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After Luna had been banished to the moon, Celestia got drunk, real drunk. Drunk enough to make up several laws she completely forgot about for a thousand years. What happens when Luna discovers one of these laws, and what's worse, she actually likes the sound of it.

Complete chaos as the mane six now find themselves unintentionally being wed to two Princesses.

There is a sequel to this story: Sequel Here

Very much inspired by the old: Six Brides for Two Sisters story by Equus Palladus.

A Big Thanks to ArcaneDust for proof reading.

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Please tell me that was on purpose.

we all know there are only two important meals of the day for Luna and Celestia. Brinner and Dreakfest. Which one happens in the morning and which one at night is still up to debate and likely leans more on which one has more pancakes. I did spell it wrong so I'll edit that to correct it.

Is this a rewrite

Have you heard of six brides for two sisters

Love the original, looking forward to see more of your version

Not quite a rewrite, it is very much inspired by Six Brides for Two sisters though.


Ok cause i was reading and was so confused as to why i was getting deja vu but i like your start and seeing as i still have the original in my tracking i would love to see what you do with it

Good. Very good. Somepony has chosen to continue Six Brides, in their own way, too.
Lets see how it goes, huh?
Good luck, my little pony!~

Great start! Thanks for the chapter!

and the place will all to us.”

either remove or "will be"

Perhaps discord could help with


Luna stared up at her. “But… but… why? Surly they wouldn’t reject you.”

Cadance and Shining armor were both here to visit. Surly still working towards making a baby but with the low rates of alicorn pregnancy the chances were… minimal. It also explained why Cadance hadn’t turned her husband into an immortal alicorn yet. She wanted a baby first, if at all possible. Celestia had tried that once, for several hundred years.

Surely rather than surly. Surly means bad-tempered and unfriendly. Surely means with confidence or assurance.

knowing him he was laughing himself in two.

Well... there is the smallish issue of Fluttercord... But who knows... ^^;;;


How you read that title without realizing it was wrong is beyond me and it does not bode well for your story.

“But… but… why? Surly they wouldn’t reject you.”


Yeah, she’d do the later one.


Surly still working towards making


Hmm I'm missing some ponies in the image...

Oh... I was kind of sick yesterday. Still am. How did i miss that, of all things.

Ahh... I see you are sticking close to the original, this is good because the original was hilarious. I wish it didn't die, but alas... though, your taking a different tack with this one somewhat. Will read with unreasonable expectations.

This story is off to an amusing start. Looking forward to Twilight's meltdown! :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you. With the og story only having gotten to act 1, i decided to go into my own crazy idea. Simiar idea but very likely a different direction.

Thanks for the commemts. Once im off work I'll make those edits. Cant believe i missed the word surly. Lol

Sounds interesting, Palladus wrote a good story, and I wish you luck so I can start reading.

I never read stories until they get a bit further along. :moustache: For now you’ll hold a place on my shelf

Comment posted by XzareAce deleted Jan 14th, 2021

I tactically passed out.


“I believe in equal virginity loss for all sexes.”

Cadance gave him a stare that promised things it really, really shouldn’t in this context. “So do I, hun.”


nice work on both chapters out so far

Invoking Six Brides alone has my interest.

Strange that Celestia wouldn't say the sacred word : CONSENT

She's the God-Queen. She doesn't know the meaning of the word.

Spike giggled. “A big nasty plot, right in your face.”

Oh goddess! Spike you are killing me!

It would only occur to Celestia a little later on that perhaps, just perhaps both Shining and Cadance were using extreme examples. Then again with Twilight being an extreme pony, who would know?


Spike looked back at her. “Because all of you are having the same weird dreams about Celestia and Luna, especially Luna.”

And he knows this because...? Is Spike just the go to person for telling secrets to? Oh, the stories he must have...

"I've got a series of ass puns and sexual innuendo's and damnit I'm using all of them!" - The Author, probably.

Could have been worse, Celestia. You could have had a law that requires you to marry whoever booped your snoot or something.

