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Starlight has to decipher an unsettling photo from Sunburst and asks for assistance.

Now with a YouTube reading by Lotus Moon!

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god FUCKING dammit dude

Looks like vore to me.

Majin Syeekoh

Is it? I’m not sure.

Liked, subscribed, sent pizza rolls to the usual dead drop.

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I will vore you, Syeekoh

Could we get a derpibooru pic number? F-for research, of course! Aheh...:twilightblush:

Is this vore?

Let me see it.

I'm an expert.

I do love how everyone seems to have embraced empathy cocoa as a thing.

Starlight was pretty sure no single being could even make the sounds Ocellus was making with her throat.

The nice thing about being a shapeshifter is that you can give yourself more throats when need be. Of course, that doesn't explain how Pinkie does it, but you're then asking me to explain Pinkie.

In any case, given where Sunburst lives, this isn't new. This is very, very old. And I could definitely see Sombra being into it, especially if stairs were somehow involved.



Syeekoh has officially lost it with this fic

So it is loss.

The best idea in this entire story is that Starlight shouts jumbled slogans when startled.

Implying he had it to begin with. =P

It’s called pornography

I vored your mom.

...wait, that wasn't your mom.

....I vored SOMEONE'S mom!

I'm 100% absolutely positive probably this might possibly be vore.

Heh heh heh heh...

Ha ha ha ha ha...


(Alondro prepares to have 'fun'...) :pinkiecrazy:

And it turns out it was actually endosomaphila.

I think there's a difference?

no you'll find that in a lot of vore

go commit stop living

9048226 I'll bet they're looking at a scene from "Hisone to Masotan".


That show was so... it was... I am of the opinion... I don't actually know what the hell to call it. It was just surreally bizarre in both concept and execution.

You pilot dragons by getting swallowed by them... and they disguise themselves as planes and jets... because they're also apparently shape-shifters to a degree... that eat cell phones... okay, then!

Danmit, Syeekoh.

“You’ll know it when you see it, right?”

Most under appreciated Supreme Court Justice reference in any fic yet.

never seen that show, the concept seems a little bizarre, but interesting nonetheless

Are you surprised? She's the one that probably had to listen to all those "re-education" tapes for her Punishment Cabin back in Our Town.

...................... 10/10 :trollestia:

vore. this is why im hated.... yet i still like it. :derpytongue2:


I'm really wondering what photograph could raise this question. Did Sunburst, like, eat a filly, but only have her head in his mouth at the time?

is there a picture i can look at?

I really shouldn’t have read this while hungry.

Dammit, Syeekoh.

By Luna's Frosty Flanks, that was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Goddammit Syeekoh.

You've got me to say it again. I had such a nice streak not saying it.

You see, you are a man that understands the difference between 'Random' and 'Comedy'. Good on you, bro.

Also, I'm glad you also write a morning coffee-obsessed Starlight. A man after my heart.

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