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This story is a sequel to Scootaloo's Shenanigans

Rarity has just returned from a long trip with a gigantic backlog of orders to clear. Unfortunately, upon arriving home, she discovers the Crusaders have caused chaos in her home.

Already stressed, this proves to be the last straw, and her magic misfires with unexpected consequences for the entire city.

Co-write with a wonderful author, The Blue EM2.

Artwork for this story has been kindly provided to us by Fude-Chan-Art.

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This is going to be fun.

I'll head off to promote it.

Incidentally, this is in popular stories!

You’re welcome what’s next

Fluttershy was more confused than scared. "Why am I Snow White?"

One thing comes to mind and it'd be so hilarious:

I got confused while I was reading this when it didn't stop at Rainbow Dash's part like I thought it would, and for it to turn out you've posted this part right as I thought I close to finishing up.

Either way, you have magically revealed my presence. Hello there!

(Anyone else who's on the receiving end of unwitting dress-up before the girls get straight to Princess Twilight about things, by the way? I don't know about you, but I don't mind the extra doses of puffy dress around~)

Oh, trust me, we have plenty of dress-up coming up.

*snickers* The element of surprise, no?

It's going to get more fun now!



Surprise. Scrambles to find a confetti popper, finally scrounging one up from somewhere in the desk and pulling the string; pop!

More dress fun sounds good to me! Can't wait to see who's on next to be put in pretty princess mode, then~ :twilightsmile:

Is it just me, or are the dresses getting puffier with each new girl that gets dressed-up, give or take? (Sans our main outlier in Rainbow Dash; sorry Dash, at least you got to dress in style!)

Pauses for a moment at the audible groan from the speedster's direction, admittedly it couldn't stop my little chuckle through

Oh, there's one or two which are the biggest of the lot!

Besides, puffy dresses aren't really Dash's style, no?


Ooh, can't wait to see~

And yeah, of course not! I was just poking fun is all, since we could always use a counterpoint for balance, right?

That's sort of how it works. Though as RD demonstrates, you don't need a massive dress to look good.

So, Scootaloo and the girls might do a 'battle of the ballgowns' later?

Fireworks "Continuity!"

Marks down another space on the Reference Humor Bingo Card; there's several random squares filled in and not really a solid line in the making just yet

Anyway, a quick look into where we left the Crusaders off, and now they of course have to clean up the mess they made (out in Canterlot if not what they did to Rarity's place prior) for their deed; I'm curious if, if the spell is raging through the whole city, will there be a scene actually looking out on the dressed-up streets, with the Crusaders having to really grasp just how far Rarity's spell has managed to reach?

Safe to say, this is far from over.


Sure sounds like it! Not that I mind too much, though~

Well, I suppose every fairytale princess could use a proper prince to go with, right? Chuckle

Why should boys miss out on fashion upgrades?


After all, fashion doesn't care about what you are, so why should we, yeah?

Indeed. Everybody has a right to look fabulous.

Something to keep in mind, is that Rarity isn't blameless either, as she was the one who performed the action in the first place, accident or not.

Indeed. But the mess can only be cleared if they work together.

I'm just saying that, because it seems like the fic is glossing over that fact.

We have a lot of characters to cover, but we will see them again.

Ohh, Pinkie, bending and breaking walls whenever you please, especially when they're in multiples of four. Then again, maybe we might really use the added space in there, what with four different dressed-up girls in there, yeah?

Also pretty satisfying to see Celestia and Luna dragged into things too, beccause we couldn't forget about our proper princesses, could we? :twilightsmile:

(Don't worry about the dress, Luna-- it'll grow on you. Chuckle)

I admit I didn't immediately think of Cheerilee when it comes to dress-up antics, but that 'sigh here we go again' attitude was fun~ My personal favorite touch of this chapter, though, has to be that detail of the possibility a person could subconsciously influence what they'd end up dressed into from the spell-- well, either that or the influence of their counterparts on the other side of the mirror, hence why Celestia and Luna both took on some of the same regalia of their alicorn counterparts on the other side as opposed to something that just emulated the other, yeah?

Twilight and Fluttershy suddenly exited, heading off to find Twilight's equipment. Just as they left, they saw a blast of energy hit Flurry Heart.

Both parents looked at one another with a look of horror. "Oh no," they said in unison.

Heyy, we couldn't leave Flurry Heart out on a chance to share the memory with her family, could we? Chuckle

Biggest dress yet? Or is Cadance still tied with Starlight and we haven't quite made it to ten yet?

Yep, that's the main idea!

Wait for it:raritywink:

Let me guess
Sofia for Flurry?

Kinda......close enough(no spoilers!)

Remember, she's a toddler, so it doesn't really fit for her.

Cross-portal shenanigans are fun.


Both in terms of styling and size.

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