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Their camping trip to the Everfree had been through some ups and downs, but Twilight and her friends nevertheless return home having enjoyed it. However, as they enter the Friendship Palace, they're shocked to discover an intruder within. A mare with a very familiar face, who has come to them after having escaped a gruesome fate. But, if that were not surprising enough, then they're truly taken aback when this newcomer explains why she's here.

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"Yes...you really do look this good."

That would be my first question as well:rainbowlaugh:

Please continue this, it's excellent and hilarious and I absolutely love Evil-Clon-Twi. Fantastic!

please continue

I really hope Evil Twilight has ulterior motives. It would be vastly out of character if she didn't.

I would go all NTF and fricassee her.
That's how I roll.

She may not immediately have any plans, after all she just got the heck out of dodge, but she'll very likely form some as time progresses. She doesn't strike me as a person that can be reformed, after all, she is specifically designed to be an antithesis to Twilight.

The Dark Pit to Twilight's Pit.

:twilightsmile:. .. .Alright I really like this. I had taken to calling this Twilight Twiscream, but I am interested in seeing what you do with the character. Very much so in fact. I shall be following this story for future updates. Let me know if you need a sounding board or proofreader in the future. I'd be more than happy to assist.

I'm wondering how the other princess will react to Evilight. Especially Shiny now that he has two little sisters:pinkiecrazy:

I read the story. I am very intrigued. I finish it. I love the story and the author for it. I see the incomplete tag. I want MORE - A simple poem by a cynical person. I can’t wait for more and I love this story and it’s interesing narrative that lies ahead.

Oddly twisted form of narcissism. I’m for it.

I really have the feeling this story is going to be good. I'm so looking forward to how this little gem in the waiting is going to play out. :pinkiehappy:


I almost feel bad for Spike. One Twilight was a handful. Then there was Starlight, and now a very unfriendly Twilight.

I could see her being shipped off to Canterlot to take up a shadowy role in Equestrian Intelligence. She'll need an external makeover anyway, she's intelligent and apparently powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Chrysalis even without the magic-booster of strong friendships, and she's far more emotionally controlled than Twilight. In addition, there are no official records of her existence, and she would be operating under the eyes of the Princesses.

On paper that might work, but this anti-Twilight is all about looking out for herself. She'll play the game for now for her own safety, but as soon as she's in a position to strike she'll take it


I really enjoyed that! Evil Twilights have always been a favorite of mine and having the original bookhorse and dark bookhorse together sounds like a recipe for fun! :pinkiehappy:

"Instead...I come to you here . And I ask for parlay ."

You probably meant to say parley, that is, a conference between opposing sides for the purpose of reaching an armistice, rather than a split gambling pot. That was the only error I caught and otherwise I found it competently written.

I look forward to more!:twilightsmile:

who knows twilight better then twilight

The Negaduck to Twilight's Darkwing.

"I brought a package for you, Princess Twilight," called out Flash Sentry as he poked his nose through the front door of the castle. "I'm not sure what it is, but it's heavy. I'll bet it's more books. Princess?" He looked back and forth in the entryway, then shrugged and trotted inside. One of these days, Equestria's newest and hottest princess was going to get a contingent of Royal Guards, and when that happy day came around, he intended on having his name at the top of the list.

"Hello?" he called out once he had navigated to the library, the traditional nesting spot of princeps rusticus. "I have a package for Princess Twi--"

Flash stopped cold, looking at the two purple princesses looking back at him. "Oh, my. I'm having that dream again, aren't I?"

Awesome! And you picked the best one in my opinion. I loved how conniving dark twilight was, how she actually had motivation to be more than just a pawn like the other dark copies. I definitely hope there is more to come.

9089000 Thanks for pointing that out to me. I appreciate it :twilightsmile:

"My decision..."

And here's a bit of extra. Seeing as it's, in effect, poilitical assylum Dark Twilight is asking for, Twilight is the only one here that can grant it.

Take away that this is Twilight's home. Because of what she's asking for, it can only be granted by someone in a position of power in the government.

Only others who could are Celestia, Luna and, theoritically, Cadance.

