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During a routine visit to Equestria to see Princess Twilight, Sunset decides to bring her pet Ray along with her. Only... she wasn't quite expecting what he would turn into on the other side of the portal...

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Awwwwww! That was so CUTE! :pinkiehappy:
Love it! :D
P.S. Now that I think of it, would Winona, Tank, Opal and Angel stay the same on either side of the portal since their counterparts are still animals? Hmmm.

Somebody draw Wyvern Ray please I need to see it plus I think you have caused a heart attack for me because I want to see Celestia and Luna’s reaction to Ray the Wyvern :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:
This reminds me of the first how to train your dragon movie in many ways

so Ray turns into a wyvern?... I ACCEPT AS CANNON!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

This is so adorable. Question: how is Ray supposed to fit back through the portal?


Somebody draw Wyvern Ray please I need to see it

I'm pretty sure the whole story was inspired by this picture.

We need more Ray on this site. Maybe more gigantic wyvern Ray.

I like this. Its sweet and simple with lots of fun

Having an 'adult' geko turn into an 'adult' dragon makes perfect sense to me :3 Talking Ray would be awesome if learned to say Sunset's name. I wonder what Celestia would think of him. Twilight has had Spike since her cutie mark as an assistant... Maybe its destiny's odd way of getting Sunset her own 'assistant' dragon. :x Also love her pets name ... her own 'Ray' of sunshine :) Really wish he would be cannon in the show, from what I've heard, he's only in that short.

:rainbowlaugh: Makes sense to me.

This is a wonderful idea!



Ahem. :twilightblush:
More Sunset and Ray, pls. This was wonderfully adorable.

A choked gasped



That was a nice bit of fluff.

Needs a full fic including all the pets

Well, Ray is obviously gonna be a dragon. Let's see what happens.

Sunset riding on wyvern Ray was nice. :twilightsmile:

I recognized that pic and read immediately. I was not disappointed.

So, I'm guessing that switching to Wyvern saves Sunset 15% or more on bike insurance?


Legit savings, because who's going to argue against a giant wyvern insurance adjuster


We won't know until its written, but it would be a standout story like this one

Honestly I would have expected a wyrm not a wyvern. But adorable all the same.

By the gods he looks like a dragon from the elders scrolls Skyrim

I love to See Maud take Boulder thru, and turns into a giant earth elemental.

So...how's he going to get back?

9546144, 9545394
Very, very carefully :rainbowlaugh:.

Okay, now you’ve gotta do a sequel to this; please cause it’s really good and funny plus it has potential.


well that's just delightful

Bonus points if it happens when going from equestria to pedestria.

Wait, who's Ray? Where's he from?

I need more of this

I think the general consensus is that you should write a sequel, but I think it’s great how it is. It would be nice, but it isn’t needed. Thanks.

Spike said as he craned his next to look up


As the newly turned wyvern bend down


this was cute
need more

Its cute but a bit short and it cut a bit abruptly. But all criticism aside I liked read, thanks for writing.

The ceiling hung only a few feet above the wyvern’s head, any lower and the wyvern would have probably busted through the roof without much trouble upon its arrival.

:moustache:: "Happened to me before... Wasn't fun."

Oh, this was good for the heart. I was grinning the whole way through. :twilightblush:

Abra continuación de esta historia por casualidad es que es una historia interesante. Lo felicitó.

A EqG thing I like. Nice.

This needs its own episode.

Geckos eat moths and other small insects, so if Wyvern Ray sees a changeling, he's going to try to eat them without stopping to think about it.

This sounds like what really would happen in FiM-EQG Multiverse.

Nicely done!

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