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Luna, retired, receives a letter from Poppy, an art prodigy with terrible nightmares. She agrees to help.

Tonight, Poppy will discover there is Nothing to be afraid of.

Edited by Sky_Paladin.

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How could I possibly complain? Thanks for the kind words.

FM #2 · Oct 11th, 2020 · · ·

This fic slaps! Characters are fun and interesting, pacing is just as brisk as it needs to be, and that spicy finish - great stuff.

One of the best Lunas and Twilight is great for 2 seconds. Poppy is also cool. I really like essentially every single bit of this. Just outstanding work

Luna roared, distended her jaw and chewed the dream to shreds.

Mmmm, delicious nightmares. Om nom nom.

going through your fics, this has got to be my favorite of the bunch. your prose is amazing and evocative, and it makes the horror pop all the more. the best way i can describe this writing is "minimalist", it's tight, nothing feels bloated and no sentence feels like padding. of course, luna's characterization takes center stage and i continue to love how you've written her. 11/10 dashies

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