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With the power of the sun, it was only obvious that Celestia was hot, but Pinkie Pie never realized just how true that was.

A special thanks goes out to DanMcIntosh for doing a reading of this story on youtube. Here's the link.

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Everypony eyed the egg hungrily. Celestia leaned over, sniffed the egg, and then in one bite ate the remainder. She chewed a few times, swallowed hard, and stared off into space. “Oh my, I taste heavenly.”

Wow right there just WOW!!!

More. Please. Just... Just moar.

Does that means Luna's plot is cold?

Delightfully silly. :derpytongue2:

Turn Celestia into a stove...
Problem Solved :derpytongue2:

This story is 'Heel'arious though.

FimFiction needs RainbowDash wearing the 'Deal With It' MLG Glasses emoticon

I only have one complaint: The fried egg was described as 'crispy'. If your fried egg is crispy that means you burned it, and burnt eggs aren't Good Eats.

6325837 Nope. But it is really cool.

Part of a nutritional breakfast.

Dear Lord that was hilarious! I'm honestly surprised no one has thought of this before, it's so brilliant, and such an obvious joke to make!

The trouble with Pinkie Pie is that this story could have gone either way,

The trouble with Pinkie Pie is that this story could have gone either way or both AND in any case still make sense (for a given value of "sense...")

To be fair, all ponies look the same. Now human Celestia... you just need eyes to know that she is.

I just...I can't...It doesn't... Wow. Just... Wow. This story very nearly killed me.

It's nice to have a story that just makes you grin like an idiot for a minute.

Dragons can probably do the same thing in this setting.

The innuendos are plentiful.

At least no one accused her of being an egg.

(We are now one story away from "trend".)

Ah Pinkie Pie, we can always count on you to do the things the rest of us have too much self-restraint to do.

This. This just needs to be explored further.

I.... I love you, author. :fluttershysad:

Now this is how you use solar energy efficiently.


That was Awesome! :pinkiehappy:

Now this was a fun one.:ajsmug:

A unique, funny and well written story? Triple-check.
Love it. Good job, author! :pinkiehappy:

Hungry now...:raritydespair:

Great, now someone needs to do the same with Pinkie using Luna to make popsicles...

...is it sad that I expected this exact outcome?

Man, I am getting too fandom-savvy.

Nice one-shot, though.

This made me smile.

And laugh.

I love it.

6436106 you heard the man, get to it!

Stohhhp that...it's getting silleh... :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Alright, I didn't see the egg part coming. Good job.

Yup. Classic Pinkie. :rainbowlaugh: This was great, funny, and well written. Great job!

Also, now I'm hungry. Time to go fry some eggs.:raritywink::derpytongue2:


Or hatched from an egg... :trollestia:

That last part was everything this story needed to be absolutely perfect. Thanks for sharing this author. :rainbowlaugh:

Every now and then you find a story that just makes you laugh through its delightful simplicity. This is one of them. Pinkie Pie was spot on, as was Celestia. Well done :)

Absolutely brilliant! :raritywink:

Author Interviewer

You misspelled your name at the top of the fic. :facehoof:

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