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Deathless, Faith, and Updates · 4:03pm Last Thursday

So the minotaur in the room is my publishing schedule. I haven't exactly been all that great about making sure Deathless is getting regular love, and I want to address that. Even though the story's been in development all along (which should be obvious by the blizzard of chapters I just published), that's not really inspiring for someone getting to the end of Act 1 and wondering if Act 2 will be published in a similar storm at the end of, say, 2019.

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Stuff I've Written.

  • Deathless [PoE/HiE] An ancient Equestrian battlefield, a long-lost love, a vengeful demon, a modern-day human sorcerer, and a stolen soul create a threat so dire that it threatens the future of both Earth and Equestria. by Gaudior 37,302 words · 514 views · 41 likes · 16 dislikes

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  • Riverdream at Sunset: a Manuscript Lord Dunsany has a curious adventure in the Lands of Dream, in a realm where beasts can talk and the sun rides low in the sky. by GroaningGreyAgony 7,791 words · 1,495 views · 186 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Friendship is Optimal Hasbro just released the official My Little Pony MMO, with an A.I. Princess Celestia to run it. by Iceman 38,698 words · 58,879 views · 3,269 likes · 115 dislikes
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2401664 It seems you ought to be in compatibility mode. Go to the settings tab, and change the option "Captain Haddock" to "Professor Calculus". Now exit your life and reboot from scratch.

2401638 Dear sir/madam:

When I award myself the three points, my score wraps around back to '2' and all of my achievements reset. Is this expected behavior? If so, please advise.


You've followed me! Congratulations! Award yourself three points and shout 'Hooray!' twice.

2400902 Hey there, you beautiful bastard, thanks for writing cool shit. Just found your Berry stories: they're inspired, intimate and tight. Hard not to follow a dude who can produce like that.

Hey there, thanks for following me and stuff!

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