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In a miscommunication gone awry, Starlight Glimmer has killed Twilight Sparkle with a fork.

Luckily for Twilight, Starlight's already acquired a resumé in doing the impossible.

She's totally got this.

Coverart created by Lord Destrustor!

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10/10 would read again

I enjoyed reading this in the writeoffs, and I enjoyed reading it again.

Before reading, is this like Voidchicken's story about undead Rainbow Dash?

7862452 I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

7862455 Nope.

Twilight Sparkle is 100%, lying on the ground, immobile, not-alive dead.

Man, I kinda want to read Starlight's battle into Elysium now. I'm pretty satisfied with what I got though, this was a great read! :pinkiehappy:

This was good. :twilightsmile:

7862473 You know, I thought about adding it, but I feared it would detract from the rhythm of the story. I have ideas for a side story involving that, but I'm horrible at follow-through so I can't promise anything. Glad you liked it, though!

7862481 Thank you.:twilightsmile:

Goddamnit, Syeekoh.

That was epically brilliant :derpytongue2: I loved it !

7862525 Thank you. I appreciate that.:twilightsmile:

7862535 I already told you you'll be the first to know when I write a Granny Smith story.:ajbemused:

I don't...what did I just read?

7862542 This story.

You read this story.

Hilarious. I like how you keep Starlight true-to-life, a magical prodigy who's also screwed up in many ways that Twilight isn't.

You even made sure to make it right before the events of No Second Prances, so the table hasn't been fixed yet, so Starlight can't just go back in time and fix things either!

A beautiful story only you could ever conceive.

"Not-alive dead" is the worst kind of dead.

7862547 Yeah, writing Starlight in this story was great.

And the very idea of this story was predicated upon "what if Twilight wasn't fast enough during Starlight's silverware barrage?".

7862555 You wouldn't have it any other way.:rainbowkiss:

7862565 I'd have to agree with that sentiment.

*insert unimpressed Starlight emoji here*

Just knew it was gonna be one of those Syeekoh Specials.

7862603 I aim to please.:ajsmug:

7862597 I'm afraid that I'm unclear on the intent behind your post. Would you like to elaborate?:twilightblush:

That's all. I just wish there were Starlight emojis. This story was amazingly ridiculous as always:twilightsmile:

7862619 Yeah, we could use some updated emojis.

Thank you, as always.:twilightsmile:

“You cannot fix death with science.”

In a way, Celestia was right, but I dare say she knows at least three ponies, two of which were former students, who would quibble on this point. She sure knows how to pick 'em.

Loved the characterization on everyone on this, especially Starlight.

7862643 I'm sure they'd argue until they were blue in the face, yeah.

And this story was so much fun to write it literally flew off the page. The only speed bump I hit was looking up the name for the relish fork because I figured that other characters would know what it was called even if Starlight didn't.

That was funny. I approve!

7862651 Well, I approve of your approval.

Okay...that happened.

This was fourth place out of 18 in my Writeoff voting, and it's just as good here. :twilightsmile:

Oh yeah… um… tell her to meet us in the library. Now go do something fun. I know how icky dead bodies are.

Well this makes perfect sense; any would be utopia generally has bodies buried in the foundations and those creepy smiles in Our Town imply her number might be above average :trixieshiftright: :trollestia:

7862637 if we're getting new emojis, there had better be some for Sunset too! I wouldn't be surprised if they're already being made either, considering we just got something of an expansion in the form of all those new character tags.

Maybe someone should ask Knighty about it.

They just woke her up inside! :pinkiegasp:

7862700 Stop, you're making me blush.:twilightblush:

7862706 Shit, I didn't even think of it like that, although it makes a surprising amount of sense.:rainbowderp:

7862718 Your best bet would probably be to poke the userscript guys into making Starlight emojis; knighty's tired from the recent character tag updates.

Best short story you've written yet, and you have a handful of very strong ones to stack up against it. Thank you so much.

It all came together in the middle when Starlight concedes failure is _possible_. And when you refrained from having Luna jump in to help Starlight keep the sun from rising :trixieshiftright: See, this is the sort of maximum feels from the least words type of approach that is extremely hard to pull off reliably. I am impressed at the ongoing advancements in your ability and very glad you share them with us.

I am curious though...did you model Starlight partially on Dr. Who, or what episode(s) inspired you to interpret her thus? (A reasonable as well as entertaining interpretation, imo)

7862740 Thank you. You're too kind.

As for your questions, I tried my best to base Starlight off of Starlight, if that makes sense. And pretty much every episode she was in inspired this characterization of her as someone who chooses the most convoluted ass-backwards solutions that seem perfectly sensible in her head because she has the ability to pull them off. Her solutions to roadblocks in her path are extremely simple from a certain point of view, and I'd like to think I captured that effectively.

Y'know, coming up on the end, I was really expecting Twilight to groggily look around and something like this to happen:

TS: "You just resurrected me after a whole night of magic?"
SG: "Yes! Amazing what magic can do, right?"
PC: "And I helped."
SG: "And yes, Princess Funnypants helped."
TS: *facehoof* "Why didn't you just use an electric shock to restart my heart as soon as you'd finished regenerating the damage to my cortex?"
SG and PC: *blink incredulously*
TS: "What? Rainbow's had to do it for me two times now. It's really simple and it works so well for curing minor cases of death."
SG and PC: *gape even harder*

7862786 Oh my god that would have been amazing,:rainbowlaugh:

7862518 At this point, I almost only read Syeekoh's stories to make sure someone comments this.

7862808 That's my favorite part, too.

I really want to see a story about storming the gates of heaven.

7862843 I would, too.

I can't promise anything in good faith, though.

7862870 Looks interesting.

I'll have to check it out sometime.

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