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Who am I? Why, I'm just a passing through Kamen Rider... Got it memorized?


Ocellus should have expected this question to come up someday. She really should have...

Just a silly little thing I thought of and had to write down.

Korean Translation by Ad Hoc
Audio Reading by ajvasquezbrony28

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This is rather clever. I feel bad for how embarrassed Ocellus is after this. :rainbowlaugh:

Heh. Cute. Funny that you say Gallus tastes sweet, but you wouldn't be the first to claim he just puts up a good front, and I'm inclined to agree.

Ocellus a cute, as always.

“I bet it takes like sugar and spice and all that stuff, doesn’t it? Especially love you get from ponies, eh, Sandbar?” Smolder said, adding her own two bits in as she nudged Sandbar.

I’m pretty sure I know what she was getting at.

I think it is impossible to have Ocellus not be cute. It's like Rainbow Dash being awesome, it's just the natural state of affairs.

Comment posted by Trinary deleted Nov 4th, 2019

This was really good. Sad to see that the Young Six never got more storylines. They had a lot of potential.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this fic. Great work!

“Blueberries, actual. Blueberry muffins to be exact.”
Should be
"Blueberries, actually. Blueberry muffins to be exact."


Aww, this is super sweet! (Pun unintended.) It's a neat little glimpse into their day-to-day :D

This was pretty good, just love these Young Six stories on this site! :pinkiehappy:

Dang it, this was wholesome and adorable.

Very little wrong with this (mechanically) and nothing story wise.

“That’s… good?” Yona asked, smiling when Ocellus nodded her head. ‘Yona like having warm love!”
The second dialogue opener is only a single quote.

“And… and you’re not mad?” Ocellus delicately asked. “About me feeding on you guy’s love?”
you guys' love

And the bit Nailah mentioned above.

Now the question should be: what do the other emotions taste like, and are some emotions toxic for changelings?

“Figured Sandbar would taste like something sweet,“ Gallus remarked, glancing over as Ocellus began to giggle. “What?”


Cute little piece! Love magic and how it's perceived, experienced and explained always varies subtly by author, fun to see everyone's different ideas. :twilightsmile:

Why study when you can ask your changeling friend questions about the flavor of love? :rainbowlaugh:

Cute story, much enjoyed. :twilightsmile:

Well, they wanted to know. Now I have to wonder if it's possible to change the taste of one's love at all. :rainbowlaugh:

Ocellus just groaned and buried her face in her book.

So Ocellus, what's the answer?

What kind of love she tasted on Spike?

Now I want to know what my... ‘Love’, tastes like. And can they sense more emotions then just Love?

Well, this was super adorable and cute.

I like this. Snack-sized fiction. Short and sweet and funny.

Yeah, Gallus is a softy inside. :pinkiesmile:


Alondro is a foul one, with a heart 3 sizes too small. :trixieshiftright:

Too short. I wanted more. It was fun.

Wow, so far, 0 dislikes. I wonder who's going to spoil that?

Oh dear....it's like trying to push a cork back in a wine bottle. It just keeps refusing to go back in!!

You're implying that you'd have a "cherngelerng" in your presence without killing it for more than a femtosecond. Who are you and what have you done with Alondro?

9926379 Is Alondro from an evil alternate dimension, as you can see the goatee.

The mangy mop on top of Alondros head is not a goatee. It's earwax.

Everyone asking what love tastes like but no one asking ...

...What IS love ?

Sorry , just had to do it .

Whoever downvoted this story just wants to watch the world burn.

One might as well ask what is flavor?

That was short and entertaining. Ocellus the Scholar being bombarded with a game of twenty questions.

Good read.
But I thought 'reformed' changelings didn't 'eat' love (in show canon). Though I'd imagine they could still sense/taste it.

This was adorable.

Wish there was more to that conversation at the end, hehe

The young 6 was just a rushed idea like most of what happened in the later seasons. It was pretty clear the story writers were just slapping stuff together towards the end to wrap things up.

I think it's, like, they don't absolutely need it to survive, as its not the only source of nutrition for them anymore. I think its more like, their able to *give* love now, so they don't need to take it. Their able to give just as much as they can receive. Kinda like, a puppy, I guess. During their adolescence, they rely on their mother for survival and nutrients, but as they grow older, their able to provide for themselves.

Actually, I think the question now is... What do Changelings poop?

*fails to get back to sleep ever*

Fair point. They were made just to show that the movie was canon. Regardless, I still liked the addition of them to the series.

Just because they don't need to eat love doesn't mean they can't.

Also, I like to think my love would taste like hot chocolate.

I always thought my love would taste like honey or tea.

this was fun! i love that the Young 6 are getting so much love from the fandom! in fact, i'm gonna make a new bookshelf and read as many Young 6 fics as i can today!

Well, the show never really said they don't need to eat love anymore. While it's vague on the details, all we know is that Thorax learned to share love with others, and taught the other changelings in turn. What this suggests is that changelings now simply feed of eachother instead of other creatures, not that changelings don't need to eat love ever.

9926446 *looks at the top of his own head* But nothing's there... *old baldy*

“So what does my love taste like?” Silverstream asked.


This was hilarious. I love Silver stream. And a nice little take on changelings.

9927960 But they DO eat physical food now, that's a thing.

That was super adorable! You packed a lot of love into less than 1,200 words. I love that both the boys had sugary-sweet loves 💖

To Changelings that’s often literal, as we can taste the love someone puts into their cooking.”


To Changelings that’s often literal, as we can taste the love someone puts into their cooking.”


But they DO eat physical food now, that's a thing.


This is so cute! Liked 👍

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