume that there are some really passionate Pinkwich shippers in this here comment section.

It's worth remembering that Cheese Sandwich is literally just Weird Al; somebody else can link the Aragon comic, although at least it's less creepy than what some writers have done with Wind Sprint.

Yeah, he's voiced by Weird Al, and his whole thing in the show was that he took somebody else's song shtick and made it wackier with polka.

I personally never felt like Cheese's backstory would make for a particularly healthy relationship with Pinkie Pie, but what are ya gonna do?

“Oh there will be plenty of stories! Just by…” He yawned again. “The next generation.”

Clever :moustache:

I simply assumed as he grew older Cheese simply couldn't just wander like he did before, probably still going out for particularly important "party emergencies" a few times a year. I like him and Pinkie as a couple.

Pinkie and Cheese work well as a couple without looking too deeply, but I have a serious problem overthinking things.

To explain how I feel about them, imagine this:

Imagine that you are at your job, and one day a girl (or guy, not really important) transfers to where you work. And she acts like you and she dresses like you and she has all the same skills that you do but better. And eventually she tells you that she saw you one time when you were eight years old and decided to base her entire life around becoming exactly like you.

Do you:

A) Form a romantic relationship and raise children with her


B) Become terrified of this obviously unhinged, potentially dangerous stalker who has apparently been keeping an eye on you all these years in preparation for this fateful meeting.

It's perfectly fine to like Pinkie and Cheese as a couple, but the implication of his backstory makes me deeply uncomfortable. If he was just some colt that happened to be just like Pinkie, I would have no problem with it. He even seems to have the same weird powers that only she ever seemed to have before him, and that almost seems unfair to me.

Aww, this story is adorably sweet!! It's sad to imagine Discord being confined though, he deserves to be free to roam with his stallion

I got a feeling a lot happened between Cheese and Pinkie before they got together. Also I guess I just think it's statistical unlikely than more than 2 of the main 6 are gay/bisexual?

Reese #20 · July 25th · · 1 ·

Nice, and interesting. :)

Yep. I'm one of them but I'm not that aggressive.

That's cool and I appreciate your temperance towards your ship. I don't have anything against any particular ship or their shippers (outside of my desire to express my own thoughts about how they would work out.)

But look at all the red thumbs floating around here, under this innocent little story. There's obviously some strong negative emotion being expressed here in an non-constructive way. I'm pretty confident that most of it is coming from people who ship Pinkie and Cheese, and not anti-lgbt folk, people who are upset that Discord is "dying," or people who accidentally clicked on this story while trying to order doordash.

That's really all I'm attempting to say without trying to be offensive.

Oh! No no no, I didn't think that you were generalizing us. I was agreeing with your point and I see how that could have been interpreted, so sorry! I'm not the best at talking.

This was a fun story! I actually hadn't noticed that Lil' Cheese is Fluttershy's color scheme, lol.

very nice !

This quite a fun story, an interesting take about the ending that is both shocking and believable at the same time. I am a fan of crazy yet convincing stories like this, so I’d like the permission of translating it into Chinese and sharing it on our pony fanfic website Fimtale. I promise to put a link to the original over there!:twilightsmile:

oh it would be such an honor, please do!

He may dress like Clint Eastwood, but his six shooters full of blanks

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