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DTavs exe

It's not much, but it's honest writing.


After what should have been just a late outing to stargaze and probably collect some meteorite samples, a strange device ends up almost wreaking half of Ponyville, but what is it? who sent it? what's its purpose? and why am I dancing to it?

Discover the answer to this and more questions while Twilight and her friends mess around with a human computer with the vast majority of human's musical records, discovering that you don't have to be in the same planet to enjoy the gift of music.

Cover art by Kitkatyj

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This is cool!
Hopefully, as they progress, the songs will become more and more modern.

Well, one thing I didn't want to add on chapter 1, is that the machine is set to shuffle, so the age of the song is not really a factor we can go from present to the 80s to 70s back to the 2010s and then way back to ancient times, is one thing to make things easy for me and not having to write chapters with songs on a certain order.

Hope that doesn't disappoint you, and thanks for being the first to comment on my fic.

need more my friend ps its good

reeely gta refrence i like it more

Yeah I was debating myself if doing the entire burger thing was worth it just for that joke, I regret nothing.

well u made me happy and you are right about u not needing to regret it

Yeah don't worry I'm planning to write about modern songs as well, from a bunch of artists.

Okay... I feel stupid to ask, but what song was this?

Is Starlight (oops sorry I meant Starfire, silly me XD) from Dragonforce,

“It’s ok Applejack, you just need to press the button and let the music box do the rest" Twilight assured her, Applejack just shrugged and pressed the button, a soft piano started playing .

here the different colored text is actually a link to a song in youtube, maybe I should make it more highlighted.

Hey, you guys think I should embed the songs to the chapter instead of just masking a link on the story itself? would that make it easier for you?

I only spoted two:

It was a sunny summer day in Ponyville, Rarity and Spike returned from the fashion show ringing gifts for their friends, they decided to wait for Rainbow Dash return by making a barbecue on the top of the castle, Spike wore his apron and hat while preparing the huge grill and lighted it with his fire.



Or maybe the common sense of the author?

Thats inpossible as you never had any.:scootangel::rainbowlaugh:

Hey thanks fixed it now, kinda hard to write Pinkie, she keeps adding stuff on her own.

Here is a few suggestions for the next time:

Kenny Rogers - The Gambler
Elton John - Can you feel the love tonight!
Nightwish - Storytime
The drunk Scotsman (cirten to get a good laugh)
Photograph - Ed Sheeran
OneRepublic - Counting Stars

Holy crap, you got one that is on my list XD, I won't say which one tho, no worries, I'm sure I can fit the others on here, if not with a full chapter, with part of one.

I will ask for your patience though.

They are just sugestions.
But now I'm courius...hmm

Yeah, well when I begun this story, I was planning 10 songs to be in it already, casually one of your suggestions is on my original list, I'm still not saying which one and I'm sorry to say that it might not be on the next 2 or 3 chapters, I already planned them, but who knows, I might be able to adapt it to fit it between them or who knows, maybe I delay the main story and put it next, I guess you will know next week, hopefully I won't get delayed.

Take your time and dont stress anyting just for me.

Oh, I'm sure there were s few descret samplings of the "local faire".... :trollestia:

Fun fact: I'm actually related to a Madame who ran a brothel in Owensboro, Kentucky back near WW2.

No way really? that's freaking neat, and yeah, more than one of them enjoyed not only the festivities XD

This story is good, my mind that has been possessed by any and all music loves the concept here.

But here’s some constructive criticism before I risk another Airship Mauled, you have tons of punctuation errors. I did get through a fair few chapters on Airship Mauled, so I will continue reading this, but I just wanted to let you know.

They have problems translating English? HA!

Just wait until Vinternoll 2, Antisocial (by Trust), and La Bamba pop up on that thing!

But Spike has already confessed his love in Secrets of my Excess...

Which, by the way, came out in 2002.

What can I say, I loved this chapter, and you automatically gain points for using DragonForce (huge fan), especially the second-best song of Valley of the Damned, and I have a couple things to say about that.

First, did the Mane 6 really try to pick out a deep meaning from a DragonForce song (though, to be fair, it does provide a pretty clear picture of mid evil Earth)? That’s rule one of being a fan, don’t do that (though mainly on their first few albums, the trend really died off with Ultra Beatdown), DragonForce rarely gets deep. Starfire is more sad than deep, Seasons and Silence are the two really deep ones.

Also, Fluttershy likes Starfire? Show her War!, or Through the Fire and Flames, or some of their weird Experimental Prog. stuff off Ultra Beatdown, and watch her quickly stop being a DragonForce fan.

Finally, Starfire tells a fictitious story, to be fair, they don’t really know that. DragonForce always tells fictitious stories, even on some of their deeper songs (with the exception of Silence.)

Anyways... my DragonForce fanboy just unleashed havoc on everything, sorry. Please don’t take most of my rambling seriously.

And that’s how the United States of Equestria were formed.

I laughed at that prostitution bit more than I should’ve.

I also just got some flashbacks to Zebratown by The Wasteland Wailers, nice.

Yeah I tried, the dude who was supposed to proof read this bailed out and haven't gotten anyone to replace him, English is not my main language so I struggle a little bit with punctuation, hopefuly I can find somebody to assist me soon.

Really? I don't really remember, but he was still kinda giddy on The Best Gif, so I'll take it as she didn't actually get it.

GLad you liked it, I'm sure I can fit some more Dragonforce songs in there, I'm not a huge fan but I really like their music.

And to think that I almost decided on a different route for this chapter XD

Thanks I appreciate the offer, but I wouldn't like to impose, I'm sure I can manage on my own for a while, I still have faith in my friend, I just need to push him a little more.

Nightwish is scond best band after Sabaton and Dragonfoce in third place.
And now I know witch band and song i guesed right two chapters ago. Woot!

Yeah, I was kinda surpriced too when you requested it XD, to be honest I was still devating myself between that one or Swanheart, but finally decided for Storytime since it was faster.

Nightwish, I don’t listen to them a lot, but I kind of like Symphonic Metal, so the song was awesome.

Also, I personally think goth Starlight would look awesome.

I know right, one of my favorite bands,

Yeah she was more like a heavy metal fan, but Goth Starlight would be dope.

//Listens to the song//

Observatory music from DQ9 intensifies.

Anyways, I feel sorry that the building got decimated by a fire, too, it’s a very serious fire, and I hope that they’ll still be able to operate.

*turns volume down so can just hear rain taping on the window*
*leans back and enjoy*

Rarijack is going to be a running gag, isn’t it?

I’m fine with this.

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