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Sunset Shimmer does stuff

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Please don’t read this, FanofMostEverything. Instead, consider watching/listening to one of my review blogs and picking something I actually recommend.

I can do both.

Also, if you didn't give Sunset bionic legs, I was going to.

Also also, have an Internet hug.

You have been stopped so you can have a internet hug for creating this masterpiece of a story. Every little detail is worked and polished to perfection, and this is the end result. You worked tirelessly to create this, and through shear sweat and Diet Pepsi (or Coke if that's what floats your boat) this has been established. I bet Shakespeare is kicking himself in his grave right now. For that reason....


Here, have a cider.

Actually stay sober my friend

Edit: I’m being serious

Yikes. I don't know how to feel about this, but maybe take a break if you're feeling this stressed. I hope you feel better. =)

After Sunset Shimmer went poop, she was sure to wash her hands, because jeez, she's not disgusting. I hope you wash your hands after you go poop.

Don't tell me what to do.

I added an author’s note, just for you.

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