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We’ve got dents and we’ve got quirks, but it’s our flaws that make us work.


This story is a sequel to Chrysalis Works at Quills and Sofas

Luster Dawn finds out, much to her consternation, that Chrysalis works at Quills and Sofas.

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The first Luster Dawn story, congrats.

Ok... Sure. Why not.
'Tis amusing.

The first Dawn story, perhaps, but not the first Lunchtime one!

EThe Rise of Lunchtime Luster
Princess Lunchtime Luster, the Princess of the early afternoon, is tired of being neglected.
Twinkletail · 5.2k words  ·  68  1 · 896 views

Well how about that, a continuation.


And there's a tag and everything!

“I’m new here, and I don’t know that many creatures yet, so I was wondering if we could be friends—”

“I don’t do pastel.”

Indeed. She only does red and black. :twilightoops:

Just because one story ends doesn’t mean others don’t continue.

Keep doing what you love.

Preach it, brother! :pinkiehappy:

the lost sequel finally comes back to us

And I loved how Chrysallis refers to her fellow statue mate. Classic.

I will make sure you end up worse that Fizzlepop Berrytwist!

Should be "than"

I want to see this story become multi-chapter, with Luster slowly succeeding where Twilight and Starlight failed.

This was exactly what it needed to be. God bless you, Syeekoh.

Majin Syeekoh

That’s why it took 4 years for this sequel to come out.

Since no-one has done it yet, I declare "Goddammit Syeekoh" (that's how it works, right...?)
Seriously though, good stuff. If this and the few other post show fics I've seen are any indication... it looks like ponyfic will be just fine.

Just for the first use of Luster's newly made tag, this is cool.

Nah, we only goddamn when he earns that level of whatefuckery. This was actually level headed, funny and rather sweet at the end, so no goddamn earned.

It does get a like though, this is a nice first story for Twiggles 2.0, I'd say. A dignified entry in the Syeekoh 'verse, one could say :derpytongue2:

Chrysalis laughed. “You’ve got a vivid imagination.” She leaned over the counter and Luster snapped her whole body back about five feet. “I’m here on work release because Davenport can’t run the store without me. I get turned back to stone every night after my shift.”

I was honestly expecting the explanation to be video game logic-like; she appears outside the statue, but only when noone tries to look at both her, and the statue at the same time. Else she always appears as a statue. This works though.

More like Twiggles 6.0 or thereabouts. (Spellcheck says that last one is still a word and I'm not going to argue)

"I also get a year off from my sentence for every six months I work without trying to escape or do evil while working. Admittedly, since my sentence is being turned to stone 'till the end of time', I'm not sure I'm making meaningful progress."

Thank you for this.

Majin Syeekoh

You’re welcome.

Well certainly not with that attitude.


You'll be free in about, 4000 moons.
You're punishment is only 12000 moons after all.
Trek, given this is the 3rd strike, is infinite.
Cozy Glow, she got 12000000 moons.
I think you got off easy, wouldn't you say.

I like this ending better than the canon one, not going to lie.

Chrysalis laughed. “You’ve got a vivid imagination.” She leaned over the counter and Luster snapped her whole body back about five feet. “I’m here on work release because Davenport can’t run the store without me. I get turned back to stone every night after my shift.”

I love this, it fits so well with canon.

You should write the next season.

A new beginning. Now who will be the first to do a clopfic and the first to Rule 34 her?

That is a brilliant idea. And it would fit in-universe better than the canon ending.

Now we just need someone to hire Cozy Glow. If you could keep her from stabbing Twilight in the back, she'd be a great advisor. Or a lawyer.

At least Chrissy has options. Fun job!:pinkiehappy:


A new beginning. Now who will be the first to do a clopfic and the first to Rule 34 her?

Looking at R E D A C T E D Counting down in 5...4...3...2... :trollestia:

(or should that be "clopping down"?) :facehoof:

No, what you do is give her to Luna to babysit.

I wouldn’t wish that on Luna. Now Discord on the other hoof? He has some punishment in order, and what better way to punish him than making him help cozy glow not grow up to be an irredeemable twat?

