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Rainbow Dash has important news to share with her friends; she's pregnant. Obviously, this comes as a surprise to everypony, especially Twilight, given that the two are currently dating.

In other news, Twilight finds out she might be a morosexual.

(Rated teen for discussions of sex. No actual sex happens.)

Pre-Read and edited by Rimmer.
Cover art by ModMCdl because he doesn't like it when I don't use cover art.

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In other news, Twilight finds out she might be a morosexual.

So she's attracted to morons? That would explain why she and Rainbow Dash are dating...

Kassaz #2 · May 19th · · 18 ·

This isn't the kind of story that I would normally consider reading, but it was fine.

I was disappointed by the lack of pregnancy in the story, however.

Hillbe #3 · May 19th · · ·

Darn that pesky kitchen sink...
That ending though ...
:moustache::raritywink: A scaly little unicorn?
:twilightoops: Spike? Rarity? You didn't

:rainbowlaugh: They did!

:facehoof: We all did..

Speechless.... WTF?! Funny one, you kept me giggling from start to finish.

Ending line was worth every word.

“I fucking told you!”

Called it :D

bahatumay #7 · May 19th · · 1 ·

I warned you about the storks, bro!

The way the title is written gives off "nimrod." vibes.



Impressionable minds are learning.

Really hoping that Scribbler covers this on her channel. 🤞fingers crossed!!🤞

Funniest fic I've read in a while!
Good work :rainbowlaugh:

Obviously TwiDash is your main forte, but you also did a great job with the rest of the mane six. This story wouldn't of been half as funny if you didn't.

I did not read this yet, but I have already given a like a follow in the star because simply that were the lung is worth it

Rainbow blinked, and perhaps for the first time in their relationship, realized she was dating the most powerful unicorn she had ever met. Which, really, made perfect sense to her, because she was the best flier, after all. "I dunno what you're talking about, Twi. There's no father," she explained with a shrug. "I'm the mother. And you're the other mother."

I'm sorry to tell you people this the pegasi school system has failed rainbow. Immediate accidents will be taken to fix this problem.

Cover art by ModMCdl because he doesn't like it when I don't use cover art.

Just looking out for you :twilightblush: Besides, a spectacular story such as this deserves an equally spectacular cover art!
with helvetica.

“I fucking told you!”

And it was at this point that Twilight decided to murder the entire multiverse. Because she's just that annoyed.

It's good... and I laughed... almost died of laighter.

Frowning, Rainbow stepped up beside her, following her gaze down to a brown wicker basket. Inside, swaddled in blankets, was a small unicorn foal with a rainbow mane and purple fur.

Pharynx is waiting just around the corner for the priceless reactions he's sure are coming. Thorax is wondering how his brother talked him into this. Pinkie gave Pharynx the idea, and is hoping to take her 'Ponyville's Premier Prankster' title back from Dash.

axxuy #20 · May 20th · · ·

Oh Rainbow :rainbowlaugh:

You can always count on Applejack to have plenty of good ways to call Rainbow Dash an idiot :ajsmug:

"Twilight, darling, I think you might be closer to moro sexual," Rarity whispered so Rainbow wouldn't hear.

What does it matter? She wouldn't understand anyway.

Anyway, that was... full of baloney. Holy shit, that was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

I happen to know that it's "idiot" which has its roots in Greek (specifically, the Athenian term for those who don't participate in politics),

wiggling her eyebrows in a way that was probably supposed to be alluring or seductive, but was so thoroughly un-coordinated it looked more like two sickly-thin caterpillars having the world's saddest rave on her face.

"I stand corrected," Applejack said eventually. "Rainbow Dash has a single apple, left to ferment at the bottom of a barrel for a few months too long."

Beautiful. Just...just beautiful.

Oh, that'd be a good sequel. Pranker changelings.

I genuinely may never write a line funnier than the caterpillar one, and I think I'm okay with that.

You know, when I saw the "mor(e)" and "sexual" in the title I thought it would be about poly, considering there's this contest going on. I know what's the deal with the title now, and it's still very funny, thanks for the tale!

"I don't know who or how or why you think that, but we're equines. We don't have that kind of menstrual cycle."

"Oh, well that explains a lot."

"It's getting worse," Applejack said. "How is it getting worse?"

This. This is my favorite line. Never before have I identified with Applejack so well. Beautiful.

i want to see them raising that kid, it would end like a dreadful butterfly.

beautiful and terrible at the same time.

deathtap #29 · May 24th · · 6 ·

Technically, it would be 'morophiliac' or 'morophile' if she's sexually attracted to 'morons'.

The 'actual' term is stultuphilia, as being the antonym opposite of sapiophilia (sexual attraction to intelligence). It isn't a common use word nor medically recognized though.

Deranged and hilarious from start to finish. Bravo.

Sweet baby Luna.

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