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Black Lives Matter, this isn't hard


This story is a sequel to She Contains Multitudes

A hivemind of sapient zooplankton is having a bad day. Pinkie Pie and Celestia, despite their efforts, are part of the problem.

You should probably read the prequel.
Proofread by Sky_Paladin and Milk and Honey.

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This is the greatest story I've ever read

Step 1) Jump onto beach to get food
Step 2) Uum..... belly full?

People appear to actually be clicking on this fic for whatever reason, so I'm assuming it's related to your suggestions on the description and cover art. Turritella fossils were a good lead.

Yeah, on reflection, Celestia is being a little unfair here. It works fine for the Kool-Aid Man.

"Meet Luster Dawn."

Oh nooooo

Great story!

I adore this as well. What a talented author. All theses stories and not a single one is a miss

This is fun. I agree with your note that making Lil Cheese another hive mind would be too repetitive. Honestly a sequel where Cheese Sandwich is a “normal,” pony and Lil Cheese is adopted would be fun. Have this Pinkie deal with the trials of motherhood in her own unique way.

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