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It's Hearts and Hooves Day, and Fluttershy has received a heartfelt letter from a secret admirer! But to her fortune and/or dismay, Rarity has taken it upon herself to help discover who this secret admirer may be. And so with a bit of mystery and magic, they embark on a journey that fills up a healthy portion of the afternoon.

Artwork drawn by Dilarus, colored by Tyler611

For those who want to know beforehand: this is Fluttershy/Discord

Don't like reading paragraphs? Prefer pictures? Check out my (finished!) comic loosely based on this story!

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That was a pretty fun story, and I love how it keeps you guessing as to who it is. I should have actually seen that coming from a mile away.

Also, I notice I'm not the only one to think of the pun in the title.


Thanks! I definitely wrote it to try and keep the mystery alive, but I'm pretty sure most people will figure it out before the end. I had fun adding in some hints and sprinkles here and there, regardless.

I don't take credit for the pun, however. That's what the artist titled it: https://www.deviantart.com/dilarus/art/Fluttersigh-652965519

That explains the title, at least, even if she sighs twice in the story, though not in the same way as the picture it seems.


I have the tendency to enjoy including a little "moment" in the story that relates to the cover art. For this one, it's when she finishes reading the letter in front of her mailbox :twilightsmile:

I wanted it to be Rainbow Dash


She was a solid contender!

well, why not her!

Aw! This was so sweet! Thank you for the story.

We've all got our own feelings about the best ships. I just write what makes the most sense to me :twilightblush:

She was my first guess, actually. My second was Twilight, since she sighs quite often and I thought it might be a subtle shipping title. When Rarity walked by, I thought it was her, but with her trying so hard to help Fluttershy find her secret admirer, and taking her to Twilight to cast the spell, I knew it couldn't be her, otherwise she'd have told her already.

Thanks for the review and the fix!

CUUUUUUUTE! I love it! I always love seeing a story with Fluttercord that is actually well-written!

Although, if I may, may I write here a very short version of your story?

...I'm going to take your silence as a yes! Okay, everything is the same as you wrote, until when Rarity agrees to help Fluttershy figure out who it is.

"All right, darling The first question we must ask ourselves is a simple, yet extremely important one!"

Fluttershy blinked at Rarity's certainty of her own confidence in this mysterious question, but quickly nodded. "Oh, okay. What question is that?"

Rarity pressed a hoof against Fluttershy's muzzle. "Well, by the contents of the letter, he seems to be a friend of yours! One you've spent quite a lot of time with! So which of your friends are stallions
who fit that description?"

Fluttershy tapped her chin. "Well, the only one I see regularly who is actually a stallion is Big Mac. But oh, that couldn't be him, he'd never do that to Sugar Belle! As for my non-stallion friends, there's Spike, but um..."

She met Rarity's eyes and watched her friend bite her lip. They both knew he couldn't possibly be the admirer.

"But I'm pretty sure he isn't the one. And then there's Discord-"

Rarity's eyes bulged at the mention of his name, only to remember literally every time Discord was around Fluttershy and how he acted around her. Not to mention all the things she had heard from Starlight Glimmer when she told Rarity the story of his involvement in the rescue at the Changeling Hive and how he had acted when he found out Fluttershy was kidnapped.

"That's it. It's Discord. Mystery solved."

Flutterhy stared at her. "H-Huh?"

But Rarity was already trotting away. "It's Discord, darling! And most likely he will appear in three, two, one..."

She heard the familiar zap of Discord's magic as he poofed in front of Fluttershy. She smirked.

Maybe next time she'd have a real romantic mystery on her hooves, for this time, it was too easy.

Then you add the ending bit you wrote and there you go!

Though I will say, your version is a bit more entertaining, hohoho~!


I love it. It's the abridged version! Thanks for your nice comment. Judging by your picture and description, it looks like this story was just for you :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it especially, being that it's so often I get ideas for stories based on your artwork :twilightblush: (This isn't the first lol)

Wonderful Fluttercord. You actually kept me guessing... at first, I thought it was Rarity, out of pure irony.

And lo, she looked for him in all the places, and found him at their home.

๐ŸŽฒ :yay: ๐Ÿ’’

Not a ship I usually like, but the story was excellently crafted! ๐Ÿ‘

I'm glad it wasn't too obvious. That was one of my concerns. I tried to add some hints about the answer along the way though (like when Twilight says love is chaotic)

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

Love me a good Fluttercord fic. :3

That cover art is amazing, so adorable! And it fits this story so well.

