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I can write decently? I think. But mostly I just lurk around and read about horses, which is, well, what you're doing right now. Also Bon Bon is best pony.


Ocellus has been having some conflicting thoughts on her place at the School of Friendship. She loves her time there, and the friends she's made, but she can't help but wonder if there's anything more to it than just friendship. So she does the sensible thing and asks her guidance councilor.

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Kind of impossible to divorce politics from a international school setting like the friendship school. How ever good political relations between countries is a good thing, and it's not just a one way street not just Equestrian benefits. Look at the other kingdoms involves. Griffonstone, in economic ruin. Seaquestria, rebuilding itself. The Changelings, have to develop culture for the first time and total change of government. Yakyakistan, isolationists and not exactly rich. And The Dragon Lands are barely a country. Equestria is the only confirmed superpower on Equus now. The Storm King basically lead pirates and left small countries destitute. The Deer Kingdom is xenophobic, and Aqustria is in the middle of the ocean.

I definitely like this, nice analysis. And lots of good pieces to use in something longer, if the muse strikes.

I agree with Starlight. Holy shit indeed. I was definitely not expecting that.

Really nice little piece. Everyone felt very in-character.

One little detail I really liked was Ocellus pointing out that Silverstream had an idea of what Twilight told her. I like seeing people play her as more aware than one would think given her bubbly, excitable personality. But I'm also a huge Silverstream fan, so maybe I'm biased :twilightsmile:

Great work!

The deer don't exist in show canon beyond mere animals.

There is the comics, the one where the forest invades i think?, also mentions a capitalistic minitour who want to build an amusement park and captured the deer kings son

You do know that the 'deer' kingdom doesn't really exist in canon. Comics Are considered Non Canon To the series.

Cause half the things go against stuff established in the tv series.

As a minor point of criticism, I find some of the character voice to be a little off. For instance, for a piece that's mostly in-character and suitable for canon, this

“Holy shit,” Starlight said, then immediately slapped her hooves to her mouth.

...fells a little jarring.

That said - and this is coming from a teacher whose whole career was has been spent teaching internationals - this story very accurately portrays an aspect of teaching that isn't widely considered outside the field. Nice job, and have a like!

Its also worth noting what countries were chosen. While as MANY people have pointed out the Deer are non-cannon, the nation states chosen to have students at the school of friendship are all nations that have currently positive ties to Equestria.

We saw no Minotaurs, nor Storm King Hedgehogs, nor the Parrot or Cat people we saw in the movies. Princess Celestia has reached out to those that are either allies of Equestria (Hippogriffs, Changelings, Yaks and likely the Dragons) or those it considers its vassal states (Griffonstone was on the original Cutie Map when it showed only Equestria, and while Twilight does call it a separate kingdom, their is significant question if it is, given that both to its North and South is more Equestria. [Specifically due south of Griffonstone looks like the land where Mistmane lived])

So its kinda clear that Celestia is sending a message to the Hedgehogs, Minotaurs and Klugetown. And given that Twilight was opening this school anyway, its actually an easy message to send for free.

"We give perks to our allies. Fight us, and you will miss out."

I imagine the other nations already have ambassadors to Equestria. Except maybe the Changelings, they seem more like a protectorate of Equestria considring Equestrias influence on their culture and the changelings past leaving them open to outside threats.

The worst Equestria could do without creating a disaster for themselves is... sending the students back home. Thats terrible for the students but no leverage to be used again the whole nations.
The babysitting example can be used too. "Remember how i babaysat for you, give me your house now okay?" wont work no matter what.

Book bug is best student. That is all.

This is lovely.

I also like how Twilight clarifies that knowledge of an action’s benefit does not mean that the benefit must be the motive for the action. Ignorance is not virtue.

And good on Ocellus for getting that.

That was a nice read. I like stories that deal with some more realistic and dark political implications of the show.

Good read. I think it's just about right.

Also there's a bit where it says scare good diplomat, should be scary.


I think it's been said that the comics are canon until contradicted in the show.

But seriously, fuck the deer.


Ocellus is best student.

“But set up the appointment for Thursday. I think better under pressure.”

I love, LOVE, self-aware/mature Twilight. Always knew she had it in her.

