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Twilight walks into Quills and Sofas to find out, to her surprise, that Chrysalis works there.

Art made by Kamikakushi!

Now with a silky smooth Youtube reading by Wayart Narration!

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I see no way that this can possibly go wrong.

...And whaddaya know, I was right.

Comment posted by HowMuchWood deleted Dec 28th, 2014

Another Syeekoh-fic? Me likey! :pinkiecrazy:

Loved this story by the way

Majin Syeekoh

5434053 I figured that would be the best way to explain why she wasn't present for the events.

Oops, deleted it on accident. Thought I was on another page.

A bet? AHAHAHA! That's one way to do it!

I sell sofas and sofa accessories.

I could see this working as a full length story. :)

Oh god this is nuts. :D I love it.

Damn you this had way bigger potential than just those pitful 1k words uuuhhhhh

Could be the next contribution of the
"This awkward moment" - meme...


One of these days, someone is going to give me one new headcanon too many and my freakin head will explode from all the fucking canons

Why don't they ever have quills?

Twilight returned to the crystal castle of doom
'Spike?" she called out.:twilightblush:
"Wa sup?":moustache:
"Why was the Changling Queen selling a stain resistant lounge to Rarity?":twilightangry2:
"Oh Snap!":moustache::twilightoops::raritystarry::pinkiegasp:"What lounge?":twilightoops:

That went wrong in the right way. :rainbowlaugh: Loved it all, I'd want Chryssy to work in Donut Joe's shop next.

Celestia will look up at the mares in the moon "A bet indeed"

Rarity is totally nonplussed.:raritywink:

That's what you get for being a recluse, purplesmart!:twilightsheepish:

bravo bravo 10 out of 10 :trollestia: keep up the good work or this will be you

p.s. I found this really funny like this video!

Oh gosh. Why am I reading another story by you again? I don't know if my mind can handle it's random glory.

Okay, I read it. 'Twas hilarious. And what do you know, I didn't lose my mind... :pinkiecrazy:

Ah, bureaucracy...

I...was actually expecting that to start turning into the cheese shop sketch with writing implements, but that's been done before.

LOL :rainbowlaugh:LOVE IT:raritystarry: you should think about a sequel where twilight tells Celestia about Chrysalis working at Quills and Sofas and that she only tried invade Canterlot was because bet between Chrysalis and Luna. I would love to see how Celestia would take it and see how she would do to Luna and Chrysalis since she got hurt in front of pones. :pinkiegasp: and then after that story a sequel to go after that story where Celestia tells cadence what Twilight told her and see how that would go like may be first she goes to twilight to ask her if what Celestia said was true then it goes on from there i wounder what cadence would do to Luna and Chrysalis:rainbowhuh:. oh then after that another sequel to go after that story where cadence tells shining armor about what Celestia and twilight told her and he then goes to the 2 first to see if it is true and goes from there but cadence goes with him because she douse not want a repeat of there wedding if her goes near Chrysalis. :pinkiesmile: then one more sequel to go after that story where Luna goes to Quills and Sofas to talk to Chrysalis about what happen to them with Celestia, Cadence, and shining armor which then the story end or this could go in the middle i don't know where twilight comes in because it was finally that Monday where Chrysalis told her when the quills or you coud put all the sequel idles all togather in one big story:pinkiehappy:...:twilightoops: opes i maybe went a little to far didn't i :twilightblush: it just i really liked this story and i think that this story could go even farther and after i started to think that this story could go farther i kinda went over bored again sorry :twilightsheepish: hope you have a grat day:twilightsmile:

This is delightfully silly and lighthearted.
I love it.:pinkiehappy:

not bad but it needs a sequel, that chapter alone isn´t enough, but it was really not bad.

Ya, I can see that happening.

I read the title, and I was like:

Read the story, was like:

Finished reading, was like:

All in all, a good read, but I agree with 5434288 and 5434079 , too much potential for only one chapter

Huh. That was a pretty good story! You've earned a like and fav!

Chrysalis blushed a shade of champagne. “It was actually a bet between me and Luna.”Twilight blinked. “The invasion… was a bet?”


"I'm telling you Chrssy! I was this close to ruling Equestria! This close!" The lunar alicorn motioned together with her fore hooves, which you had to admit, were pretty damn close.

"Mhmm" Chrysalis nodded in mock understanding. Luna undeterred, continued. "I'm telling you, I already had Celestia beaten, Eternal night just started and then bam! She hits me with the elements and boom. Moon" The lunar alicorn grumbled under her breath, " Elements are so OP"

"Really Luna? You practically had won and you overlooked the one thing that could beat you?" Chrysalis asked, not realizing the massive irony her statement would have.

The alicorn glared at the changling. " I suppose you could do better?"

"Please, Equestria would be in my hooves on day one " the changling mocked.

Luna's frown deepened, before smiling like the biggest Cheshire Cat in the universe. "Chrssy? Are you a fan of bets?"

...and that's why Luna wasn't at the wedding.

I find it hard to believe my beautiful queen would be so reclusive that she would not have noticed Chrysalis working in her town. But I lost myself in the hilarity of the story. I believe that they are always out of quills because city hall buys them by the gross.



Say what you will, Chrysalis is adorable. ^^

This story... is absolutely hysterical! :rainbowlaugh:

Good job!

I found this hysterical! Good job mon'!

Genius. Pure . Bucking. GENIUS!!!!!!!!! /CanterLock :coolphoto:

I'd almost ask for a follow-up, but how do you follow that without messing up the simplicity?

And now I need to follow you because it seems that you can pump out a great story without even putting much effort in it. Just, *slow claps.*



So... when do we find out that the three panicky, fainting at the drop of a bunny, flower ponies are really the sirens from Rainbow Rocks? :rainbowlaugh:

(Bunnies are vicious little blighters you know)

the invasion of canterlot, a one millong bits bet.

i like the idea more than what i should.

Oh the laughs.

When twilight saw chrysalis I was like


Prequel needed! I must know about this 1 million bit bet! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: Awesome story!

Twilight blinked. “The invasion… was a bet?”

“Don’t remind me—I lost a million bits over that,” Chrysalis said while glowering.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: That was hilarious!

This here, my good friend, is simply awesome. And hilarious! I seriously enjoyed this more than humanly possible! A like and favorite for you sir! (Or ma'am) :pinkiehappy:

5434143 Well, those are probably much cheaper to sell than sofas...

For the record, this story? Hilarious. I love it. :raritystarry:

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A few months later, Chrysalis moved in with Twilight. Then a pink fluffy pony called Fluffle Puff.

The rest you know.

-SYA, The Horse

It was a bet?!??! I didn't see that coming!

If she wants to make some real coin, she should offer to turn into an idealized version of Flash Sentry who's game for anything.

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