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Rarity comes with Pinkie Pie to her late aunt and uncle's house to help clean. It's a lovely place, except for the otherworldly monsters with questionable taste in music.

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A dark, cute, well-written story with strong character voices throughout, especially the exchange at the end, which had me laughing. There's loving detail in the succinct descriptions that make the story come alive. Simply delightful. You and your stories need more attention, because it's deserved.

Whoa, I thought all my comment sections were dead. I've been telling myself my prose leaves readers mute with awe, but I prefer comments, actually.

In the months where I was writing Nothings, I was thinking about what I'd do with Multitudes. By the time I finished Nothings, I had most of this one in my head and it took less than a week to put together. I love when they're easy.

The Nothings is the story that clued me into your existence, actually, and I absolutely loved it. I'm going to re-read it soonish so I can leave a proper comment for it later. It was a lot to take in (one could call that close to awe—I remember the feelings it gave me more strongly than the specifics of the story) and merits a re-reading on its own accord. And read your other stories, of course.

Personally, I've struggled with writing and only recently felt anything I've written felt fit for publishing. I hope both to experience writing a story that comes out easy and more of your stories in the near future.

I'm not equipped to read mature stories or I'd leave a comment on yours, but good luck on the writing. This hobby is hard as nails. It's worth it, though. Keep hammering away at it.

This is really great, and Rarity really is such an excellent friend. So what are these things anyway?

That’s literally the exact type of mop my ponytail I wear to conventions is made out of. I spray painted it blue and green because that’s my OCs tail colors.

Rock that mop, breh

What did I just read?

Once upon a time there was a bag that could love, because it was full of large spiders.

I really wish this had more love. and may be a little bit of an indulgent epilogue or a sequel where the rest of the gang learns about pinkie

Also I still think this doesn’t deserve the dark tag.

I figured the dead kid is a bit much, and if not, it's not that big a deal if a marginal case comes with a quick little content warning anyway. Who knows, maybe it'll matter.

If I could think of an interesting epilogue I might write it, but I kinda feel like it would be more of the same? I don't know, five quick pieces of flash fiction could be fun.

I appreciate the appreciation though. I like this fic too. But in fairness, this site is so dead that there aren't a whole lot of viewers to view it in the first place.

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