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With Applejack and Rarity officially dating, (on top of everything else they do) Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom are feeling a little left out of their sister's lives. To lift their spirits, Fluttershy invites them over to her house for a quite night of fun. When Rainbow Dash joins them, Apple Bloom starts to realize that there may be something more going on between the older two girls.

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I loved getting to read this as you wrote it, and it's just as good the second time around. The use of Apple Bloom as the viewpoint character was quite the inspired one, letting us catch glimpses and bits of Rainbow and Fluttershy's growing relationship without burdening us with their every thought. Like Apple Bloom we end up as observers, eager to see what they get up to.

Plus I mean, who doesn't like making cookies and having shaving cream fights?

I absolutely adored reading this, haven’t read something so sweet that made me giddy reading it for a long while! Thank you for writing this it will forever be in my favourites❤️

Doubt #3 · April 6th · · ·

I really enjoyed Scootaloo's tactful confrontation at the end. :rainbowlaugh:

Overall I think you could have done more to establish reasons for the CMC suspecting a relationship between Fluttershy and Rainbow, but I was entertained throughout nonetheless.

Hey, I think you forgot to mark this as 'complete'.

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