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Rainbow Dash thought she knew her friend Cloudfront. She thought she understood at least most of what went on in his anxious little head. She thought that being someone's best friend meant you knew everything about them. Turns out there was a lot she didn't know and a lot more there to love.

Change can be scarier but love makes it just a little easier.

Written for the Quills and Sofas Trans Pride contest where it won third place. Based almost entirely on a comic done by the incredible spectralunicorn, from whom I got permission to use the art. Editing done by Kim.

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Neece #1 · Jan 4th, 2022 · · ·

Dash was just so perfectly Dash :rainbowlaugh:
Love the story, heartfelt as heck and so much in voice :yay:

This is just the best. :rainbowlaugh:

Lmao this is nice


Adding to read later and upvoting just because of that comic. Will get to it eventually, I promise!

Amazing. Also Rainbow’s reaction to realizing she’s in love with her friend is probably exactly the same reaction I would have.

Oh I wasn't expecting this as a release this month! This was adorable when I read it way back!

does rainbow dash is gay? the truth come out

This was really cute! It was fun seeing Rainbow process her memories upon realizing that Fluttershy is a girl and realizing she likes this girl.

I could practically hear a plate shattering as I read that last line. Amazing.

Hooves down, the last paragraph was the best one.

I love this so so so so much!!!!!!

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