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The death of a hero is always tragic. They never get to know if their sacrifice, if their life, was worth it. Must be a damn shame to die and not know if what you did made a difference...


Warning: Their are SPOILERS for Halo 4 in this story. READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION.
Halo 4 is owned by 343 Industries and Microsoft. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

The Didact was stopped and the Composer destroyed, but at what cost. Master Chief (Chief or John) would have given his own life for the human race, but in an act of valor Cortana sacrificed her last remnants to save John. Now with no AI. and no friend with him, he floats towards an unknown planet which looks like paradise. Soon he learn that friendship is already following him through fate, but will he accept?

Art by tr1gg3r117 on Deviantart.

Lines from Halo are used in this story. Don't hate! Just using something from the game.

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Another HALO fic, another fireball in the sky.

I've made the necessary arrangements for Cortana's funeral (Yes, I'm holding a funeral for an AI, you got a problem?)...

Also, Chief, good luck soldier.

The story itself looks good, but you need to fix up the description. There's a lot of grammatical errors in it that could easily be rectified. All in all, I look forward to what's coming

Well as they have no IFFs they would show as hostiles. He just lost his best friend. His actions are explainable here.

This deserves to be here:

Chief, I'm sorry about Cortana... You deserve to be happy after all you went through.

Please, do continue. This is going very nicely.:twilightsmile:

I love to see Sierra 117 happy.... :yay:

But Cortana was wwaayyy too much of a b*#$h to feel bad for. :trollestia:

I'm sorry. :facehoof:

Cortana couldn't help it in Halo 3 because Gravemind was manipulating her and forcing information out of her. Halo 4, she was going into rampancy which is an AI. 'sickness' if you will. Rampancy is uncontrollable but if they were to get to Halsey, possibly could have ended differently.

But, they didn't and she died because of it.

and I've never heard of an AI being 'cleaned' of rampancy, like she said in Halo 4, they literally think themselves to death.

And unless you replaced the AI and gave them the same avatar, it wouldn't be the same.

Not in any Halo book I've read nor in any game was an AI ever gone through rampancy without being shutdown, Cortana may have been a special exception, but who knows?

Cortana was literally part of Halsey, who would most likely know how to fix her most advanced AI. Cortana is made from Halsey's DNA so this also makes her part human. Don't know how that pertains to the story or your question but just thought you'd like to know if you didn't already. LOL by the way Chief will not take off his helmet to the ponies, just like the game where he doesn't show his face. :eeyup:

DUDE I HAD THE EXACT SAME IDEA THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!:pinkiehappy: i have no confidence in myself when it comes to writing tho:fluttershysad:

1621558 She was going madder then pinkie:pinkiecrazy:
So quit with the Cortana hate

Cortanas death was one of the few things that made me cry. Do please continue this cause this is now faved and thumbs up.

1621768 Actually, the books themselves have said that it's impossible to reverse rampancy on a "Smart A.I.", if you will, and that's what Cortana is, so no matter what, she would have died

It's Halsey we're talking about here Sev, that bitch can do anything.:yay:

1623455 Dude, I don't care who she is. I know she created the Spartan-II program and made Cortana, but if the book says it's physically impossible to fix a rampant A.I. then it's impossible. I can't remember which book it was, but there was an A.I. going rampant, and the technician who made it wasn't able to reverse the rampancy, so as a result, the A.I. died anyways.

I'm stating facts here, not assumptions that Halsey can do ANYTHING.

Not trying to come off as rude, but as you know, I'm very opinionated and the fact is that this isn't opinion. It's a known fact. Even Cortana herself didn't believe it would work, and she has Halsey's knowledge, so what does that tell you?

It tells me that we should ask 343 to solve this problem, but God knows that's not going to happen to us, so why don't we just meet in the middle.

Halsey is a smart bitch, and can do many things, maybe fix Cortana. But the odds are against her and she may fail, no matter how smart she is.

There happy, met in the middle!:twilightsmile::moustache:

damnit cortana...
plus, can't wait to see the forerunners.

when he says love i hope hes talking about kelly 087. Not the AI he knew for what 2months (btw the time in cryo dosnt count) becuase that would be dumb
. but cool so far.:pinkiehappy:
i will say the chief in a slumber party with the prinncesses is THE MOST original idea i have ever heard.:pinkiehappy:


Love it, but one problem, why the hell would chef come with them, he is a spartan super solder, dealing with possibly hostile sentient, also he just lost HIS FREAKING AI if chef wouldn't be cracking pony heads together just for that, his mission would be to wait for retrieval and deal with any "Problems" that may arise, still, that's just how I see the chef, as they said at the beginning of halo 4, spartens are anti-socal, war tool, and they don't play nice.

