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Celestial Swordsman


Shining Armor confesses to Celestia that he might no longer be able to serve as Captain of the Guard, due to his unique marriage situation. Being in love can make one dreamy and distracted, but this is different. The love of your life doesn't usually hunt you.

A light-hearted one-shot.
For serious and deep stuff, try my other story. Teen for sexual topics.

Cover art by the talented Conicer of DeviantArt and Fimfiction
originally made for TheWraithWriter's story here.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 56 )

I like this. Chrysalis is best changeling.

Thing I forgot to add, sorry for minor spam: I wouldn't mind seeing this continued. Please?:pinkiesmile:

this confuses me, sometimes you make out Cadence and Chrysalis are the same pony and sometimes you say there not, you also make out that he is married only to Cadence and sometimes you make out he's married to both. im so confused :applejackconfused:

Well continue this, I love me to see a threesome or a foursome happen, I mean, clearly you made Shining Armor stand out.

wow, this is awesome, Chrysalis is best changeling!

4729421 Yes he's married to both of them, but that was only revealed partway through for dramatic purposes.

4731320 wait, that means she raped him?

4731325 No, I'm sorry you misunderstood. Chrysalis and Shining Armor are playing a romantic game. Since one is a hunter and one is a warrior, this is their way of foreplay. Shining Armor is also playing the game but it's a hard game!

Cute story. Glad to see the Best Princess is as playful as ever. :trollestia:

yeah,that was more fun than it had any right to be.

4729374 Well, seeing as she's the only changeling with a bit of personality that was actually shown, one could argue that she's the only changeling. Of course, being the only one in "category X" makes you the best in "category X"; your comment is correct... but it means that I could extrapolate it a bit and say that she's, in fact, the worst changeling.

So, yeah, she sucks balls. In a good, shitty way.

“Don’t bet me wrong, it’s wonderful.

:trixieshiftright: not bad.

Wanderer D

Hmm. I wonder if Conicer is aware his art is being claimed by this page "http://mlp.joyreactor.cc/"?

4737548 Oh dear. I'll have to correct this.

Hello Cover-Art, what are you doing here?:trollestia:

I'll be taking a proper look at this and see what we've got here.

4737548 I informed Conicer, and he was happy about it (though obviously happier to be credited properly). I was also able to tell him that he has a network of devoted fans who immediately spot his work!

That was quite enjoyable. :twilightsmile:

Damn Shining Armor, you lucky!

After spending a thousand years out of the loop, she’s an expert on the arcane.

I think you mean archaic.

A trifle confusing at the start, but other than that, not a bad little one-shot. :twilightsmile:

4748885 The word is replaced, good chap, and my vocabulary is improved!


I guess this is common game with changelings.

Wow, I'm really disappointed I didn't read this earlier!:pinkiehappy:

It was amusing, sweet, and if you would allow me to consider this fannon for my fic, many penguins shall be bestowed upon you.

Fuck it, have all my penguins!




4768812 Sure. This can be your fannon. And thanks for the penguins.

All Your Penguins Are Now Belong to ME!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

What to do with penguin army? :moustache:

Maby I'm just stupid but I cold not fallow what happened in this story cold someone explain :unsuresweetie:

You're not stupid, there was cunning and deception involved.
He's married to both of them. Chrysalis, being a changeling, has fun changing her shape and hiding, until *boom!* play sneak attack. It's aggressive flirting for her.
Shining Armor's just worried that Celestia would be mad; she isn't. In fact, she's playing along, and finds time to pull an excellent prank on him by allowing Chrysalis to trade places with her when he's distracted.

This one's a bit of a prequel I guess. Next time I plan on doing something later on. I continued writing this series in part due to reader request.

5242558 Good idea. I await your continuation.

5242558 Wouldn't mind seeing a sequel. I dislike really good one-shots, they leave you wanting more though you know it won't come.

Very lovely thing, I was overjoyed to find that this former-oneshot had updated. Lovely, believable prequel. I absolutely would not mind seeing more of this.

NEED. MOAR. GIVE. MOAR!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Good prequel.


Okay then! There will be more. Don't hold your breath waiting, though, life is happening over here!

Also, I'd swap the Foothold and Second Invasion chapters. Makes more sense that way.

Yeah. While a prequel can be released after, it should be placed earlier in order. Otherwise it's just confusing.

5246362 Oh wow. I didn't realize I there was an option to switch the chapters around. Silly me.

This was a pretty good prologue to the actual story - I must admit I was a bit confused at first before I remembered what it's about :rainbowlaugh:
Also, that awkward moment when the prologue is longer than the actual story itself :rainbowwild:

I found your story from (Doctor?) Andrew Crome's draft of a journal article (Reconsidering Religion and Fandom: Christian fan works in My Little Pony Fandom). I've waited far too long to look up the other people whose work he referenced.

Before plunging into Duskfall I noticed this story. The cover image and this chapter title had me worried that this would be going in the direction of polygamy or some such, but I am happy to see Shining Armor taking it in a direction that does not weaken the message that Crome referenced in your other work.

Onward the next chapter!

P.S. My own work that drew a citation from Crome is... well, it was and is FAR from finished. Definitely a case of "little is much if God is in it" that he even referenced me at all. Thus I shall not link it at this time.

Hmm... I should mention that I have a cold so I'm not my often-analytical-writing self.

I think... I think I would have liked to see more examination of the drawbacks of polygamy. The New Testiment does specify "The husband of one wife"... despite the Hebrew law (which was still being followed by Paul) actually REQUIRING polygamy in certain limited cases. More specifically, if a man died his brother was expected to marry his wife to ensure that his brother had an heir, and that the widow (now remarried) would have children to care for her in her old age. I wonder if that passage was written to gentiles who wouldn't have had that law? Or maybe it was a matter of "dude, if you are already trying to devote yourself to two women, you have no business also trying to make the time to be a pastor/deacon"... much like Shining Armor's offer of resignation here.

...I should probably PM you with my thoughts on good!Changelings, just to illustrate the direction I would take this in.

They changelings who do reveal themselves have always been betrayed and hunted.


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