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This story is a sequel to She Knows How To Treat A Lady

Ten months after Trixie moved to Ponyville, she starts to disappear from time to time, which catches Twilight and Fluttershy's attention and try to figure out what is their friend up to, all while Rarity wonders if Trixie still loves her or not. Rarixie and Twishy!

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now.... GIVE ME MOR:flutterrage:
i mean if thats ok with you:fluttershysad:

Well this was a pleasant surprise :twilightsmile:

Aww, this is a sweet beginning. I hope Trixie can find a job soon. I know what that's like, for sure.

5045351 Thanks! :twilightsmile:
Being broke, living of odd jobs or both? :rainbowlaugh:

Ten months after Trixie moving to Ponyville, she starts to disappear from time to tome, witch catches Twilight and Fluttershy's attention and try to figure out what is their friend up to, all while Rarity wonders if Trixie still loves her or not. Rarixie and Twishy!

Moved, time, which.

Ten months after Trixie moved to Ponyville, she starts to disappear from time to time. This caught Twilight and Fluttershy's attention. They try to figure out what is their friend up to, all while Rarity wonders if Trixie still loves her or not. Rarixie and Twishy!

If the descripton is like this, I recommend you look for an editor.

*Takes a big inhale* smells like a fresh story ready to be read. :ajsmug:
Rather interesting so far, Trixie finding a job she will be happy with, and of course we can't forget the very small bit of TwiShy.
I will be looking forward to what happens next. Now back to the world of Harthstone for me. :raritywink:

5045531 I wrote that quckly, I have an editor but I rarely use him for descriptions. You will notice the difference when you read the chapter, if you do it.

5045856 Trixie will eventually find a real job :raritywink:

I thought Spike knew about them or does this take place in a slightly different universe

5049987 He knows and it takes place 10 months after he found out, but, he still doesn't like Trixie so, they try to avoid hurting him.

5050174 OK cause I was reading it as he doesn't know rather than don't rub his face in it if you can help it

5050283 He tries to be mature when he's around anypone he knows. Don't let him catch Trixie alone! :rainbowderp:

With this one chapter i have gotten my fill of TwiShy adorableness and some relay good mystery.
How do you do this i don't understand :rainbowhuh:
But in all seriousness great chapter and i foresee a good story to be read, and maybe a cookie for you in the near future. :twilightblush:

I guess there is an agreement that Trixie and Rarity would show any PDA in front of Spike. Does he still not want Trixie's name mentioned when she's not around?

5071327 Your question will be answered in Chapter 3 :raritywink:

another spectacular chapter. keep up the great work.

Oh my GOD! What a twist!
You sly dog making us wait on such an important thing! :raritydespair:
I hope your next chapter is as thrilling as this one left me. :twilightsmile:

Okay, what's Trixie doing? Also, I need to punch Rarity's parents.

5073836 If I tell you what's Trixie doing, I would spoil the main plot of this fic :rainbowlaugh:

Yep. Spike still wants nothing to do with Trixie. More so now because he can't have gems for two weeks. I have a feeling I know what Trixie is planning but I'm not going to say anything. I'm glad that Rarity's parents except Trixie, however, I think they may keep a closer eye on who Sweetie hangs out with.

5091768 I'm aware that whatever Trixie is doing may be too obvious. Mind sending me a note about your thoughts? :twilightsmile:

Glad to see that Rarity's parents don't hate her, like some otter parents i may have read about. :applejackunsure:
Spike still angry? Why Spike i say you need some time to you'r self. If i wear Twilight the punishment would be one hole month with no gems or gem hunting :trixieshiftleft:(if he still dose that)
My curiosity with Trixie's secret grows with every chapter.:rainbowderp: (my guess is a mirage proposal.)
Trixie being an alien, reference, hmm only think i can think of is E.T. but that's probably wrong.:twilightsheepish:
Yet another good chapter good job, Now if you'll excuse me azeroth is calling.:raritywink:

Wow, I wasn't expecting that. I expected heated debate on morals of same sex couples. Still it was an awsome chapter. As for Spike, salty much dude? Dang.:rainbowlaugh: I can't wait to see what Trixie's doing.

5092367 I already did that in another fic. I don't want to be repetitive :rainbowlaugh:
As for Spike... well, you didn't see the last of him :rainbowderp:

5092343 Yep, I won't be repeating that. I have imagination :pinkiehappy:
I have plans for Spike, don't worry :moustache:
I can't tell you what is she doing :trixieshiftleft:
Nope, it isn't E.T. :rainbowkiss:

PLEASE UPDATE!!! I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::trixieshiftright::raritystarry:

5107551 Of course I'm going to update! :raritywink:
The next chapter is already off to my editor :twilightsmile:

Sorry for saying this but Spike is fucking dick! :twilightangry2:

5114140 I know that this would happen, but, don't hate him... :fluttershysad:

5114675 I don't hate him. It's just, I would never imagine that Spike would be "That" mad at Trixie.

5114860 Well, he couldn't stand her before that happened :ajsleepy:

The parents seemed a bit... too accommodating to me. But nice to see them coming around a bit As for Spike, shame on you!

5115523 I did the angry parents before, I don't want to do it again :rainbowlaugh:

5115445 I know. But I hope he finds a new pony to love for at least forgives Trixie.:heart:

5117100 Well thanks and I will continue to read your work. :heart: :heart:

Ok let's see what i got from this chapter.
Fluttershy is apparently getting bolder in the relationship.
Spike may need to go to anger management.
And that's about it. Good chapter.

I sense the party is going to go 'marvelously'. In other words, chaos!

5118687 Fluttershy may be getting a little bolder... a little :rainbowkiss:
As for Spike... maybe he needs more time :twilightsmile:

So Spike really does need help with his hatred towards Trixie. He really needs some time away from them (Rarity & Trixie) in order to get over it. Maybe a trip to Canterlot.

5119821 He made a trip to Canterlot at the epilogue of the first part, which helped him a little bit but no so much :facehoof:

Wow, poor Spike. I was never eally fonud of his character, but this story and its predecessor have me rethinking that opinon. This is the first time that's happened! :rainbowhuh:
Can't wait to see what happens at the party!

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