"Yes...you really do look this good."

But of course, Twilight is Best Pony! Including aspects such as attractiveness. :pinkiehappy:

Along with Fluttershy, but no need to mention that now... I just mentioned it, didn't I?

First step is obviously a haircut or some other change of appearance + a rule that if there is even 1 deliberate impersonation, out you go

So... many... ellipses... It... feels... like... every character... is... gasp...ing... for... air...

Seriously, it's really annoying. If you want to have your characters pause try describing it in the narrative rather than the dialogue sometimes. This is a story, not a script after all.

Otherwise the story seems okay. I'll be watching it.

I'm reminded of a 1-shot I read a few weeks back about evil twilight meeting a Mirror Pinky survivor. Can't remember the title at the moment, or I'd link it. I love the concept here.

"Yes...you really do look this good."

Aaaaand I'm sold.

EDIT: Props to Anon E Moose for figuring it out. Just Two Clones, Having Dinner


First you had my interest, but now you have my attention. And my upvote. And a mustache. :moustache:

I've read the same story, It appeared in the Feature box, but now I can't find it either.
Story synopsis: When a pony disappeared, every pony Twi tried to talked to about the one who just vanished, they immediately didn't know remember the pony. The first pony to vanish was Applejack while Twi was visiting the Apple farm, and the last ones were Spike and Pinkie Pie in an empty Equestria. It turned out that Mirror Pinkie made a deal with Discord to get some sort of revenge on Twilight for banishing/killing all the other clones. The story was wrapped up by making Mirror clones of the other mane 6 and sending them back with MirrorPinkie to the pocket universe.
It was like the episode of Star Trek:TNG where Beverly Crusher needed to be rescued from a warp field pocket dimension by Westley and a visiting alien.

Heh. You should read "Dadonequus Discord". I found it to have the same problem, where nearly every speaking sentence ends with trailing off...

"Oh, so after all that stuff about me using the mirror pool, suddenly you go ahead and use it?!"

Now wouldn't that be interesting :moustache:

"Understood. And let me answer the first of those questions for you straight away."

Slowly, a smirk formed on her lips.

"Yes...you really do look this good."

HA, wonderful :trollestia: :pinkiecrazy:

"Instead...I come to you here . And I ask for parley ."

Already I like her. She may not be nice, but she's pragmatic.

When Discord was asked to handle Tirek, he suffered a relapse into villainhood. I wonder if the same thing might happen here with Starlight.

It's an...interesting story idea....but you seriously need...to cut back on...the ellipses.

I had some of the same thoughts: Fake Twilight would defiantly be smart enough and capable of teleporting away from her painful end. I also hated that the Mane Six and Starlight had no idea as to why their friends were acting in such cruel ways. Thank you for this story, which take all these matters and more into account. Have a like!

Can we give the simulacrum Twilight the name "Midnight Sparkle" since it's sitting around unused on this side of the portal?

Just Two Clones Having Dinner

Looking good on the story and hoping for more!

I agree, maybe an old message from sunset sparks the name for twilight.

It took all the clone's power not to sigh with relief. If nothing else, she was not going to let them know how terrified she had been in that moment.

Why not? Appeal to compassion would cause them to trust her a bit more.

Mean six demise were sad. Just sad. I wonder where this story will lead dark Twi (Midnight?). What will she do in order to survive? Will she change and become at least a bit friendly? Will she find a way to become more than creature of dark magic? Will she find a place for herself in this way too harmonious world?

Dark Twi is still technically evil at the moment, and she might be trying to keep that impression up for as long as possible.


Seriously, it's really annoying. If you want to have your characters pause try describing it in the narrative rather than the dialogue sometimes.

Or for a more subtle approach, put descriptions of something else in between beats of dialogue, to break up the speech.

Isn't it obvious? They know their friends are capable of this cruelty, so don't question it. We also know from PPOV that the ponies' images of each other are both exaggerated and uncharitable.

finally! someone else other than me called her that

The map calls Twilight and Twilight to Twilight's Castle... :trollestia:

Oh, that would be a fun thing to see!

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