So nice job on the character piece!

Comics are B-canon, which means that the show isn't necessarily going to fall them.

I wanted to consider all possibilities from official sources even if they are in different cannons, same reason I mention Seaquestria and Aquastria. Did forget Saddle Arabia, not sure what they are like, Abyssinia is also a known nation and is one of the nations the Storm King ruined. Lastly we have Kludgetown which I assume is an independent city state, but I assume after the Equestrian rail line was extended to Mt Ari's it got a rail road station and there are now Equestria and Seaquestrian troops there to make is a safe stop.
On another note I don't think Celestia was the only leader with political motivations here, the other leaders likely sent student s knowing there would be political ramifications, though something tells me Thorax had it spelled out for him.

To be fair I'm not so sure the movie was entirely cannon so to speak. After all did you see Flurry in it at all? And in the episodes after the adventure, Tempest, the storm creatures, hedgehogs, parrots, and abyssians aren't even mentioned once.

I found a typo

I mean, Celestia was the one who contacted all the other leaders, and she’s scare good at diplomacy.

Did you mean "scary"?

“Twilight, along with all the elements, do truly want to spread friendship as widely as they can,

You mean "does"

I suggest you get a proofreader who's good at catching single words, because these are minor setbacks in an otherwise good story...

Twilight and all the others, thus many ponies, thus "do" is in fact, correct.

Just a random story that popped into my head and I wrote in a couple days. Don't read into it too much; I'm sure it'll crumble under any sort of critical analysis.

Maybe, but that didn't prevent it from getting featured.

Good story!

I'm actually kind of surprised this meeting wasn't Ocellus with Celestia. Maybe Twilight isn't keeping in touch with her mentor quite so much these days as if Twi sent her a message about this question, I'm quite sure Celestia would swoop in to handle it personally or at least to talk to Twilight. She'd at the very least want to be present.

It definitely is frighteningly convenient in canon from a diplomacy standpoint.

Well, like Celestia said in the end of A Star In Yellow.

"With enough subtext, a thing made for a child becomes an entirely different world to an adult."

The writers likely knew what they were putting in, but knew that the "target demographic" would never actually get it until they were well into their adult years, if ever.

...except you know, Silverstream, and Seaquestria, and the mentioning of the Storm King in the last Hearth's Warming Episode, and Chancellor Neighsayer mentioning the invasion and all that stuff.

Seriously, Its cannon. I don't LIKE that its cannon where it is, I think Twilight acted like she would have 2-3 seasons ago during that film, rather then where she is now, but several episodes this season have referenced events that happened in the movie.

You forgot to mention that Tempest was mentioned by name and that Kludgetown, the pirate’s ship, and Mount Eris were shown on the map.

I think it's good that Celestia wasn't there. Because her presence would have made things obviously political. Plus, it's Twilight, not Celly, who is the teacher and mentor of Ocellus and the rest of the Student Six.

I haven’t gotten that far in the show yet... but I certainly like her here. :twilightsmile:

Anyone notice that Season 8 is almost over, yet there hasn't been a single appearance by Cadence, Shining Armor, or Flurry? And by the descriptions, they won'the be in the rest either.

It was so worth it adding them to the opening credits. 😂

This story is also rated E lol (that one line makes it Teen if I'm not mistaken).

They really should, though. The comic's portrayal of them was quite imaginative. They'd be right at home on the show. But, I guess we the fans don't get much say in that, do we? :applejackunsure:

I agree, but deer have appeared in the show, and they're just animals.

From the loaded title, and simplistic description, I thought this was going to be something of a crack story. But this was a pleasant and in-character approach to a complicated topic. You also carried over the way Twilight and Starlight address the students and adolescents in the show. They treat them as different from other characters, but not less.

Small typo: faolsitting

I have to agree. I think it would be more in character for Starlight to merely think that word to herself - she has the self-control.

You should get caught up! I'm surprised you read this story if you haven't... have you even started Season 8?

Headmare Twilight is the highest authority the students have at the moment, as Lurks-No-More said. And while it wasn't directly addressed in the story, the implications are that her situation was very similar to the non-pony students': Sent into a situation that would be hugely important in the end without being told in advance, trained for a potential administrative role, and in the end, becoming a leader and diplomatic for the realm.

