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With Equestria's magic back where it belongs, Twilight's school continues with its lessons into the Magic of Friendship. With classes finished for the day, however, Twilight decides it's time she finally investigated the chambers beneath the school. There she will have the chance to talk with a being she'd only dreamed of getting the chance to talk to:

The Tree of Harmony.

Proofread and edited by RQK.

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This story is just... Breathless

11/10. :twilightsmile:

I like the reasoning behind the Tree's actions, and how you more or less provided reasons for the chest, the castle, and the map, that all made legitimate sense and feel very in-place in MLP. I think I more or less have a new head-canon now about the tree thanks to this and as such, you have my thanks. A good read and I only found one typo near the end when Spike showed up. It didn't feel rushed or drawn out, it was just the right length for what it was.

You know, it's kinda sad that there maybe a chance that not even the MLP writing staff will be able to write something like this. It would explain SO MUCH! But hey, we still got season 9, so who knows.

This story is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!

I could definitively imagine this as a genuine episode for the show. Great idea and concept.

Have a fave and thumbs up.



Y'know, the Tree of Harmony was one of those things I didn't think really needed to be explained in so much detail, but the fact that you did so in a way that also makes sense is quite admirable. I tip my met hat to you, good sir/madam. :ajsmug:

I accept this as my new cannon for the show. Helpful since Pinkie stole my old one :pinkiecrazy:

I love how you explain the tree of harmonys actions. this story is very well written and could be a really good episode in mlp.

This story is amazing - I love how you portraited the Tree of Harmony and how you gave reasonable explanations for its decisions! :twilightsmile:

I think that this version of the Tree and the Machine of Person of Interest would have an interesting conversation....

Excellent headcanon!!! :twilightsmile:

Nice little story.


Still think Harmony should take Fausticorn's form.

What's sad is that the current writers for the show would never think of all these perfect explanations for things.

This. This is exactly the kind of story I've been looking for ever since What Lies Beneath. You captured the Tree's personality and quirks perfectly. I love the idea that the Tree is still learning about emotions and all the other things that come with heightened self-awareness. Well done, my friend.

For your commendable literary achievements, in the name of Harmony, I hereby bestow upon you my threefold gifts of gratitude: for the story itself, my upraised thumb as a symbol of approval; for the subject that appeals to my fancy, and the superb execution, induction into the esteemed ranks of my Favorites; and for your demonstrable skill and talent as a creator, I am proud to now count myself among the ranks of your followers. I look forward to seeing what other stories you have crafted, and I eagerly look forward to seeing what future literary delights will spring forth from your most excellent mind.

Until next time, friend.


Whenever I see that wide-eyed sparkly spirit-mare. I wonder if somepony ditched their supply of LSD near the tree to avoid the fuzz.

But even if they did, how would they put that into a 20 minute episode without derailing it too much or it being just an exposition.

Great headcanon !!

And it is actually plausible.

I love that Twilight just became friends with the Tree of Harmony like it was no big thing. I'm sure the Tree appreciates that very much. :twilightsmile:

Really good work.I wrote a similar story,but instead of Twilight it's a The Doctor from Doctor Who
Check it out

Excellent story!

I am curious though. Wouldn't the tree have felt similarly 'afraid' when the elements were gathered to, initially, banish the Pony of Shadow? The tree would have had to willingly allow the elements to be retrieved knowing it would likely die in the process. As the story said, the tree isn't omnipotent so it wouldn't have known how successful the plan would be, etc.

i sense a sequel coming

On August 29, 1997, the Tree of Harmony became self-aware.

Oh how I wish something like this was part of the show itself.

Still, one does wonder if the Tree would have been able to grant Twilight and her friends the Rainbow Power if circumstances had prevented her from passing it's test with Discord, or even if it was capable of doing the same.

Sequel please


Cinematic Universe when? :trollestia:

The fact that Cozy Glow is still evil and potentially planning something even worse makes the conversation about her rather dark.

beautifully written,beautifully told!well done,like others have said, this would make an outstanding episode.hope you consider writing a sequel.

