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This story is a sequel to Beyond My Grave

With everything calm down and peaceful, Luna is now trying to keep her powers under control. While Spike tries to learn more about the supernatural, Luna and Discord try to move on with their lives. However, they soon find out that their story is just beginning.

It starts off when Celestia plans a week trip to visit Shining Armor and Princess Cadence after Cadence starts experiencing some depression. Celestia brings Luna along in hopes to get her and Cadance to know each other better. And in hopes to please Celestia and Cadence, Luna buys Flurry Heart an old antique toy. Not knowing that the toy originally belonged to a young dead mother looking for her lost daughter.

Warning: Some scenes may be too graphic for some readers

Editor(s): ShadowStarEX and TheMysteryMuffin and Shimmer Bolt

Cover: made by CrimsonRose97

Side note: Also, I would like to point out with the coming of the end of the series, I made a quick decision. That decision is that the first book takes place towards the end of season 7 and the second book takes place at the beginning of season 8. That's all.

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The story counties

"continues". Also, this is a terrible short description. What story is continuing? Why should we care? Actually give a small, sentence or two length synopsis as to what the story is about.

I know it is. This is for the readers who read the first one. I'm going to change it after I post the last chapter of that one. So you don't need to worry about it.:twilightsmile:

I'm not reading this until you post the last chapter. Or else it will ruin it for me

Good thing I just posted it not too long ago.:rainbowlaugh:

😐don't test my patience😑

some of this could've been avoided if Luna told cadance, learn from the past or make the same mistakes in the present/future. Even Discord was able to figure out this moral, now Cadance is semi-processed if that scene of that ghost mare vomiting in her mouth means anything.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Well, with the mare I guess I picture like a lighter smooth gentle voice

Yes but that will be more explained in like 2 chapters.

Thank you and that has been something I been debating for a while. I want too but at this point, it's too clear that Discord is in love with Fluttershy.

nice power up spike.

nice team work from Discord and Spike, can't wait to see how this all ties together cause other than obvious deal with the demon I have no idead how any of this relates to a ghost and her being hellbent on taking flurry_heart from cadance.

Is it not too late to call the ghost busters, I'm pretty sure its something strange in this neighborhood.

lately I've been making ghost buster puns for some reason.

Don't worry. I have the third book already done. It will come out after this one is done

what background music would you suggest listening to while reading the finale is being read when you get done writing it.

Also can't wait to see how they spin this around to those that can't see that cadance has been processed. From an outsider's perspective it seems like their abducting flurry_heart.

Let me get back to you on that one. LOL:rainbowlaugh:

Liked the fact that Big mac instantly knew enough to not ask about the situation and agreed to help his bros.

Spike the fledgling ghost hunter with his knowledge managed to come in clutch again with capturing and sedating processed Cadance.

Also might want to check Flurry_heart, if she's not calmed by best princess Luna hugging her then she might not be on the level or under some type of trance.

going to be one awkward ride home, well at least they can look on the bright side no one died and got an awesome ghost fight.

For a song I would say, “Monster” by Gabbie Hanna

is that foreshadowing in the last two chapters this is possibly going to be a trilogy?

its going to take me a few readings of the epilogue due to the named characters I've never heard of except for Eris who I assume has some relationship with Discord to fully understand or even try to piece together what's going on.

My current working hypnosis is that one of them is a oracle who predicted Luna's fall into nightmare_moon and one of them probably Shader is some supernatural entity that wants Luna like all shadowy demonic things tend to do. Some stuff I still can't make out, but it seems they're testing Luna for some purpose along with making her stronger than Selene who I assume was her mother or relative.

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