Though I think Ocellus has it backwards. Equestria probably intended to strengthen ties to the other nations so they would be in a position to accept help when it's needed. Equestria is the empire in this scenario.

No, almost through season 6 currently. College and a few other things chewed a hole in my viewing. But I’m getting caught up, and I’ve seen a few things here and there out of order. :twilightsmile:

You have my sympathies.

What episode do they appear as mere animals in? I might be forgetting, but I was pretty sure they only appear in the comics at all. In fact, have we seen any pony-like quadrupeds that aren't sentient? Since we've never seen otherwise, the simplest canon assumption is that they all are.

I'm curious why you even felt the need to bring it up. Why butt into an unrelated conversation just to scream that some minor detail might or might not be canon? You're the kind of fan Quibble Pants was a parody of :rainbowwild:


Aye - and absolutely in-line with the show's canon, when you think about it. When the chops are down, shit is about to hit the fan and the world is at stake (well, not so much in this case, but ... you know) - Twilight always pulls through. It's when she has too much free time and gets to spin her wheels in place that you get things like Lesson Zero and the time travel fiasco and so on. That hyperactive mind of hers needs to be fed real and immediate problems to chew on, otherwise it tends to wander off to weird places :rainbowlaugh:

Well there is that one giraffe who, despite having pony like eyes, is just an animal. As for the deer, they've appeared in more than you think: Fake it Til You Make it, Filli Vanilli and Fluttershy Leans In.

As for why I brought it up is because someone else already did.

I'll take a look. Though we've also seen both sentient and non cats and dogs, so even that doesn't make it impossible or even unlikely. We've even seen non-sentient horses once (at least I assume Twilight modeled those mouse-horses in 'The Best Night Ever' after something, otherwise they'd be pony-sized and more like them).
It just seems pointless to harp on the comics like some people insist on doing. like one contradiction makes them completely invalid. I mean not even FiM is 100% internally consistent.
I believe the official stance is that things in the comic are canon to FiM until FiM contradicts them. Of course they're still canon to the comics even if FiM contradicts them, it's just a different canon. Saying otherwise is akin to saying G1 isn't canon anymore because G4 contradicts it. As far as I'm concerned, people can even consider their head-canons true if they aren't contradicted. Just let people enjoy the show how they like.

Hmm... you know, in that sense Twilight is like Pinkie Pie, but more mad-scientist-crazy than, well, Pinkie-crazy.

I really liked this story! :pinkiehappy:

I don't know if I can give justice to how it made me feel, so I won't try. But rest assured, this was a great one-shot with that perfect balance of light-heartedness and seriousness for a story like this. :twilightsmile:

P.S. Congratulations on the feature! :pinkiesmile:

The thing, is, none of the writers (or anyone) working at a high level at Hasbro/DHX/IDW have ever said anything outright about comics canon. They've never said "the comics are canon unless the show contradicts them", or "the comics are B canon and the show is A canon" (like pre-Disney Star Wars and the EU), or anything like that.

All they're willing to say is that the show does not take anything from the comics into account, that the show will never reference anything more important than trivia that happened in the comics, and that no-one from DHX oversees or reviews comic storylines. That's pretty damn close to them saying that the comics are noncanon, though there IS enough wiggle room that it can't be definitively proven to be non-canon.

In comparison, Equestria Girls (which for years had a similar "nothing in the show will reference it" thing going on until Shadow Play) had a direct statement from McCarthy unequivocally saying that it was canon despite that.

Final word, fan faction is by definition not cannon so, what ever sources the author wants to include in fic's own cannon count. If they want to include comic characters and events along with the show cannon elements they can. I personally accept any event in the comics, story books, games and everything else that is not directly countered by the show to be in the same universe. As far as my head cannon goes Celestia has a butler named Kibits, Luna has a pet possum named Tiberius, EQG happened, there is another aquatic kingdom called Aqusatria, equestia has a secret agency called SMILE, Capper is an Abyssinia refugee, and the CMC and starlight Glimmer lead resistance against the Storm King in Ponyville during the movie.

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