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I'm ALIVE! · 2:38pm Jul 21st, 2014

I am in fact writing the sequel to Duskfall and other works. I'm still writing, yes it's coming. Here's a little one-shot to let you know I do still write stuff.

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1280596 not this time. I used to have another account that I got blocked from by my parent. On both that account and this one I liked to go by the name Swordsman, having some word before it. But, like I said coincidence. You aren't following my old account so it's purely coincidence.
why are you bothering some ransom user.
Because I'm bored and I need to find more people to talk to.

1279884 What, pray tell? Sometimes coincidences are subtle messages.

Comment posted by Celestial Swordsman deleted Jul 22nd, 2014

Well, this has to be a coincidence.

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