First, Candy Flanks, you are seriously evil. Second, once Twilight gets that itch scratched, she's gonna become a straight freak and will start reading the pony sutra and the writings of the pony version of Casanova and the Marquis de Sade.

heck given her response to old ill-advised laws is to "forget about them and hope everyone else forgets about it too" it wouldn't surprise me if there was some form of "Prima Noctis" (an actual law in some medieval courts in which the ruler/local noble gets first bang on any marriage to ensure that the woman involved was in fact a virgin and therefore the marriage was valid in the eyes of God) still lying around on the books. When you're nobility, much less royalty, consent is a.... guideline at best, novelty at worst.

that's a myth there is no recorded instance of a prima noctis law because there never was a need to make it a law since back in those time consent or age didn't matter if the local rich guy wanted you he got you married not married 5 years old or 80 and after he was finished you thanked him for the honor, the concept of prima noctis was invented for films and books like braveheart so the hero could go on a roaring rampage of revenge

WTF am I even reading?

It's kinda funny

Oh my goddess. I couldn’t stop laughing!
Thanks for the chapter!

The jokes... oh man... the jokes! :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Twilight, the next chapter is probably going to be her freaking out I am guessing.

I wouldn't say evil, she's clearly a noble leader, just...

The bomb has been dropped, and I believe Twilight will be dropping into a faint right after

After all it had been four years ago when Twilight saved Celestia from the most devastating and dangerous of all her enemies. The dreaded cucumber.

Celestia's a cat confirmed!!! WTF!!!!!


*looks at the synchrofainting unicorns*

We're gonna need a bigger couch.

Being the Princess of the Sun, ruler of all of Equestria, and arguably the best princess was

Yeah, it is arguable. Here's my argument, she's the worst princess.
1. She used the Elements of Harmony to banish Luna to the moon when she could have just used them to purify Luna like Twilight and Co did since it's clear that the Element Bearers decide what the Elements do since it was Twilight and Co who agreed to release Discord.
2. She made Sunset Shimmer, Best Pony, cry.
3. She had a magic book to contact Sunset, who was trapped in another dimension where she could have been in serious danger, and Celestia never used it once to see if Sunset was alright.
4. She somehow thought it was a good idea to keep a holiday that made her sister look like a cannibal and didn't think to warn her at all about the lore of her, "personal holiday to celebrate her."
5. Why the fuck didn't Celestia kick out the Dragon that was threatening Equestria? Or, I don't know, get someone like Shinning Armor to erect a barrier over the hole so that the Dragon would suffocate or fuck off?
6. She didn't realize that her adoptive niece had been replaced by the worst actor in all of history and didn't even bother to prove to Twilight that Cadence was who she said she was.
7. Fuck her again, she made Sunset cry.
8. She sent Twilight to Ponyville with no preparations and didn't think to tell her about the fact that she'd need to find the Elements of Harmony, or how to use them. Twilight could have sent Luna back to the moon considering that she grew up in a culture where everything she knew about Luna was that she was pure evil and couldn't be redeemed.
9. She might have kidnapped a baby dragon egg and used it as a test for foals. Assuming that the egg wasn't stolen and that it was actually donated or something, she allowed a foal to raise him instead of, say, an actual dragon or someone who had more knowledge about dragons, like an adult.
10. She made Shining Armor keep up a huge barrier around Canterlot by himself when she should have been able to do it herself. She forced the groom, her future nephew-in-law, to miss sleep, possibly lunches, and didn't give him much time to rest outside of preparations for the wedding.
11. She forgave Discord on three separate occasions, but she couldn't show a bit of sympathy for a little filly that clearly needed a therapist.
12. Fuck her a third time, she made Sunset cry and that's unforgivable.
13. She didn't know her own name was used as an idiom, which means that she's so disconnected from her subjects that she wasn't aware of a piece of culture that was engrained so deep into their society that even ponies in the Crystal fucking Empire used it.
14. She stole my X-box.
15. Twilight united all of the races in a matter of three or so years, something that Celestia couldn't do in over a thousand years of peace negotiations and meetings with diplomats. Hell, most of her subjects don't even know what a fucking Zebra is, which is a testament to the education system in Equestria and how little Celestia cares about it.
16. How the hell did she not cry after seeing her sister after 1,000 years? Seriously, completely stoned face and probably too proud to express herself in front of those beneath her.
17. One for the road, fuck her she made the actual Best Princess cry.

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