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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Takes place prior to the timeskip in "The Last Problem".)

Despite Equestria appearing to enter a new era of profound peace, Starlight Glimmer decides that the students at her school should be taught how to defend themselves. To that end, she establishes a self-defense class.

Deciding it easier to teach by demonstration, Starlight tries to find a volunteer to spar with her. But nopony within the school is willing to go hoof to hoof with her, not even her closest friends.

Fortunately, a savior comes in the most unexpected and unlikely of places. Tempest Shadow, no stranger to combat herself, shows up and offers to oppose Starlight for the sake of the demonstration. Who will prevail in this clash between powerful unicorns?

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Hey there. Not much I can say other than wonderful job on the exchanges, characterizations, (slight) action and general wrap-up in all the right places. And, yeah, Starlight has a really good point about how her students SHOULD learn how to handle themselves if they need to. And, glad Tempest stepped up AND put up a good spar despite Starlight still winning.

And, speaking of Death Battle, Starlight should be lucky Raven didn't cross into that universe to take her up on the challenge. Raven would have whooped her without breaking a sweat.

But, anyway, really looking forward to more of your work.

The focus is entirely on self-defense, we don't want them to become bullies.

Yeah unfortunately they will always be people would take advantage of self-defense for selfish ways and that's always the hard part who you trust to train

Tempest Shadow replied in an indifferent tone. "None taken, I guess. But who says this demonstration of yours has to be fair?" She pointed out. "In combat, you can never expect your enemy to play fair or play by the rules. Your opponent will use every advantage they have. If you want your students to acquire any real experience, you can't be concerned about 'fairness'. Besides, with my superior combat experience, you would be lucky to last ten minutes against me. And how would that be helpful to your students?"

Yeah that's very true when it comes to villains they don't play fair they will do anything just to defeat or kill us so we had to be more prepared than ever

Starlight Glimmer firmly nodded. "Yes indeed, Tempest," And the two unicorns took up positions at opposite ends of the gym. "Ready when you are!" And she began to charge up her horn, preparing an attack that she was certain would be more than enough to knock Tempest off her hooves!

Wow I got to say this was a pretty awesome story and a battle too as well so it looks like Starlight decided to have a self-defense classes ever since the big threat they had they want to have the student to be prepared for anything but she needed somebody to battle with her which unfortunately some of the ponies and creatures couldn't but luckily Tempest Shadow AKA fizzle pop Berry twist volunteer to fight with her and she knows she's not going to hold back and it looks like everybody from the class showed up and saw how the other two ponies battling it out which it was pretty Epic but with the intense battle Starlight came Victorious and telling them what kind of mistakes and everything and this is the lesson they had to learn when it comes to threats said everything this was a pretty good one keep up the good work

This was ok, but pretty incomplete. It wasn't a class it was only a demonstration. If you sold it that way and at the end opened it up and told the students a class was being created where they could learn to defend them selves it would have flowed better. I enjoyed it, but it needed more.

However, Sunburst saw fit to protest. "We know they're not perfect. They can fail. The students here were a very big part of the reason why Princess Twilight and her friends won in the end. Next time, we may not be so lucky."

Just saying one timeline had a great war against the changeling empire and equestria

Starlight Glimmer shot down the offer as she whispered back. "This was my idea! I have to see this through! Besides, I know I can beat you. I have magic, you don't."

Actually she does have magic
Its just very unstable

“ I have magic you don’t “ says the mare who probably got captured by a bunch of yetis with Anti magic metal shields

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