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Set a few years after Magic is Friendship has ended, Pinkie Pie is living her life in Ponyville much as she always has. She helps take care of the Cake twins, she plans parties, and she spreads joy to everypony she comes across. When Cheese Sandwich returns to Ponyville to ask her a very special question, it throws her whole world for a whirl, and these star-crossed ponies will have to figure out how they can be together even when they have to stay apart.

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Comments ( 9 )

wow! this is amazing!

Carrot Cake is the dad. The twins are Pound and PUMPKIN cake.

Whoops! Fixed now. That'll teach me to pay closer attention.

Thank you! You like anything in particular?

The door knocked. “Flurry Heart? Little miss, if you’re face isn’t in that corner, your father is going to have some words!”

Grammar error

I really loved this fic. Though I have to ask, is Starlight with Sunburst, with Trixie, or both?

I'm hoping both because that would make for an interesting story as to how they got together.

Deliberate ambiguity, for the win.

Either that or planting a seed in the reader's mind to make them want to write a story. Both explanations work. :rainbowdetermined2:

nothing specifically, i just loved it all!

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