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I am an average everyday brony. I like to let my creative juices flow and create things. I'm always striving to improve, so I hope you enjoy my stories.


Twilight is a studious unicorn, but one day every year, she takes a break from all of that. On her birthday, she gets to spend time with her family. Every year, she gets a very special gift from her mother.

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Comments ( 43 )

Fantastic work. That's all I've got to say.

I'm curious about a number of things going on in this story, specifically Twilight's Mom. However, that just gives the story more impact. It didn't have me bawling, but it was still sad. Nice job.

Why can't I like this more than once :( :heart:

So sad, but adorable. I feel so bad for Twilight in her childhood years. :fluttercry:

Wait, sh-she's dead? This is sad yet truly a fantastic idea! I love it! Now this should be my early birthday present!

3147634 It sure seems that way. Poor Twilight, losing her mom at such a young age. :fluttercry:

Well that was sad, and a bit disturbing. Pretty good though.

Dammit all, :twilightangry2: I won't show it!

Thank each and every one of you for your support on this story. This was my first attempt at this type of feels, and I wasn't exactly sure if I'd do it well. Hope you enjoyed the fic! :twilightsmile:


Probably his thick rivers of tears.


There's something wrong with this community if you produce something like this, and it STILL doesn't hit Featured. Jesus Christ.

This calls for every gif in my Feels Arsenal
Goddamn it that was sad. Filly Twilight mailing herself her mother's last gift every year. I mean just....Jesus man. Put a disclaimer there or something. I wasn't ready for that.

You forgot the Alternate Universe tag and Spike. The former is necessary because it is established canon that Twilight Velvet is alive, and the latter is an incredibly obnoxious trend that the brony fanbase seems committed to.

My first thought was that Twilight had turned her mother into a doll to save her from death.
Then I realized that was a different story.:facehoof:

Still, I enjoyed this. Take a like.

3149455 perhaps it's backlash against all the rabid Spike fans. This said, he should have been at her birthday party.

Added an AU tag. Sorry I forgot that.

3150865 I also thought the ending was a bit tell-y. Which is to say, you told us things you could have shown us in an even more depressing flashback. That said, it was certainly a great first attempt at a sad fic. Poor little Twiley :pinkiesad2:

I know that I was really telly with this fic. I was trying way too hard to be subtle about it and not spending enough time on reactions and thoughts. That being said, I shall improve the next time! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

:raritycry: I had to read the ending a few times for it to sink in. That is both beautiful and heart breaking :raritycry:. Good job.

Thank you very much for the encouragement! I didn't want the ending to be too obvious, so I tried to make it kind of ambiguous/subtle :twilightsheepish:


You're welcome and you did a great job in that aspect.

Whaaaat? If I understood that right...... WHAT!? :raritydespair:

you magnificent feel wrecking bastard, well done!

TFW you realize that Big Mac still has Smarty Pants.


ever since that fateful day had occurred.

I'm assuming since the day she died... on Twilight's birthday? From a disease, I assume, though I'm not 100% sure since you didn't say anything about her being sick, just old, which doesn't lend itself to her dying of disease.

Also, if you think about it, this story is kind of... dark. I know it's saying that Twilight is doing her best to keep her mother's memory alive, but if she's been doing this for years, that's kind of unsettling.

I dunno, that's just me.

It's supposed to be unsettling. Sometimes undying devotion and an unwillingness to let go is not healthy.

3153931 Okay. I just felt you played it as more heart-wrenching than unsettling.

Brilliant, Sir, just brilliant. :pinkiehappy:

God dammit dude, I cried. Well done.

In all honesty, I can see Twilight doing something like this if she actually lost her parents in her early years.

Oh my god, so sad :applecry: :raritycry::fluttercry::ajsleepy:

I'm glad that you appreciated it!

Well that was depressing. :raritydespair:
Fortunately, I'm a depressing guy. Fav'd! :pinkiehappy:

Woah. The whole idea of the doll being what Twilight used to remember her mother by was unexpected. But it was done beautifully, and really did pang me in the heart a bit. Poor Twilight... :fluttercry:

This was written beautifully, and the perfect length for the story it was.

Great job :twilightsmile:

Great work. That was an unexpected ending.
Sad yes but amazingly beautiful.

That was special and truly cute. I was wondering the whole time what was in that last box...

Thanks. Now I need to go hug a puppy.
Have a green thumb!

:fluttercry: poor twilight

That's kind of creepy. She sends herself the same doll every year, and its made up of her mother's body parts? Hope the fabric isn't skin.

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