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This story is a sequel to The Sun and the Shy

Sex tag is only for discussions of sex and some teasing. There will be no actual scenes of sex.

This is the CHS timeline of arc 2 of The Sun and the Shy.

Sunset is busy dealing with her feelings for Fluttershy and disturbing dreams that are getting worse the closer it gets to when the portal opens. She must find a way to deal with the truth behind her dreams or end up losing the one girl who may actually have a chance of making her happy and restoring her shattered mind and soul.

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As I have already said in your previous good work papers and a nice thumbs up for the fantastic job you are doing. Only a doubt I would like to take away: this story and the one that sees Sunset and Fluttershy in Crystal Prep are connected or are two different time lines from the first story of the "sun and the shy" saga? Maybe the question will look a bit cretin, but since my English is a bit painful, some things are not clear to me, in fact sometimes I put a bit to put the pieces together. Anyway I'm still complimenting you for the outstanding work you're doing.

8115149 Thanks, and it's no problem, this story and Rising Shadows are both different timelines. So far, if you prefer the Shadowbolts the stories would go like this:

1) The Sun and the Shy
2) The Sun and the Shy: Rising Shadows

And if you prefer the Wondercolts then the reading order would be:

1) The Sun and the Shy
2) The Sun and the Shy: Canterlot Blues

Thank you very much and happy when my work is enjoyed.

8115174 Thanks a lot for the clarification, I look forward to seeing the chapters of both timelines, even though I confess that we will spend more on the Canterlot High timeline.

wait im confused theres 2 universes for this series

Not very sure about this timeline. I mean, the CPA timeline had more impact to me and I will definitely read that story to it's end... But I don't know. You said the first chapter was just a prologue, so I will just wait until the next chapter and decide if I will track this story too.

Yet I am more inclined to not read this one, since I loved so much the start of it's CPA counterpart. I hope you do not take offense from this comment. :fluttershyouch::fluttershyouch::fluttershyouch:

8115193 Your welcome, and hope you enjoy them.

8115198 Yes, as I've said before I plan to do a CHS verson and a CPA one.

8115242 If you enjoy this timeline, that's cool, but if you don't, then please don't feel like you have to read it. And please don't feel bad or feel as if you need to apologize, read what you enjoy and have a good time here. Stressing about stuff so isn't good for you, kind of an expert on stressing this last year. Everyone, including me, has preferences to the types of stories that they enjoy so I don't feel offended at all. For me I like the EG stories better than the pony ones, though I've read some good ones of both. Im happy that you like the CPA route so far though and I hopefully have some good things planned in it that you enjoy.

8115328 ok my bad sorry

8115363 It's cool, just letting you know that yep there's 2 versions.

Wait your writing these in tandem ARE YOU MAD (omg yay) please don't burn out I love these stories , and I trust your judgment here but seriously writing ta some plot lines is not easy

Did she wallow in hatred for so long that she just physically feel that deep for anyone anymore? That couldn’t be the reason though since she knew she loved her ex, she was a good woman. It had hurt, more than she wanted to admit, when the woman broke up with her. She didn’t hate the woman though, Sunset understood why and remained civil, even friendly with her.

I'm pretty sure there needs to be a couldn't somewhere in "just physically feel"

8116054 Kind of though I will likely give more priority to Rising Shadows, but I don't plan on burning out anytime soon lol. It will be a little hard at times since I may mix things up, and if I end up mixing the two timelines together too much, I may end up finishing one then going back and finishing the other worse case. Hoping it won't come to that though. :pinkiecrazy:

8117539 Thank you for catching that, fixed it! :yay:

8119245 Isn't Rising Shadows arc 3? Why write them out of order?

Edit: Oh wait nvm it's a split for two different timelines that explains why.

So from what I gather both this and shadows rising work off of the original but go in different directions. Hopefully I got that right because I love this series and want more asap. This is probably the furthest I've ever ventured into AU territory and it's awesome, please keep writing but don't burn yourself out.

This is really good! But you’ve been on hiatus for a long time already, maybe an update or two would be nice. This is getting really good and I really feel like you should continue. Great job so far!

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