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I got my left eye on you!


She shouldn’t have taken that bet. Seventy-six percent of problems usually came from bets and this was one of them. She was a fool to think that she could make the most confident and self-assured person she knew flustered by fricking pick-up lines of all things?

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Rainbow Dash shrugged. “I’m been reading this fanfiction and that’s the last thing I read. I haven’t seen how it ends though, but this is more entertaining.” She waved a hand. “You’ll be fine.”


Hmmm. Embarrass a Twily, make a bet, get her to snag a unicorn-girl. Sounds mad enough to read.

Ri2 #3 · Jul 6th, 2019 · · · Nice. ·

Don't do it! It's not worth it if you have to watch that documentary!

It was very fun to read.
I hope to see more soon.

scitwi is going to die doing this bet isnt she

Love this!

Nice save Twi, that would be a racial slur in bacon horse land.

Twiggles, this is going to be a long, arduous trip, isn't it.

Oh, that was absolutely wonderful. I might have to steal that pickup line rejoinder.

Ri2 #10 · Jul 9th, 2019 · · · Fine. ·

So Midnight was into Timber? Wow, she really IS evil! And has terrible taste.

This reminds me of a Small comic on deviantArt. it was a male Twilight trying to flirt with Sunset.

Said a cheesy line. "Hey Bbe, Did you fall out of Heaven as your a angel." Was giving the two finger gun salute wearing shades looking super dorky.

Sunset was smirking and said. "Your lucky your so cute Babe."

Plot twist: Sunset knew the bet the whole time lolz

this bet is so unfairly uneven

the deck is not just stacked against scitwi she is not even being dealt a full hand

Also the bit with the theory thing. That's kinda been my little crack headcanon for a while because I still find it odd that Twi's struggling with ptsd (?) with Midnight but she found the time to flirt and get a camp romance thing.

Yeah, little wonder that that relationship and its male half are... less that universally accepted. Regardless of whether or not he knew (which he very well may have, given how Twilight was acting), flirting and getting into a relationship with someone who's in an intense state of emotional vulnerability is not a good look.

Also, is there a reason this is lacking the Romance tag? Just asking cause it... it seems like it really should have it

"The set up feels like one scene from my favorite show!"

I would like to understand her reference... But this time I didn't.
Anyway, I must say it is really enjoyable to read this fic.

That was… unexpected.

Well played.

Surprisingly, it was Fluttershy who sighed, pinched the bridge of her nose, before whacking the surprised athlete’s head with a pair of chopsticks and uttered a deadpanned, “ Baka .”

This is so Fluttershy :rainbowlaugh:

sho is scitwis love rival what do they look like

also if this is going to become a takahashi style romance story i will favorite this story 10000X times

The part where she didn’t take her order is remarkably petty. This is going to be interesting.

Stop making much ado about nothing, Twilight. Before this turns into a darker work of the bard.

Funnier if they all head desked.

Dammit Sunny, you just had to ruin the moment…

Comment posted by SkyMilly deleted Jul 31st, 2019

Soooo close

Oh… sweet… Gaia…Poor Sci-Twi is going to have an aneurysm before this is over, isn't she.

Hmm, Cats and Coconuts… I see what you did there.

Comment posted by ElitexCookie deleted Aug 2nd, 2019

Well, that was random, amusing, and insightful into the kinks of our dear Rainbooms. I think Rainbow might want a spanking from a certain blue-haired authority figure. Though to be fair, punk-chick is pretty damn hot. So… yea…that was fun.

"Yeah, she could be tempting when she wants to be you friggin jerk! And, anyone who’s not majorly tempted is too dumb or too oblivious!"

…I see what you did there.

This was so stupid it was awesome

All present raised amused brows when Twilight jolted awake, scrambling and turning around with her hands shakily holding at the hem of her shirt. When there was an apparent lack of a redhead lacking a shirt, Twilight turned and finally glared at the athlete.

Oh my God, she's got it gooood :rainbowlaugh:

“I said, NICE LASS!” Twilight shouted with a blush. “B-Because y-you are so nice a-and you’re a lass. Girl. Female. X chromosome!”


“I believe so, and with the magic of friendship at your side, I doubt anything can stop you from conquering that ass!”

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Oh my, i, I can't. My ribs!


"Howdy y'all!" Twilight greeted, lifting her hat a bit

I cringed so hard I lost my anus and the ability to not squint like Pop-eye.

Also woooooow, that love rival thing was harsh. Poor Two, and goddammit Baka Dash :facehoof:


First off, not a big songfic person BUT DAMMIT YOU USED MY FAVORITE SONG!

Second, FNNNNAAAAA, dang it Sunset, dang it Twi.

Oh my fucking gods. Princess, you are a grade A asshat! And ufhdhsu2jendjjb4jrfirn SUNSET, YOU'RE THE NEW DOPE NOW.

-flips a table-

Thristlight Sprinkles? ...uhhh, insert your own clever pun!

“Sorry, Sunbutt but we prefer you as a good girl now and even though I’m so gonna regret changing our now controversially hot vice-principal back to normal, there’s still a ship we’re waiting to set sail.” Rainbow Dash brought the guitar down, smashing it effectively into smithereens

I'm really feeling Rainbow here.

Also Sunset still a dum dum


“Land’s sakes that’s our vice principal for crying out loud!” She turned to the fashion designer. “Rares back me- oh for the love of-

What was Rarity doing?

You're a madman, you know that right? Mind you, that's a plus in my book, so please, keep it up.

(For the record, I'm only slightly more of a SciSet shipper, but SunLight is so close you'd need to measure at femtometers to notice the lead)

Principal Celestia, coming from the sea of human shippers wearing a SciSet shirt, raised both fists in the air along with a shrill “I want pure human grandkids!”

Principal Celestia you will have crossbreed grandkids! But hey I really enjoy this chapter.


This is so stupid...I love it

...i wouldn't mind going to this school.

Beside the dumbstruck scientist, arrived one Flash Sentry who then took one look at his surroundings and shook his head in exasperation before he groaned out, “Is no one going to mention the fact that I’m currently dating the princess you’re shipping my ex with?”

"Of course not, we only ship people with a personality; get back in the background, what's-his-entire-being!"


“Because we’re in a shipping war!!!” Derpy cried out, waving her flag frantically but with a smile.

Why do I get the impression that Derpy got confused about what kind of shipping this was and is holding up a flag with the logo of the delivery company she works part-time for on it?

while this was funny i feel the story has lost focus

Poor Flash :rainbowlaugh:

Man, he takes rejection like a champ now!

Also holy poops is this school..... Still running somehow?

Well, technically I am Sciset team, but to be honest the ones that better represents me are Rainbow and Applejack.
"No class? Fighting your way out a sea of people without consequences? Hold my coffee!"

Wtflol, this was kinda unexpected.


“Is no one going to mention the fact that I’m currently dating the princess you’re shipping my ex with?”

Flash, denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

Oh, how I needed this zaniness! :pinkiecrazy: Also, slightly depressed things like this never happened in my high school years. :pinkiesad2:

Rainbow Dash shrugged. “I’m been reading this fanfiction and that’s the last thing I read. I haven’t seen how it ends though, but this is more entertaining.” She waved a hand. “You’ll be fine.”
Cease this blasphemy!

That's Pinkie's job (one of many apparently)
(Also why must Sci-Twi be so easy to manipulate? I thought she was smarter than this. Like seriously smarter than this, so smart she built a radar for a force that hasn't even been 'officially' discovered yet.)

........*insert comic brain malfunction noise here*........

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