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Well I'm Garfield23 and I'm another Scottish Brony. Writing stories is one of my favourite hobbies.


The Lupin Collection, a set of mysterious treasures gathered by the legendary phantom thief Arsène Lupin, has been stolen by the Ganglers! The phantom thieves who fight to recover what they've lost. The police force who fight to protect world peace. Whose side are you on?! This is a question Equestria defenders must decide upon but what happens when the Mane 6 pick one side and the Princesses pick to side with the other.

(Set after keep Calm and Flutter on and the 14th episode of Lupinranger vs Patranger)

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So the Lupinrangers are Pegasi and the Patrangers are Earth ponies. Sounds right to me. If Lupin X/Patren X was included, I would make him a Unicorn so that all 3 main pony types could be represented in this Sentai series' entourage of rangers.

Because Lupin X/Patren X hasn't been introduced to the series yet, he won't feature in my story at all....I know it seems unfair since his costume looks amazing but there will be other Sentai, Big One is one I'm considering and a few others. Also who said Patrangers would be all Earth Ponies? Having an all Unicorn team in my book is an unfair advantage so only one Patranger is a Unicorn and the other two are Earth Ponies.


I'm aware Lupin X/Patren X won't be in your story. I was just sharing what kind of pony I would make him if he was involved. Also, instead of 2 Earth ponies and 1 Unicorn, I would've had all 3 main Patrangers be Earth ponies not only for consistency like the main 3 Lupinrangers all being Pegasi, but also to reflect the nature of their respective VS Vehicles (the Dial Fighters being sky-based and the Trigger Machines being land-based). But hey, it's your story. You do whatever you want with it.

Hmm I'll certainly consider your suggestions.

great start can't wait to see where this goes

little mistakes

Lupin Blue is spelt, Touma
Sentai names are one word

Thanks you seem like a bigger Sentai fan than me. I need a favour, I have only watched a few of the seasons including large parts of Shinkenger, first few episodes of Liveman, all of Gokaiger and Magiranger but I need an A team. A team that can come in later to help it doesn't have to be one Sentai team it could be a mix of rangers from different teams. I'm tempted by Sentai Rangers like Captain Marvellous and Green magiranger but I only recently started watching Super Sentai. So for a later chapter I need the mixed team. Even though I don't much about them Big One and Dekamaster do interest me.

honestly, I haven't watched anything before Go-Onger so my knowledge is limited, but thinking about it Marvellous or any Gokaiger would work
a ToQger would have a blast on Equestria
Gosei Knight could be interesting
Shinken Yellow, Blue Buster, Zyuoh The World, Washi Pink, for a start

Okay I'll look into each one and consider it. Shinken Yellow does have a good chance because I like her character. But for now I need to work out the faults in Chapter 2 it still looks awful.

You get points for doing Super Sentai straight up for sure instead of doing the cop out and doing Power Rangers.

Can't say much more than that since I'm more of a Kamen Rider fan myself. Upvote for sure.

Oh thank you very much. I've only seen Kamen Rider once and that's during that special with Gokaiger so I don't think it counts.

Fluttershy was standing in his way, having just arrived, she looked furious and her eyes were white hot with anger “I…I..I..I…” Dekamaster couldn’t look away as her eyes bore into his even behind the helmet Doggie couldn’t resist the stare and gulped finding the last part of his resistance to ask nicely “I…please step aside?”

However Fluttershy didn’t move all she did was step closer and say “Put the sword down” Dekamaster obeyed dropping the sword to the floor and then she added “Take off the suit!” again Dekamaster obeyed and powered down “Now tell us why you want to arrest our friends!?"

Not even the legendary Doggie Kruger can stand up to.....The Stare!!!

Yep. I'm glad you liked it

I wonder.....will he he reminded of the Kyuranger confusion?

Uhhh yeah...Remember I'm still a newbie in terms of Sentai and have only watched 3 episodes of Kyuranger. If Dekaranger appeared in Kyuranger I haven't seen it.

Ah....my apologies for the spoiler then. :twilightsheepish:

Don't worry about it. I'm the idiot who's writing a story about a world I've only dipped my toes into. I mean I can list the seasons I've watched but also the episodes of seasons I've started but never finished. Liveman is the oldest season, Dairanger is second and in both cases the first 3 episodes is barely a starting point. Dekaranger I only managed 3 episodes again. Shinkenger I'm up to episode 32 and Goseiger is 10. Magiranger and Gokaiger remain the only seasons I've finished, the later one giving me the idea to use Dekamaster!

There I've spelt out my watching history! Oh and I've watched some of the crossovers including Megaranger Vs carranger and Carranger vs Ohranger! Sorry I feel like this needs to be said so people appreciate how much of an idiot I am! I intend to watch more and I'm tempted by a few seasons like Gobusters and Kyuranger is a show I'd love to watch more of.

Well then. :twilightoops: ....if I may say....you're not the only one who has loads of toku they wish to watch.

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