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Aaaand progress. Kind of. · 5:27pm Mar 22nd, 2018

So I'm blocked, a bit.

I've got this Act 2 prologue, right? I know exactly how it goes down. I know who's involved, I know the beginning, middle and end, I know who the POV is, who the antagonist is, what the scenario is, and how it all pans out.

It's the damned details, you know?

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Glad to man - mainly it's me realizing that you'd been following me all along, and I was a jerk and never returned the favor. Catching up on appreciating folks, ya know :moustache:

Thx for the watch m8.
May I ask why? (Just curious y'know)

2401664 It seems you ought to be in compatibility mode. Go to the settings tab, and change the option "Captain Haddock" to "Professor Calculus". Now exit your life and reboot from scratch.

2401638 Dear sir/madam:

When I award myself the three points, my score wraps around back to '2' and all of my achievements reset. Is this expected behavior? If so, please advise.


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