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Dagoth Ur ended up in Equestria, he doesn't know why or how, and now he has to learn friendship lessons with Twilight Sparkle, but instead of sending friendship reports to Princess Celestia, he has been sending them to Indoril Nerevar.

WARNING: The canon events that occur in this fic are not in order

Dagoth Ur AI readings

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Morrowind crossover? What a grand and intoxicating innocence.

There were some grammar mistakes here and there, another round of proofreading should get rid of those
Otherwise, please continue (Dagoth Ur, the building)

I like this particular brand of stupidity. Please continue.

This is amazing. I hope he continues rebuilding Dagoth Ur, the building.

Come Nerevar, my moon and star, you are now reading this post in Dagoth-Ur's voice. Seriously, someone needs to set up the AI reading of this, as so. Bestow this honor upon the Sixth House and the Tribe Unmourned.

I hope that Rarity can work her decorating skills around the fact that Dagoth Ur plans on having random chunks of meat littered all over the cave. Even if there is no corprus in Equestria, a Sixth House cavern just wouldn't feel right without chunks of meat strewn all over the place.

Comment posted by Onyx Vesper deleted May 27th, 2023

I need this all in the Voice!

Cursed and delicious, the best kind of cursed.

I’m honestly curious how far Dagoth will get. He’s bound to drive them all to the edge of their patience eventually.

few fics have managed to make me laugh so much with so few words, amazing

This is so dumb and I cant stop cackling like a witch while I read it

"Come Nerevar, come. Look upon this fanfiction and tell me, why am I in a world filled with pastel-colored horses?"

Comment posted by Onyx Vesper deleted Jul 17th, 2023

is something serious gonna finally happen, or is this just a set up for a dick joke?

Why can't i like it two times?!:raritycry: WHY?!

I'm sad that this must end but all I can say is keep your damned grey hand's of my Argoinians!

Ahh yes nothing like watching primitives exterminate themselves from orbit

I’m hoping there’s a sequel to this.

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