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!.....

Actually, I did know that was Discord
Nice story! :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you think so! I usually go looking for inspiration for stories by perusing other people's artwork, so it kinda makes sense :twilightsmile:

Make sure you tell them you enjoyed their work as well!

Nicely done. I really liked it, especially with the part of Pinkie 'smelling' magic. That got me cracking up the most

Thanks haha. Pinkie Pie is marvelously enjoyable to write (I'm still cracking up at some of the lines I gave her). She's tough to write serious fics about though.

it's so so so so so sweet!!!!!!!!!!
FLUTTERCORD is the best!!!!!!!!
I must say the letter from discord is so beautiful and romantic!!!!You know, as discord, i think fluttershy is the only one he would like to treat so gentle!!!!!!!i really love this story!!


I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You might want to include the discord tag for those that dont care for this particular ship.

The story somewhat hinges on the mystery of it all, so that's why I left it off. Apologies to anyone who doesn't enjoy the ship, I suppose. They can stop reading at the last line break and fill in the blanks if they want.

I don't mind the ship, but maybe you can put it spoiler-ed in the description like "For those that don't mind being spoiled but want to know what the ship is: It's Discord"

...and still feature up to the 16

"Pony watch?" Fluttershy replied.

But I thought ponies didn't have access to YouTube? :trollestia:

Twilight smacked her own forehead, immediately realizing her mistake. Meanwhile, Fluttershy began galloping around the room, frantically whacking her wings against herself as she did so. But the letter was relentlessly motivated to follow her wherever she went.


Oh Twilight, what have you done to poor Flutters. I'd thought you'd be smarter than that. :pinkiehappy:

"Love is kind of chaotic in nature."


She looked at him and felt woozy. Shocked and bewildered by his sudden appearance, the words on the letter echoed in her mind as she looked at who had been behind them all along. Her heart began pounding faster again, drowning out her hearing with thuds and making her feel light-headed. She was looking right at her secret admirer, and everything clicked into place immediately. In a moment of pure happiness, she flung herself at him, wrapping her hooves and wings around his body in a tight embrace.



This was a sweet story. I loved it!

Now, does anyone have a spare heart? I think mine just burst.


Here you go: :heart:

Thanks for for the kind words!

Comment posted by Hillbe deleted Feb 17th, 2019

I have been having a downright MISERABLE week.

Thankfully, it is stories like this that make me perk up a little despite THAT BLASTED SN-*Insert Weather Related Rant Here*.

Thank you so much for writing this! I needed the sweets!

Agreed on the snow. I'd say its about time for a winter wrap-up :raritywink:

Thanks for your comment! And I hope things turn around for you too. Life can just get unexpectedly crappy sometimes.

If you don't mind a ton of very crass language and imageryโ€ฆ

In other words, viewer discretion is highly advised.

Not bad. Pacing is just right.

Figured it was Discord the moment the spell Twilight cast backfired

This was an engaging read. I actually did check what the ship was beforehand, but then this just sort of sat on my 'to read list' and when I got back to it I'd forgotten all except that I'd checked it before. So the admirer was a surprise in the end after all. Haha. :derpytongue2:

It certainly says something about Pinkie's character when she's ready to drop everything even when she's super busy like that, just to help out her friends... Though I'm not sure if the customers or the Cakes themselves would approve. :twilightsheepish:

Of course Rarity's involvement in this sort of thing could hardly be avoided. She would definitely enjoy living vicariously through her friend's situation, as well as just being a good friend and helping out, of course. :raritywink:

pains me to say this, but you're looking a bit rough now
fluttercord's just a bad ship
really hate talking to you in such a way, but it must be done

Thanks for your unsubstantiated opinion.

unsubstantiated,... how?
i can provide plenty of evidence, if that's what you seek

Adorable, creative and a lot of fun, great job with this story! :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I appreciate it :twilightsmile:

"He just came out of the library," Rarity continued, "now that to me is a sure sign of somepony who is well-read. That might very well be your secret admirer."

Rarityyyy the letter explicitly states the admirer was somepony close with Fluttershy! Would've been more logical to make a list of Fluttershy's friends and go down the line- but I suppose logic is Twilight's strong suit, not Rarity's.

"When in doubt, ask Twilight," Rarity replied.

This is now part of my headcanon, right up there with "It's Pinkie Pie, don't question it"

What a sweet little story ^^

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