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With no job, and no home this was looking like it was going to be the worst Hearth's Warming yet. That was until she got a letter inviting her to spend the holiday at the rock farm.

There is a sequel here: Home is Where the Hearth Is

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I am really interested in where this is going. I have always thought that there should be more stories on the Pie farm angle with Trixie. I hope there will be a lot of Pinkie in this one.

You never run away from the cops.

The Pie family is so awesome here. I love how you're writing them and look forward to whatever you have planned next.

I like this concept and what you are doing though I do have one small issue. I get trying to make Trixie more sympathetic but I do not think you have to make it so that Trixie did not get the amulet to take out Twilight and switch it to wanting to to help the farm. I think the family can still forgive her since afterwords she does learn how she went wrong. I think Trixie is better when she keeps her flaws so she can learn from them.

Ignore this if she is actually trying to hide that fact...

Also I cannot wait to see Pinkie.

Maybe Spike should visit the Rock Farm.

If Apple Family is here then where's Winona?

That book... yeah. :pinkiesad2: I can definitely see it as something that would exist in Equestria, though. Evil artifacts like the Alicorn Amulet have a tendency to want to be found again. (The One Ring, anyone?)

The Pies are great. Just great.

This is a nice story. Drama, Trixie sadness, some redemption mixed in. It's a nice read and I look forward to more.

I can't wait for more. Love it. Keep it up.

Always been a sucker for sad, yet hopeful, Trixie stories. I really like Limestone in this story, she is pushy, but it's clear how much she cares about those she considers family. I suppose it makes sense considering how shy Marble is, and how innocent Pinkie normally acts. One of them had to become the protective type. Well, Maud can be as well, but she's more liable to break someone in half instead of warning them I imagine unlike Lime.

I do wonder if Applejack is in denial over what she did, or if she really doesn't understand it at all. Pinkie asked Trixie to try to forgive AJ, but it's really hard to forgive someone when they think they did a good deed by ruining your life. :facehoof:

Cutie marks are a ponies calling in life, and, well, Trixie's calling is just about impossible for her to do in Equestria now. It is sad since so much emphasis goes on a ponies cutie mark, to the point that if you can't work in the field your cutie mark represents, well, I can see a pony questioning the value of their existence at that point.

I have to think that deep down AJ is a little bit, well, bad with the other pony races. Dash using her wings is cheating, using magic for farm work is cheating, and using your head instead of your muscle to make a living isn't honest. I am pretty sure she doesn't believe that Trixie was even trying when she worked at the rock farm for a year because she was using magic to lift the pickaxe instead of her own hooves.

I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Trixie tries to bail in the middle of the night, or if she completely ignores AJ after this, regardless of what AJ says or does. There really doesn't seem to be any point in trying to get through to AJ. Well, for Trixie to keep trying to, anyways.

This version of the Alicorn amulet is much nicer than many others as well. Trixie saved up her bits, and thought the boost to her magic would help her keep up and help the farm do better, but she was quickly taking over by the power. What became a distant thought of one day challenging Twilight became a all driving force, sweeping away all other plans. It's no wonder she didn't contact the farm again until she was desperate.

I also like how Lime and the others quickly notice the changes in Trixie, her change in speech and how she doesn't fight back like she used to. It's the little details that show they care about her and know her well.

Interesting that Trixie liking mares over stallions comes up, I wonder if that will matter later, or if it is just a minor detail?

I next tried out the pie, it was so full of juicy delicate flavor that I had nearly finished my piece entirely before I noticed everypony was staring at me.

I'm sure the Apple's are a bit confused, but I doubt the Pie's are, from what little Trixie told them about how her life's been lately.

“That’s it, you self righteous meanie, I’m going to bed. You finally did it, you ruined my night. Good for you. I hope you’re proud.”

Sorry, I just, don't see her saying 'meanie'. Especially when upset. That's more of Pinkie thing in my head. :twilightblush:

“That’s it, I've had enough! I'm going to bed before I do something I regret...again. You finally did it, you ruined my Hearths Warming eve. Good for you. I hope you’re proud, you self-righteous jerk.”

Even that's tame to me for Trixie, but, she is trying to be civil.

Hmm..this is long enough for a ramble of mine. On to a minor edit or two....or three!

I wasn’t the only one, the filly walked up to fire as well.

up to the fire as well.

I looked away as she made her to me and stopped only a couple of feet away.

I looked away as she made her way to me and stopped only a couple of feet away.

I looked away as she approached me. Thankfully, She stopped a few hooves away. At least she wasn't going to start by yelling into my face.

I looked away as she approached, licking my lips nervously. Luckily, she stopped a few hooves away from me. I wasn't sure what would have happened if she had tried boxing me in.

Take your pick, they all work. :pinkiehappy:

The real money the farm had came from the mines but that was many years ago. Now they just hope to find gemstones on the surface.

The farms real money used to come from the mines and the gems inside. But, the Pie's had stopped mining them many years ago, and subsisted comfortably on what gemstones found their way to the surface. I...never did understand how that worked, but I learned to accept that I would never entirely understand anything about the Pie's.

The farms real money used to come from the mines and the gems inside. But, I was told they dried up many years ago. Now, the family subsisted on what gemstones found their way to the surface. It didn't make much sense to me, but, the Pie's never had.

I..umm...tend to give multiple ways a sentence can go when editing. :twilightblush:

“Well you see, most mares like stallions, most mares like other mares too.

“Well you see, most mares like stallions, and many mares like other mares too."

