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proofreaders? · 9:44am Nov 4th, 2019

So I've got this mlp horror fic here, Winter House. I think it's horror, anyway. I need pre-readers, or like at least one, someone who doesn't mind reading a rough draft. Catch some typos, maybe tell me if the pacing is weird (I think it might be but I can never tell, especially for a genre I have next to no experience with), and also help out with the tags. Right now I'm thinking: Horror, Death, Dark, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, OC. But I'm wondering if the Death and Dark tags really

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Don't sell yourself short my friend, i liked your story. It shows compassion for those gone ahead, look forward to seeing more of the same. Thanks for writing and sharing.

Appreciate the encouragement! I'm toying with some things, but still trying to decide if it's worth it.

You left an eloquent comment and have good opinions on fanfic sharing. Here's a follow on the off chance you find your muse again!

*rubs hands together* I have a plan! I'll let you know when I got details!


And I wanted to see the protagonist finally going on a date.

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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