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A pony of mystery in the darkness. Or I forgot to take the lens cap off. (They/them is fine.)


Twilight accidentally turned her parents into houseplants, back when she was a filly.

Some ponies are never able to change their parents back.

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I'm often surprised how authors seemingly pull out silly yet excellent ideas from their heads and then pull off writing a well-organized story with it. Good job!

Would explain Tourchlight's obsession with his Pumky-Wumpky kind hard to have proper relationship with your wife when she's a potted plant.
Twilight's next projects are clear. A spell to detect books with somepony in them and co-project with Changelings on a universal transformation reversal spell

Intriguing idea, makes a lot of sense. But way too much dialog. It feels like a script rather than a story.

This is amazing

Funny? Yes. Utterly stupid and not at all what's going on in the show? Very much so. Have a like anyway.

This is a glorious string of hilarious headcanons in the guise of a narrative.

Well okay then...

Twilight glared at Celestia. "Wait a minute!" she shouted. "You're pranking me! Starlight Glimmer went to visit her parents just last year. She sent me a letter and a photo!"

Celestia explained sadly, "Her father divorced her original mother and remarried. So the ponies she visited were her father and her stepmother."

You do realize in the show that Starlight's Farther appears to be single with no sign of a step mother?

Twilight mumbled, "A lot, I guess. But it's still crazy. Are we all crazy? Am I crazy?"

In a word? Yes.

Great little head-canon you've got going here. Good Work.

Warning: the following is very silly. :pinkiehappy:

I could guess, if Starlight sent Twilight a photo from her hometown visit, it probably had Starlight's father and Sunburst's mother in it. Twilight might have assumed that Sunburst's mother was Starlight's mother. Starlight really doesn't like explaining her family situation, so she'd just let Twilight keep thinking that. (Starlight also wouldn't have wanted to explain the pumpkin vine in the background was her father's mistress or common-law wife, as Xanderfox seems to have figured out.)

Either that, or I have a few too many levels of coverup here. :twilightblush: Looks like you are able to handle the truth.

I'd like to thank you all for commenting. Reading different people's reactions to a story can be a big help to me when I think about how to write next time! :twilightsmile:

This is also called: the author didn't even think about this, or refused to, and was hoping nopony called them out on it.

Far more likely.


Realistically, in this case I was connecting my story to a lot of different in-show events and characters. When reviewing some in-show events and facts, I didn't properly review some of the evidences of Starlight's documented parent situation.

My previous comment about the discrepancy was intended to be, as labeled, very silly. :scootangel:


Either that, or I have a few too many levels of coverup here.

Layers upon Layers... And you know what that means!

We need to go deeper. :pinkiecrazy:

Author Interviewer

I rather wish you'd stayed more focused on the principle idea here, instead of going off on so many tangents. I mean, this could have stopped about halfway through.

That said, just reading the description made me laugh. I want to know what specifically in that other story inspired this. :)

I wish there was more to it, because this caught my eye by its very concept. Still, I liked it :twilightsmile:

What's the point about halfway through where you thought this story could have stopped?

"I'm sorry there was too much dialog," Mockingbirb intoned sorrowfully. "Maybe I can write a different story without any dialog at all, and then on average I can be a better writer, even if each individual story is still bad."
EDIT: Fixed my typo.


I want to know what specifically in that other story inspired this. :)

From my perspective, Pineta's entire story implies the existence of the question that it seems to me to be answering. "Isn't hatching a dragon's egg a rather ridiculous entrance exam exercise for a litle filly, and what state of affairs could possibly explain it?" I simply posited a rather different answer to the question.

Author Interviewer

Ah, well that makes sense.

And it wasn't a particular event, just that there are so many tangents, the joke felt stretched thin. This might have had a stronger impact at a thousand words instead.

.... *smacks lips loudly.*
well then.

Question is why Starlight didn't asked Discord for help. Or why our Royal Purple Bookiness didn't try to research the problem :P

Vscootalpo chicken joke made me facepalm. Well in the casual eye roll way

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