Hey look, this story is now on the top of the featured list! Congratulations!

Very nice, could have been from a script of the show its self! Well done.

could you do another one where the tree talks to all of the mane six

The Tree of Harmony will return in the Marevengers.

Comment posted by Friendly Spartan IV deleted Nov 4th, 2018

there needs to be more! Please write more! What if Harmony managed to make a longer lasting Avatar that could wander around Ponyville? Hehe Imagine the Student 6 talking to her again! :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Friendly Spartan IV deleted Nov 5th, 2018

... So, Twilight just became friends with a tree, didn't she? [/gallus]

On a more serious note, this was amazing!!! The Tree of Harmony's characterization was spot-on (Twilight's too, but the Tree's is far more comendable given that It has only spoken in one episode), the story's tone was great, and not only did you manage to provide a believable reasoning for each and every one of the Tree's actions and decisions, but you did it in a way that would feel right at home as part of an episode of the show. And, like 9267563 said, you even portrayed the Tree as a being that's still learning about it's own self-awareness and emotions. I'm definitely adopting this as headcanon for the Tree!

Thank you for writing this! :twilightsmile:

P.S.Edit: Also, I'd love to see more of this Tree :twilightsheepish:

Very minor nit:

Indeed, though the item I created served a third purpose as well, for I sensed a darkness growing on the horizon, one even I was unsure of the cause of at the time as I am not omnipotent.

I think "omniscient" would work here better, as the tree is talking about knowledge (omniscient - all knowing) rather than power (omnipotent - all powerful).

Other than that, an excellent story. I think this fits very well into the MLP canon.

I'd never thought about Twilight interacting with the conscious Tree before until this story came along.

I'm afraid I might repeat what's been said here if I talk about how well you characterized both main characters, so on to two other things:

First, you gave Twilight a good reason for her to stumble upon the tree. It'd indeed be sensible for the Young Six to tell Twilight what'd transpired underground (especially since it strengthened and/or confirmed their friendships). After that, the rest is history (and a checklist, too)....

Second, I didn't expect her to befriend the Tree. I got the feeling that she'd treat the Tree as a way-above ancient sage of sorts, but befriending it (her?) felt well in her character in hindsight. Princess of Friendship, after all!

So, I don't know what else to say. It's good. Pretty good! :pinkiesmile:

I.....wha....wow. Just...wow. i mean, wow. i...wow. It was...I...wow. WOW!!!!

I never even would have thought of having Twilight talk to the Tree! It's brilliant! Well done!

Nice one! :trollestia:

Rod Serling: "Picture if you will...:pinkiecrazy:"
Twilight Sparkle: "Wha--? NoNoNONONONONONONO! :twilightoops:"
Twilight Sparkle: "DIE, YOU MISERABLE EXCUSE FOR A JOKE! :twilightangry2:"
Rod Serling: "Arrrghhh! :flutterrage:"
Twilight Sparkle: "No more Twilight Zone skits on THIS stor---"

Princess Celestia: "Picture if you will...:trollestia:"
Twilight Sparkle: "Gurk!! :twilightoops:"

...... I ship it


Amazing dialogue and way to add some character toward our "Tree of Harmony"

I've enjoyed working with a sapient Tree of Harmony for... goodness, it's been years now. "What Lies Beneath" was a joy in that regard, even if it wasn't quite what I was expecting. Still, your portrayal of the Tree's emergent consciousness was brilliant, as was the explanation for its awakening and thought processes. A great read; thank you for it.

Great story! :D I thought it was awesome and a great portrayal of the Tree. :)

I agree with many the potra of rhe tree was great. Well Wittenberg story.

Harsh in hindsight (Ending of The Beginning of The End- Part One

Not for long, if I have anything to say about it!

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of the idea. I don't know how I didn't know about this fic sooner, or I would've checked it out.

Rod never said that phrase, you know? :facehoof:

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