Keep up the good work


All my yes to this! You're doing an amazing job so far, so please keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

Don't mean to be an ass but it's Chief not Chef. Second, he already beat the shit out of the captain of the guard with one punch. Third why would he wait for evac on a presumably unknown planet in the middle of God knows where. Just my ideas for a story.
Yeah it came to me in a dream, Luna came to get me on Earth and she took me to a slumber part with Cadence, Celestia, and Luna herself. Let me just say that dream was fucking amazing!:trollestia:

You really love your Halo's don't ya?

What is this, I don't even-

Never mind...not going to say anything bad. Just going to stop reading this and be on my way. Good luck on this story.

have twilight or celestia do a memory spell and see ALL of his memorys from boot on Reach to detonating a nuke in his hand in front of his face.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Love it, but one problem, why the hell would chef come with them, he is a spartan super solder, dealing with possibly hostile sentient, also he just lost HIS FREAKING AI if chef wouldn't be cracking pony heads together just for that, his mission would be to wait for retrieval and deal with any "Problems" that may arise, still, that's just how I see the chef, as they said at the beginning of halo 4, spartens are anti-socal, war tool, and they don't play nice.
Keep up the good work

dude, i also want to point something, actually jhon felt love one time in his life, in the trailer of halo 3 there are 2 kids in the grass one is jhon and the other is *insert name that i dont remember right now XD*, jhon saved that girl from drowning in a lake, and then both of them promised each other to get married one day, ... but then jhon was kidnapped by ONI ;(

1. Kelly is alive and thus not classified under "those who are dead"
2. The Cheif and Cortana were together a lot longer than two months, closer to a year or two, also excluding cryo sleep
3. Waka waka hey hey.

One more 'Chief beats up ponies' beginning to a fanfic and I'm gonna start collecting peoples skin T_T. Seriously, Chief is severely OOC in this.

1624408 yes kelly is alive in glass lands but this is years later she could have died since then and chief meet cortana in what september 2552 the war ended march 2553 so 2 months is of a tad bit but a year is way off. (not trying to be a dick)


And some things that wouldn't be said by the characters like

"Shut up!" Spike yelled through the floor to try to get everyone to calm down.

Spike wouldn't swear. He would say something like "could you guys keep it quiet down there? I'm trying to sleep" or "calm down everpony"

1623961 huh i had a dream about ponies.... never acted on it. twas a conversion bureau dream of sorts. only the forced kind. i remember running through Perth city (the capital city of my state here in Australia) as ponies were dive bombing people with potions turning them into more of em. you know that dream revealed alot to me. people can always state what they would do in a situation but its so different when your in it. and it was one realistic dream. i still remember screams as people ran and the city burned for some reason. :raritydespair:

anyway on a non dream related topic i like your story. the chiefs personality is nice however id think he'd be more.... emotionally compromised but... meh your story.:twilightsmile:

also i envy your dream. you got to experience ponies without running in terror trying to find a hiding spot as people screamed all around you :ajbemused:

1632297 wasnt funny for me.... celestia is scary when shes pissed surrounded by fire and comanding pegasi royal guards to convert you:fluttershysad:

No, how you changed topics so fast. I'm sorry your nightmare scared you. Should'a said more than LOL.:derpyderp2: A mustache for you!:moustache:

All right, to all the jack asses out there, the memory scenes are not accurate. I have read the book and am summing up the memories in a shorter writing space. Not all the words are the same just trying to write some of his memories the way I portrayed them. Also each memory takes place in different times. The first memory and the second memory are days/weeks apart. The second and third memory were under 24 hours. Just bear with the story and my writing styles. Thank you!:twilightsmile:

.............Do not corrupt John.....I dont think you can anyway without pissing a few people off,because he is a spartan damit!Mind tricks wont do shit to the living war machine from the depths of hell!!

you did it you used the memory spell:pinkiehappy: but i got a Q, how did he know what the hell she was doing and 2 why did he trust her:twilightoops:

I don't know. My mind was like, "Hey Master4871, make Chief emotionally compromised and not give a shit about anything anymore." I sorta did what it asked for.:derpytongue2::moustache:

he was grabbed by a massive tentaclei ... I've seen enough hentai to know what is about to happen

well its very unspartany but hell its your fic. cut loose

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