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Starlight Glimmer has gotten her hooves on Twilight Sparkle's Friendship Journal and she realizes that she could fix everything with time travel...

... So she does.

Starlight Fixes Everything
In Thirty Seconds or Less
( Or the pizza is free! )

Featured on Equestria Daily!
The collaborative group project from Starlight Glimmer Fixes Everything
Authors' credits can be found at the end of each Season chapter
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Reviewed and Recommended by PresentPerfect

Starlight Glimmer has gotten hold of a time-travel spell and the Friendship Journal, and she's gonna fix some drama, friendship lessons be hanged!
So here's a first: not only is this technically incomplete, but I'm about to be reviewing (in no particular detail) something I wrote! Or had a hand in writing, at least. Holy shit, there's 54 authors in this. @_@ As the season 8 chapter was just uploaded, I feel the time has come to throw the spotlight on it, incomplete or no. What will you find in here? Hilarity. Not every installment is equally good, but this is a celebration of everything that makes Starlight Glimmer the overpowered psychopath we all know and love. The problem with fix-fics tends to be a lack of drama or conflict, but when your starting premise is "we're going to short-circuit all the drama, and it's gonna be funny", the field is ripe for shenanigans. There's lots of pizza, lots of shipping (and the thing I did in S8 where Starlight's getting old, which I don't think actually works, but whatever); this is a real good time and you could do far worse than pull up a few of its episodes now and then for some laughs. You never can know what someone will come up with to short-circuit an episode, after all! Trust me, I wrote the non-canon sequel. :V

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 552 )

Oh wow I completely forgot I was supposed to do a chapter for this. >_>

9119754 Next time, Gadget. Next time.

Amazing premise for a story! I’m really hoping this is as good as it looks :pinkiehappy:

You know what sucks, the day after I said I couldn’t think of anything for my episode (s1e3), I instantly came up with a funny idea of Starlight only getting one ticket for the gala. And sense she didn’t want to choose either Sunburst or Tricia they all go full inspection on Celestia, only for it to be a friendship lesson set up by Twilight

This can’t end well...

i cant wait to see how this end in disasters, for example the first one could lead to the elements not working because twilight and co didn't become real friends so nightmare moon takes over etc, ah glimmer not learning form her mistake and creating hundred more terrible realities

I think what would make this whole thing especially hilarious is if it turned out that all of her time travel shenanigans actually worked out in Starliight's favor in the end


Why do the girls remember Starlight popping in at some points but other times act like this is the first time meeting her?

Why did I think of Starlight as Deadpool fixing the timelines!?

I think I would like that to, mostly because it would be typicall if she is the one getting the stern talking in the end again.
I also like the idea, I just hope when I start reading it to see her doing much stuff differently and that it isn't feeling to much as if they only swapped placed but Starlight is doing everything else just like Twilight.

I know I'm going to far again for not even having read the first chapter yet, but I think I know in which direction this usually goes.

I want to know how the accident happened that magically fused Discord to Starlight Glimmer.

Because this is the championship of Chaos, Season 1.

i'm sorry what
Admittedly, this is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.
w a t


This is a collaborative effort, and some authors chose to acknowledge it while others didn't.

9120076 Different authors writing each part simulataniously. So the continuity isn't always consistent.
If you'd like to give it a try, be sure to

This will end up with ponies getting tree sap all over them, I just know it :scootangel::applecry::unsuresweetie:

Author Interviewer

It's here! :D And this is a good way to collect all the chapters, I approve! My alternate take on Dragonshy can be found here!

Wibbly wobbly timey whimy stuff...
Nope, definitely timey space nonsense

will read later, but is there more to that picture, like who Starlight is flipping the bird. my curiosity needs sating.

Anyone who takes a look at episode 10, notice exactly how bad at writing I am. This is why I keep myself as a reader and proofreader.

She still solved the problem as swiftly as she was able, that’s the aime of the game!

I don't think you understand how exactly difficult it was for me pea brain to come up with that. It works, but it's too much work (for me anyway).

Thanks though BTW.

I see that incidental Flarity tossed in during Green isn't your color. I approve. Carry on.

I didn't know you could link to YouTube in the cover art source.

This is very covinient
It’s weird, sure.
I like it tho.

This is hilarious. :)
Also, Glimmy is so grounded after this.

Then she realized that she had woken up several hours too early and decided to read a to pass the time.

missing book

Ah, each chapter was written by a different person. Now it all makes sense.

I mean, I could totally see Glimmy try this and have it all spiral out of control due to shenanigans. I found it weird and nearly broke my suspension of belief, that what she did in the earlier episodes was not remembered in the latter. But hey, this was pretty amusing anyway.

P.S: Glimmy ships everyone.

As a wise woman once said:

And that's how they all died :facehoof:

How long until Rarity is shipped with everypony else?


Having read this through the end of the "Dragonshy" segment, I can see what Starlight Glimmer's doing wrong, aside from the obvious point of paradox being an incredibly dangerous thing with which to mess.

All of these events in the OTL enabled the Mane Six (and other Ponies) to learn and grow and develop new capabilities. For instance, the bonds of friendship between Twilight and the others were stronger because they were allowed to form naturally rather than being literally handed to her on a list; Gilda turned against Rainbow Dash due to Dashie's rejection of her over her treatment of other Ponies, but it clearly derived from Gilda's own actions, allowing Gilda to learn something from it; and Fluttershy learned that her love for her friends could drive her to stand up to a Dragon, and that her Stare was powerful enough to defeat one.

Simply giving the characters unearned victories isn't the same thing. I predict that Starlight Glimmer will find it harder and harder to pursue this course of action, because she herself alone isn't strong enough to defeat all their major foes, and she is robbing them of the chance to develop their own powers.

That was me!
I also wrote Applebuck Season and Hearth's Warming Eve.

One problem I see is that the other Ponies don't seem to be able to retain memories of Starlight Glimmer very well between encounters. For instance, Applejack had encountered Starlight and spoken with her in "Applebuck Season" and yet did not remember her in "The Running of the Leaves." This has to be a paradox protection effect, but Starlight neither notices nor thinks about this.

This is a fun story. Would love to see this concept done with proper continuity, though I imagine it would spin out of control really fast.

9120610 My bit (Episode 8 / Look Before You Sleep) fortunately had Starlight impersonating Twilight, and she didn't closely interact with anypony.

But we should probably have all just agreed to make a general "It's you again!" kind of statement, which I did in the second round just now.

So my bets are that by the end of this, the Mane 6 will all be in a relationship together...and so will Spike and the CMC.

what about the butterfly effect?

oh, hey, it's a thing i did part of.

I wonder if anyone here can recognize what chapter i did

besides the other people who helped write it

I love the second gala one. That was great. All of these are great. I love it when starlight actually changes literally everything like this.

Comment posted by fausticornrules deleted Aug 20th, 2018

Alternate title: Starlight Ruins Everything. :trollestia:

Where's the pizza???

I don't care if it's free or not, just give it to me! ... plz?

In my latest one, Pinkie has a Pinkie sense tell her whenever SG is around :P

9121243 Ah right! I'll use that in the next one if Pinkie is in my ep. :pinkiehappy:

I think I'll go through the other stories too and see if I can make any other interactions fit.

They were/ are extremely fun to write, we’re all having a blast doing them. :D

Good plan, I’m aiming to do the same.
:D and if things don’t immediately match up, that’s okay, tampering with time and magic can have a baaaad effect on ponies and people. Might add that into my next one (because I’m a sickler for cleaning up plot points x3)

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