(I know that a lot of people would use the term sociopath instead of twat, but I have good friends who are sociopaths and still good people because they recognize they should be good people on a logical level even if they have trouble feeling empathy.)


She really is the least dangerous one out of the three, let's be honest here.

Majin Syeekoh

Everyone's less dangerous when they have a job to keep down.

to be honest only Tirek is genuinely dangerous and only in the sense that everybody doesn't just use a blunt object like a brick to the face when he starts out.

Cozy Glow reaaaaaallly needed to be dealt with in a much better way, like give her to glimglop for an afternoon of mind wiping

The main canon is complete. Long live B canon, long live fanfiction, and long live Pony!

Good old enlightened self-interest; there's a limit to how evil you can be before people go out of their way to stop you, and it's higher than people claim but it's still there.

So... what did happen to Tempest, anyway?

In any case, fantastic sequel, more than worthy of the original's legacy. I do appreciate the implication that Cozy Glow is too dangerous to let out for any reason.


I was going to vividly disagree with you, on account of the pro-Cozy Glowites out there being just as bad as the insipid "Nightmare Moon did nothing wrong" crew.

But then you handed her over to Storklight Gloamer for mental reassignment. Bravo, good horse.

Just FYI, I haven’t seen the finale yet. If you just spoiled the fate of the Legion of Doom, I will have words.


Luster nodded as Starlight Glimmer, headmare of the Twilight Sparkle Unified Royal International Academy of Friendship, Diplomacy, and Advanced Education-- someday they were going to have to do something about the name-- accepted the small parcel of quills. "Happy to help. I suppose you are terribly busy here, no time to do some basic errands..."

"True. Although that's not why I asked you to pick up the quills."

The Student of Twilight blinked. "Oh?"

"No." Starlight turned to her desk, and fumbled about a few papers, with a slightly uncomfortable expression. "I.. don't get along with Chrysalis very well."

"Oh... harsh words, and the like?"

"Actually, it's more if she sees me she goes berserk, attacks me, I kind of, well, get a bit snarkier than usual, parts of the town go boom... that sort of thing. So, I avoid that shop."

"... what."

"We... have a history. And she's not one to let go. It usually ends with explosions. At least, that's what they tell me."

Silence. And then, "What... they tell you?"

"I've never actually seen one myself. According to everypony, they happen after I start walking away, always behind me... that sort of thing."

"This town is... odd."

"You get used to it."

“You’re using meme warfare.”

“Meme war—” Chrysalis lurched over the counter, causing Luster to reel, then slowly pulled back and chuckled. “Okay, now I really want to hear this.”

“What you’re doing is,” Luster started as she pointed at Chrysalis, “is lying low, working this dead-end job, being jocular with creatures. But for what?” Luster tapped the side of her head. “You’re trying to get their guard down for when you finally strike. See, what you’ll do after a few years of building and maintaining friendships, learning the details and ins-and-outs of everyone’s likes, and then!”

Alondro eye-narrows and then quickly messages 4chan, "We've got a turd in the punchbowl. I repeat, we've got a turd in the punchbowl..."

Luster is then confused for an alien wizard whose mighty spell was forcing rich men to cheat on their wives, and summarily shot 5,000 times by a bunch of Army dudes.

FEAR THE MEMES!! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, that's also a good idea.

Hell, I sometimes have trouble with empathy.

Why do you think that is? If you’d like I can try to help you explore that. I’m no substitute for a professional trained therapist, but I do like to help people and I am thinking about going into therapy.

I've been to therapy. It helped when I was suffering depression. In general, I have antisocial/misanthropic tendencies. I like certain people, but people in general? Ehh, not always a fan. So when someone I know has a loss I can come off as "Uhh, what do I do/say here?"

For some reason, I keep misreading Luster Dawn's name as "Luster Purge". I have to remind myself that she isn't Latios. ()^_^

I agree with that last part, in that they left us all of their great -isms.

Luna I think is better for two reasons. One she wont take no guff. Second is she will paddle her bottom if warranted. Discord might wander off if he got bored.

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