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Sunny's an alicorn now, living with a new unicorn roommate, and wondering why Izzy's so unique and why Izzy keeps saying weird things like, "I love you."

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Hitch's life in a quote:

"I followed him home, Ma! Can he keep me?" spoiler

And adorable Izzyscout for the win.

MoonScout for the win. This was adorable.


Also heck yes Hitch attracting a manticore XD

I'll believe Sunnycorn is a permanent thing when and if she's still an alicorn when the series begins in 2022. Yeah, she earned her horn and wings as much as Twilight earned her wings. But still.

Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer her to stay an earth pony. I'm just making the assumption based on how that transformation did not, in fact, revert at the end.

I also have to admit that as much as I hate it, Hasbro has to have the special alicorn princess toy to sell... so probably Sunnycorn.

Hasbro probably does. Now if they have Sunny bumble her way through her new alicorn status for a time (like Twilight did), it'll help. There's nopony that can help her be all three tribes at once.

Not exactly another alicorn she can ask for help.

that's fair. I also came up with another idea for how they may choose to incorporate the alicorn status effect. One I may write a story about soon. I do have a few more fanfics in me about this generation after all. XD

This was so feel good and funny 😊

This was really cute, and there were some fun interactions. The backstory details mentioned here seem pretty likely. Great job!

Really neat concept behind why that picture meant so much to Izzy and how she hid her sadness behind her always positive demeanor.

Pretty sweet story!

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