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This story is a sequel to Celestial Ecstacy

Starlight is frustrated with how her two favorite ponies can't be friends. After a particular nightmare she asks Twilight to try and befriend Trixie. What Starlight didn't know was that Twilight's disapproval of Trixie comes from a secret she knows about Trixie's family history, one that not even Trixie herself knows.

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Comments ( 12 )

Twilight on that maximum blame game.

Feels a bit rushed and "flip-floppy" at the end with twilight still being mad one second and on the verge of tears the other. Also some errors, missing words and such bit cant really point them out as im on my phone. XD

Okay, now I'll have to read the prequel. Looks like corrupting jealousy runs in Trixie's family.

A bit too quick in my opinion. Amusing, the characters are done well, though Trixie just accepts it all way too quickly.

This was recognition, the kind she never thought she’d be able to get before today. Finally after all these years she had been verified as a person. She met her real mom, and her real mom actually loved her. She wasn’t garbage to be thrown away, she was loved.

Her mother, the one who raised her, sounded like a good pony. She let Trixie stay with her after all those mistakes. It just sounds like Trixie tosses her away in this, but I can be overanalyzing. :twilightblush:

Twi did not seem to really get that Trixie didn't know Celestia was her daughter it seemed with how she phrased things in their argument. Telling someone who doesn't know Celestia at all to go ask to become an alicorn? She talked about Celestia treating Trixie as special, but it's clear that Trixie has not met Celestia, I dunno, her line of talking is just weird without any buildup.

Enjoyable, but I would love to see a more detailed story out of this kind of thing. :pinkiehappy:

A bit too quick at the end, but i'm glad i got the sequel.

Man that was nice and sweet, but Wind Ride?Man I felt the sarcasm in the words and could see Twilight rolling her eyes. Loved this!

Well, that sure did escalate quickly :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, it went all fast. Doesn't change anything about the fact that the conclusion was lovely :twilightsmile:

Twilight rose from her couch. “Don’t turn this around on me. I didn’t set out to become an alicorn princess, or to have a lot of friends. My only dream was to become the best wizard since Starswirl and that was taken away from me by these stupid wings.”

Ouch. That's actually very fitting for my headcannon, considering I think Twilight should've had more of a choice before ascending.

Plot twist!

Didn't even read the first story. This was nice though.

I would have liked to have seen Twilight's current relationship with Celestia brought up in a little "Does that mean I have to call you mom too?" moment, but oh well. Still pretty good

Celestia mentioned another daughter.....Sunset Shimmer! Oh boy, she doesn't know Trixie is her little sister. Big sis rage!!!!

“Of course I’m jealous! You’re her daughter! AND I’M NOT!”

You know, at first, I was angry. Now, I'm calming myself down by imagining Twilight Sparkle in the following situation:

SO! Which is it, Twilight! Forehand, or backhand?! A OR B!?
Trixie was A GODDAMN ORPHAN! She never knew who her mother was until you just told her in a manner that reminds me of the following scene:

You know, I used to hate that scene. But now that I can imagine that its the Twilight from this fic getting beat with the crowbar, I just made a playlist with nothing but this scene in it.
Hooray for TERRIBLE SIMPLY AWFUL PEOPLE! (and by that, I mean the Twilight in this story, and the one in canon.)

Okay. Now that I've got my initial anger out of the way, here's how Trixie should have responded to Twilight's accusation of her being Celestia's daughter. Trixie in a very deadpan tone: "Right. That's why after making sure that those two idiots that led that...thing...into this town didn't die because of it, I wasn't shunned by every town that I came across and had to work on a bucking rock farm. Oh wait. That's right, I was shunned by every town that I came across, and I did have to work on a bucking rock farm. Well, then I must be her daughter because I'm just spectacularly wealthy, right? Oh, wait, my home doubles as the stage for my show, and its a wagon that I made by hoof. Then I must be her daughter because of the fact that I didn't grow up in an orphanage until I got tired of being picked on for having extremely weak magic, and left at the age of eight, to get away from it all? Oh...wait...no, that's also part of what happened to me. Huh. I guess that I must be her daughter based on the way that she treated her sister then. Well, if you want her as a mother so badly, then you can have her. Me? Well, as long as we're playing this game, I'd rather Cadence's daughter. She seems to be the most well-adjusted royal out there."


Celestia mentioned another daughter.....Sunset Shimmer! Oh boy, she doesn't know Trixie is her little sister. Big sis rage!!!!

Ooh! Even better! That way, both Celestia and Twilight will eventually get what's coming to them! Which, of course, is a one-way ticket to pain! With stops at agony and despair! I can see it now, and it is GLORIOUS!

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