“Well you see, most mares like stallions, and some mares like other mares too."

So instead I reached out my hoof put in next to hers.

So instead I reached out my hoof put it next to hers.

To my surprise Marble put her hoof over mine and smiled. She quickly pulled it away and looked away.

To my surprise Marble put her hoof over mine and smiled. After a few seconds, she quickly pulled it away and quickly stared at anything that wasn't me.

Maybe I was holding a grudge against Twilight for showing up me

Maybe I was holding a grudge against Twilight for showing me up

It looked like I had missed so much during myself made exile.

It looked like I had missed so much during my self-made exile.

And that's good, it doesn't cover all of them, but this is the most notable errors. :pinkiehappy:

Good luck, and I look forward to the next chapter!

Good story. Although why the book just happened to lie around out in the snow I don't know - it's a bit contrived. Still, all in a sweet and nice.

Emotional Trixie is best Trixie. It's always nice to see her get a happy ending.


Thankfully Spitfire isn't technically a police officier.

This is the ultimate symbol of sympathetic POV.

If we didn't know Trixie's story, we'd be 100% on Spitfire's side, but because of we as fans have gotten to KNOW Trixie, we're willing to look the other way when she cons ponies out of their money for the sake of her own survival.

I think Trixie has spent so much of her life lying, she can't even help herself anymore. Much like when the Amulet made her its vessel.

You made me feel emotions. I like this sort of Trixie story, and the Pies were written nicely. Good job.


Hell I'd be doing this :P hehehe... conning sounds fun.

Nice chapter.

ANother well done chapter, very interesting to see Trixie in this style, as well as on the Pie Farm.

Nice job.

Loving how you wrote out the Pie Family here, they're great.

Good job so far.

Awesome awesome chapter, nicely done, nicely done.

Wheeeeew... man... AJ is being... douchy :ajsleepy: urrrrrrrrg, sigh...

Nice chapter... nice chapter...

Awwww, sweetness man, nice job!

She's going to run into Spitfire again, isn't she?

6720127 I totally agree. I always figured Trixie original wanted the Amulet to become stronger. However, I always thought it was because she wanted her career back. She probably thought that if she could beat The Element of Magic and Celestia's faithful student in a Magic Duel, she would gain a lot of her credibility back.

Well, Limestone is not known for her tact.

Looks like Spitfire...got dunked on. By snow. Lots of it. She's got snow way out?

Poor Trixie, in any case. She seems to have had a run of bad luck, and now she's going back to a rock farm, where she'll probably be working on the rock farm. Well, I always thought it couldn't have been too bad. Besides being super-boring, as the only unicorn there she would have at least been able to do tasks that others couldn't do, and that alone would probably be worth keeping her around for.

Ah, this sounds like it takes place a couple of years after the events of Hearthbreakers, given it sounds like the Pie family visited the Apple family in Ponyville the year before. It looks like Limestone and her parents have mellowed out a little bit compared to Hearthbreakers, or they're just a lot more comfortable with Trixie, who they worked with on the farm for however many months. Goodness knows Trixie needs it, given her sob episode.

Well, OK, Limestone hasn't mellowed out that much, good to see.

I guess Pinkie also moved away because she can't do everything in entertainment, and her style of entertainment simply isn't something that her family can tolerate for very long; whereas Trixie can be more low-key with her storytelling, which leaves the remaining Pie sisters enraptured. At least in the process we see Trixie at least manages to fit in on the farm.

Well, I suppose that's the benefit of the first-person perspective. We can feel pretty sympathetic to Trixie, and we also know that she considers Applejack to be a bully from her past experiences in Ponyville, while she feels pretty guilty about what she did to Pinkie Pie.

Given how crowded the Pie siblings' bed was, throwing Trixie in there might make it even more tightly packed, though that may be just how Pinkie wants it. :pinkiehappy:

“Darn it!” Limestone exclaimed. She walked in front of me, and pawed the earth with a hoof.

Somehow, I would have expected Limestone to start snorting here as well.


And so Trixie finally manages to let out a rant, and also manages to keep it short before she says anything too bad. It sounds like her and Applejack had a big disconnect, where Applejack just couldn't get her mind past the idea that Trixie on the stage is not the same pony as Trixie off the stage.

“So, Maud how has your graduation?” Applebloom asked.

“It went well,” Maud said.

“She got honors!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

It was nice to hear about something nice happening. It was even better not being the center of everyponies attention. Of course that never lasted too long.

“Did you graduate, Trixie?” Pinkie Pie asked.

This seems a little bit of an odd way for the conversation to go, from Pinkie saying "Maud got honors!" and immediately thereafter asking Trixie if she, too, graduated from college. It just feels like it skips topics right away. It could use a line or two of dialogue in between to segue more naturally into Pinkie asking Trixie about her graduation.

Limestone does a good job of deflecting Pinkie's question right after that since Limestone probably knows Trixie's parents are (assumedly) dead.

Well, a little bit sappy, but still a nice, happy ending. Of course, it's not all sunshine and rainbows, but at least with a stable home and stable income source Trixie can continue to try improving her magic and let her poor reputation die down before storming the world again.

Thank you for such a good story, I enjoyed it. Good job


Maud looked at the fire, then back at me. “You stayed. Thank you.”

Seems like Maud (or Boulder) deliberately arranged for Trixie to stumble on it, so she could be the one to make the decision to burn it.

To make the decision to stay with the family rather than give dangerous magic a second chance.

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