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Okay, I admit it, I'm probably not your mom. But odds are I'm old enough to be. Now with Patreon account (under alarajrogers) and short stories on Amazon (under Alara Rogers).


A thing y'all should maybe know · 5:45pm Oct 31st, 2022

I may or may not make the change here on Fimfiction, but on Archive of our Own and Fanfiction.net, I am changing my handle to Kaleidolon. Mainly as a branding differentiator between fanfic and profic. It's not like I can hide that Alara J Rogers writes fanfic, not after posting it to the Internet for literally 29 years, but when I get published in real life I want it to be slightly less blatantly obvious.

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Topsy Turvy Day may finally end · 5:15am Apr 2nd, 2022

I think I may get the last chapter of "Topsy Turvy Day" in A Year Of Holidays out this weekend. Maybe. No promises, but I'm hopeful.

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Hey guys! I finished a thing! · 12:37am Mar 26th, 2022

Remember how everyone wanted me to have things happen in Being Chaos that aren't just a repetition of things from the episodes? Well, your wish is granted! We are still staying well within canon, but the entire chapter is about things we didn't actually see in canon.

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The Filly Buster · 3:26pm Aug 14th, 2021

In earth pony democratic tradition, when a minority group of council leaders, in opposition to the will of the majority, wish to stop or slow down a vote on a proposition they are opposed to (but believe will have the votes to pass), they may engage in a Filly Buster, in which opposition members of the council will continue talking once given their chance to make their statement in opposition.

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Can't argue with the muse · 7:47pm Jul 7th, 2021

I know it probably wasn't on anyone's high priority to see more of list, but I am working on Being Chaos because the story started talking to me again. The next chapter is not directly based on any of the episodes; still following the canon timeline but we're finding out what Celestia wanted Discord for, and Eric is learning more about Discord's powers.

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Very minor change to Not the Hero · 12:18am Feb 26th, 2021

In "Blueblood, This Is Your Life!" I changed language about Cadance being related to Sombra to being related to Amore, since later on I decided to accept the Umbrum backstory for Sombra.

This is minor enough I wouldn't even bother to bring it up, except that someone, who I think might have been DannyJ, called my attention to the inconsistency when the chapter about Sombra and the Element of Hatred came out. So, fixed!

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Gonna do a re-read of Not the Hero · 2:34am Feb 21st, 2021

Damn thing is long enough that I may actually be out of the 52 Project and able to work on it by the time I finish. :-)

It's my first priority once I can write fanfic again. At this point, I've taken enough hiatus weeks that the project's completion has pushed out to the first week of May rather than right before April.

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Back on track with 52 Project... mostly · 12:55am Jan 16th, 2021

I fell way behind in the last part of 2020. Missed my deadline on Nov. 27, so story 35 came out week 36. Story 36 came out week 37. Story 37 didn't come out until shortly after Christmas, and then I declared an official hiatus where I wasn't going to come back until Jan. 15.

38 came out today. We should be in week 42, I've officially lost 4 weeks.

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An interesting dream · 4:38pm Dec 22nd, 2020

I spent most of last night's dream plotting an MLP fic and then figuring out how to file all the serial numbers off and make it original fic. Since I was asleep, it didn't end up being quite as "original" as I might have made it when awake, but it still gave me a lot of ideas.

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Halfway through 52 Project! · 6:12pm Sep 26th, 2020

I posted story number 26 yesterday to my writing blog (alarawriting.tumblr.com), so I am halfway through this thing!

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