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This story is a sequel to Maid Up

It's said that turnabout is fair play - still Chrysalis would never have expected her arch-nemesis to flip the tables on her. She'd thought that she was finally done playing her little game with Celestia, but she'd been wrong - so very, very wrong...

Artwork by Alumx (Twitter @Alumx_mlp)

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nice work

Devoured the story like a changeling would a stray lonely lil' pony

Some Leech throwing curveballs to the audience by reminding them that, yes, non-smut horsewords do exist :rainbowlaugh:.

So damn wholesome. I love this series so much.

I am quite happy to see a little more of this.

Dude3 #6 · June 14th · · ·

The story is so great.

It's hard to tell exactly what Celestia has planned for Chrysalis. But these always end with Celestia having no nefarious plans at all.
And that's the best part!

Celestia laughed and dismissively waved a wing back at her. “Please - like I’d do something that garish. All I did was bring in some flowers, a number of motivational posters, and I may have brought snacks for everypony.”

this is the most on brand thing Celestia could do, she brought snacks for everypony.

It's nice to get wholesome stories that don't need the M-rating or involve any sex. Sometimes simple is good.

And to think that this started because Chrysalis' infiltration - contrary to her perception of abject failure - has managed to worm her so deeply into the top echelons of the Equestrian government that's it's almost scary! First she convinced Princess Celestia herself to wait on her hoof and wing, and now she has the Princess debasing herself with mundane house cleaning and- shudders -personal massagery! When will it end?! (And will Chrysalis ever realize the impressive success of her unintentional scheme?)

Is there a sequel in the works.

Also nice to see wholesome stories here instead of the m-rated ones.

True she would do that.

Lowering her head, Celestia brought her snout to the Matriarch’s ear. “ Only if you ask nicely …”

lol the sexual tension is palpable between these two

I'm loving this series and the interactions between Chrysalis and Celestia. Both wholesome and hilarious.
I wouldn't be surprised if, at some point, things progressed towards (TW: not for the pure of heart) a loving relationship and eventual matrimony between Celestia and Chrysalis

lets gooo

I honestly couldn't ask for a better result. Unless Luna somehow also gets roped into it.

I hope story is not ended. I guess Chrysalis can repay Celestia with kindness... in her own way.

The only uniforms allowed within her fortress were the sets of armor worn by her praetorian guard, yet some foolish grub had chosen to breach protocol in the most perplexing way possible. Skidding to a halt and visibly trembling, the drone obeyed her irate command. She trotted around to face them, to see whom she was about to cast into the gulag, and was stunned to see that the transgressor was none other than Pharynx.


There’d been perilously few times in her life when she’d been left dumbfounded by an unforeseen development, although the bizarre circumstances left her at a loss for words.

Understandable :moustache:

Oh you have such a way with words.

No, Princess Celestia and Chrysalis are not enemies, in fact, they are kissing, sloppy style, holding hooves together, etc.

Prench Maid not Prance Maid.

Didn't think a Celestia x Chrysalis fic would get this saucy but in hindsight all Chrysalis fic is saucy. Can't wait for more

Oh god they’re adorable

I ship it

And that's what is so nefarious about her!

Nice. I shall CRAVE the next instalment

Cute story. I think it ends better here, but I see a lot of commenters disagree with that, so we shall see, lol.:rainbowlaugh:

Omg I didn't think I'd go for a summer bug, but they're so CUTE together!! Even if they just stay besties <3

Amazing story!
I absolutely love their dynamic!
And how Tia is too invincible, forcing Chrissy to have to deal with her cutesy shenanigans XD
I especially enjoyed that small moment when Chrissy felt the amorous energy and Tia's feelings for the mosaic!

I love this! I can't wait to see more of it and how things develop further between them!

Absolutely adore this series and I'm so happy to see it continued! Phenomenal work Leech, seems like Chryssie might be slowly developing feelings? She didn't immediately try to wound a hurt Celestia and it's been fun to see her character progress.

I absolutely adore Tia simulating a fight to let Chryssie save face. Seems like Sunbutt understands Buggo better than Chryssie realizes.

Excited for the next installment, thanks so much for sharing Leech!

You know, besides the adorableness that I find quite charming, the surprisingly large vocabulary in this short story leaves me fascinated.
I may or may not have downloaded this story for word learning…

> large vocabulary

This is what happens when you take someone who reads prolific amounts of high-fantasy, sci-fi, and Lovecraft and put them to work writing pony :rainbowlaugh:

I am absolutely addicted to this series! I can only begin to wonder how things will unfold from here! Kinda makes me want to see how a "stranded" plotline in this series would work out! Also I concur that your vocabulary is impressive and these two have some of the most endearing, wholesome, and adorable interactions I've ever seen EVER.


She's diabolically benign!

Any word on a follow-up to this?

There are plans to continue this, yes

These stories are just beautiful. Celestia is working her way to "putting a ring on it", I just know it!

“She…” Chrysalis trailed off, her blood running cold. There was only one she that she was aware of who was insane enough to trespass within her hive and make a mockery of her staff. “Where is she…

I bet Chrysalis is already very tempted to get back on vacation...

The request was so perfectly executed and demure that she thoughtlessly did as she was asked, shuffling over and clearing the doorway she’d been standing in front of. [...]
“Thorax, would you be a dear and to tend to the throne room?” Celestia politely inquired, reaching out and taking the duster from his forehoof.
“O…of course, Celestia,” he bashfully replied. Turning and trotting to the door, he slipped past the Matriarch and dipped his head. “E…excuse me, my Queen.”

Chrysalis: "Okay, who is in change here again?"

“True,” Celestia mused, “although I didn’t hear any complaints with the flower arrangements and tapestries.”
“So help you, if you brought lace doilies into my hive…” she breathed, shuddering at the thought.
Celestia laughed and dismissively waved a wing back at her. “Please - like I’d do something that garish. All I did was bring in some flowers, a number of motivational posters, and I may have brought snacks for everypony.”

That... doesn't sound so bad actually.

Out of sheer pettiness, she resisted the urge to glut herself on the pony’s kindness. Enemies weren’t supposed to do this; they should be going at one another’s throats, not pampering or being pampered by each other!

Let's be honest: would you really prefer doing it the Luna way?

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

But I still have questions:
Like did Chrysalis follow Celesta's request?
Do the guards and servants get regular snacks from now on?
When was Pharynx allowed to use regular armor again?

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