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When I look into the future, I see failure.


Navigating the world as a trans person wasn't easy. Emotional challenges notwithstanding, the legal and medical decisions you'd have to face were enough to make your head spin. Twilight Sparkle was lucky then that she had a brother who had already lived through it all. Her own knight in shining armor.

Thank you, really.

Written for the Quills and Sofa's Pride contest and posted here with editing while also serving as an entry into the Pride and Positivity event. Follow these links to see what you can do to help. It falls on all of us to help each other through whatever means we have available.
Black Lives Matter - Where To Donate
Support Black People MasterDoc

I cannot stress enough the role that Dreamer Deceiver and wishcometrue played in making this fic what it is. Without their support both as editors and as friends, I don't think this fic would be what it is.

And thank you, especially, to my brother; my real life Shining Armor. You're the best brother a trans girl like me could ever hope for. Thanks for passing me the torch, bro.

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This is beauty.

The way you were able to present the anxiety, struggle, etc, as something that could be understood by a layman like myself, is truly admirable. Reading, beyond your wonderful style, I got to be taken on a ride with two people and watch them on their road to becoming their true selves, and that really is something special.

This is very much the type of story only someone with experience could really write. Like a boy being led through a dark forest by a ranger that knows it like the back of their hand, I was taken and I saw it all.

You should be proud of this, and I'm proud of you.

This was great! And yeah, like Dreamer said, you can tell this was written by someone who lived this. It was really sweet to see Shining help Twilight with her own doctor visit in the end.

I will say it was a bit odd to see Moondancer working at the hospital when Shining was a teen, since she's usually Twilight's age, but this isn't the show, so not a big deal.



thank you both! i didnt realize this was a story i wanted to write until the opportunity to do so rolled around and im very glad i did. and yeah sigma, moondancer was kinda shoehorned in 😅

As usual you're a master of atmosphere and giving us exactly what we need to see, nothing more. You vividly captured the nature of that very specific pre-first appointment fear, and the relief of having someone there to lean on- altogether warm and personal and real. Beautiful work :heart:

Oh wow...

Like, seriously oh wow. A few peeps have said this is a story written by someone who could only write this via experience, and it shows. Like, it really does. It's warm and it's beautiful, does it need to be a little longer? I think no, it's fine just the way it is.

yo, this fucking owns.
the characterization of twilight velvet is stunningly beautiful, moondancer's role is so inspired and wonderful, and twilight's inner monologue near the end is so perfectly twilight and so incredibly well suited for this moment in her life. the way u weave all these little details into the narrative so naturally builds up a fantastic sense of place and atmosphere, and it's just?? it's an absolute joy to read. thank you, for writing this.

Time define words.
That's it.
Hope y'all be fine.

THanks, I cried

“I understand. The boys have it worse, really. The girls don’t have to deal with the injections usually. This is gonna sting, okay? I promise it’s better than getting bloodwork done though.” Shining shuddered and nodded. He dealt with bloodwork. He could deal with this. All he had to do was close his eyes and wait for the…

This is so, so true. I mention this to my MTF friends basically all the time. Y'all get titty skittles and I have to shoot myself with boy sauce every week smh.

yeah lmao i am SO glad im not my brother ... seeing him stick a hypodermic needle in his thigh meat every so often is like D: ill stick to the pills thnx very much

I actually know a couple of trans sibs IRL. The sister still hasn't come out yet, but it's kind of funny. That situation is 100% "Mom said it's my turn on the gender" and it also is like... I wonder what kind of genetics are there, y'know? Because being trans is rare af so having a TRANS SIB (sorta jealous here!) is even rarer.


yea honestly idk if i blame it on my reader/artist parents or like, some sorta shared Brain Juice or what but not only is my brother trans but my older sibling is non binary. something something chemicals in the water to turn the frogs gay

It's true.
Three trans siblings?

B r u h.


yeah the mood is like "fuck gender. all my siblings hate gender" and its just wonderful honestly

If y'all say fuck gender how come two of you still have gender? 🤔

uhhhhhhhhHHH knocks something over and starts running

i don't know how i feel about this trans propaganda, (((themoontonite)))

maam im going to have to ask you to leave. due to the nature of your Problematique Contente u and i cannot associate

cancel (((culture))) has gone too far :c

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I laughed until I almost choked on my food and couldn't breathe. Thank you.

Oh, uh, you're welcome!

This was some wholesome stuff, Dawn. I liked it. Nice job.

I just discovered this story because some folks were talking about the best trans stories on the site over at Quills and Sofas, and this story was mentioned. I'm so happy to have read it.


This was an incredible piece of writing. Your grasp of subtlety as an author is profound. You say so much while saying so little. I am deeply impressed, and deeply moved. Thank you for writing.

“Honey.” Velvet squeezed his hand and he squeezed back, a desperate confession of love and terror in equal measures. “This is your day, okay? Don’t worry about me.”

This bit stood out to me particularly. Even a supportive parent is struggling with the thick emotions involved with a loved one going through a change. That's in addition to the powerful writing, too. You have on point characterizations and complex emotions.

Author Interviewer


Bruh, I only spoke the truth.

yES this is written so wonderfully!! and I love the transman and transwoman solidarity <33 favorited :)

Aaaa this was great. I am very, very much feeling both Twilight and Shining's nervousness here lol

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