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This chapter of my life has ended. It was wonderful and I grew so much from it. If you enjoy my stories, that makes me happy. They will be here for as long as this site is still up. Good Bye :D


Maud and Trixie are finishing up their day together at their favorite spot. Something comes up that neither of them likes, but they can handle it. Together.

My second entry into the StarTrixMaud Shipping Contest.

Amazing Cover Art by Little Tigress

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thank you for the entry! really excited to see a maud x trixie ship!

““But, are they her friends? [...] She’s ‘friend adjacent’ with them. She can hang out and have fun, but she’ll never be part of the core group.

Very true re: Starlight's plight!

I know, right?

The show even touches on it slightly in the episode where Starlight meets Trixie. It’s never outright stated, but it is heavily implied.

a muad x trixie ship, haven't seen that one before. I look forward to what you have in mind.

She didn’t understand why other ponies chose to ignore it. It was one of the more unique hills in the area. It wasn’t as exciting as Ghastly Gorge, but it carried so much appeal.

no characters named yet but i can guess who the viewpoint character is!

The hill was made of limestone, mostly, which helped explain why the grass grew just slightly better there.

i really like these paragraphs of very Maud internal monologue. i can tell a lot of thought and research (or possibly domain knowledge?) went into it , and it is very enjoyable.

They didn’t always have to talk to each other, which was one of the reasons they worked so well.

love the callback to the end of Rock Solid Friendship

Even if you really wanted it, you couldn’t have everything. It eased her mind concerning some of her troubles as a filly. Basic laws of nature had always been a comfort to her.

yes, very Maud, very nice

“But, are they her friends? She doesn’t really fit in with them that well. She’d be the first to tell you that. Oh…what’s the phrase she uses…” Trixie tapped her head a moment. “She’s ‘friend adjacent’ with them. She can hang out and have fun, but she’ll never be part of the core group. She’s said that several times.”

an interesting way to put it! definitely a real phenomenon that merits being put into words. poor Starlight, though!

It was nice.

it is nice! and just as i'm getting into the characters and this conflict... the story ends??? :raritydespair: i want more! "

Thank you!
I'm glad you liked it

Though I do believe this comment ended up on the wrong story:trixieshiftright:

fixed now! my apologies, was getting a lot of these out at once

I'm so glad you want more :trollestia:

This was my favorite of the stories I submitted. And honestly, MauXie is the most interesting ship in the mix to me.

My goal was to only present information that Maud would have. And yes, that led to several hours of research :twilightsheepish:
But also, show her mannerisms. She barely refers to herself when speaking, so she'd almost never do so in her own head.

I'm so glad you liked this one. It was definitely the best of my three entries and that makes me happy:pinkiehappy:

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